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124 Obama’s Lobsters (2009-08-23)

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0:00:00JCD: “You’re on a deserted island with one person, how good do you have to look, you should be naked half the time.”
0:00:38ACC on “turn on the foam” running joke, Formentera’s indigenous “naked walkers”, Can Carlos restaurant and sea salt, hour-long upload
0:04:24Lockerbie “bomber” released on compassionate grounds; Gaddafi’s yellow hat and jacket, meetings with Gordon Brown and Tony Blair; David Cameron waiting in the wings, “economic adviser” Eric Schmidt, promised “people in control of the government and not government in control of the people”, limo following bicycle, pest inspections for potted plants, “quango workers”; 120k stop-and-search incidents; QUANGO quasi-autonomous NGO
0:15:40Israeli microbiologist Joseph Moshe interview by Project Camelot a day before arrest
0:18:50And Now Back to Real News: Jessica Alba “you mean I made all these pancakes for nothing?” Jay Leno Show ad; Hyundai ad: “now it gives you something else: gas”; The Informant and price rigging; Paul Malignaggi after loss to Juan Díaz: “boxing is full of shit!”, “I got robbed”
0:28:09Breast implants shrinking as economic indicator
0:28:56Hamid Karzai claims victory immediately after election
0:29:55And Now Back to Real News: Southwest Airlines passenger arrested for hitting fellow passenger and stripping naked; GoTopless Day for women’s equality, sex offender list for peeing in the park, JCD on pyramidal public urinals in Amsterdam
0:35:17Obama in Montana dining on imported lobster; ACC’s “message from John C. Dvořák” alert; JCD: “Obama’s gonna get fat in that job”, golf swapped in for basketball
0:38:14“Blue dog Democrat” Gene Taylor town hall standing ovation for voting no on healthcare bill
0:42:29Recently-deceased 60 Minutes creator Don Hewitt to C-SPAN on James Carville fawning over Clintons; producer note on Obama’s Montana town hall, “cargo by the tons”, 900 tickets missing, SEIU arrest; ACC flooded with possibly illegal White House e-mail on Naval Space Command outed by British hacker, powering satellites via terrestrial laser, JCD on blowhard Naval officers; missing Arctic Sea ship; terrestrial vs nonterrestrial officers
1:03:20Donation Segment: ringtone premium
1:10:44Project Serpo extraterrestrial technology exchange program
1:12:27Ben Bernanke potentially replaced with Larry Summers