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1249 KBALL One (2020-06-07)

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0:00:00ACC: “Booker’s a total Karen!” (3:02:25)
0:00:35Potentially staged video of “old fart” knocked down after going after cop’s gun; JCD gnawing on vitamin B-12; voidzero on the job helping mitigate ACC’s e-mail subscription bomb, JCD on the dangers of nefarious “Unsubscribe” buttons, SPF/DKIM/DMARC countermeasures, JCD’s VPN-induced Russian-language ads on YouTube, May 30 certificate expirations; Austin Local 512 meetup party bus; Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas casino packed with maskless revelers
0:12:41ACC-JCD debate over whether Colin Kaepernick will play again for the NFL
0:15:32University of Pittsburgh doctor on reports from “Itarly” and local cases indicating weakening of the virus; Andrew Cuomo celebrates record low death rate of 35, “if they get the COVID virus they attribute it to the COVID virus” when gravely ill patients die, “we’d like to see nobody die in the state of New York, ever” as signal to pull the plug on the pandemic (CotD)
0:21:45Amateurish One America News report on retraction of The Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine studies denouncing hydroxychloroquine; Jake Tapper grills Ben Carson about Trump’s “get that sonovabitch off the field”, ACC-JCD debate over assertion that Kaepernick “originally would sit” through the National Anthem; Biden “thank you for listening” iso
0:36:17Anticipated surge in COVID-19 infections due to worldwide riots; open letter labeling social justice as more important than public health signed by a horde of public health experts including students and professional “African-American”, ACC’s “I hate whales!” revisited
0:42:05“White Folks Guide to Protesting” making the rounds with gems like “if a black person tells you to do something, you do it immediately without question”, JCD: “this is a parody!”; Minneapolis producer note on the problem of arrogant racist white liberals; Mayor Jacob Frey booed out of protest after atoning for his sins but refusing to defund police, Game of Thrones walk of shame with “go home, Jacob, go home!”; proposed “transformative force” and new chokehold ban; JCD on incompetent Minneapolis police shooting rape victim in 2018; LA Galaxy fires Aleksandar Katai over his wife’s social media posts; Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian resigns in “act of leadership”; Postfix author Wietse Venema blacklists “blacklist”
1:02:38Sesame Street and CNN team up to incorrectly explain that “racism is when people treat other people unfairly because of they look or the color of their skin”; former NFL player Burgess Owens: Antifa recycling their playbook every four years; Al Sharpton mocks Justin Trudeau’s 21-second delay in trashing Trump to CBC; Trudeau subjected to “go home, blackface!” taunt; rioters taken to task for not emulating George Floyd’s family; Philadelphia Inquirer editor fired for “Buildings Matter Too” headline
1:20:00New York Times taken over my SJW millennials; George Soros in Davos lamenting economic collapse is not occurring closer to the election; new “scared, incompetent, embarrassment” red phone ad from Bill Kristol’s Defending Democracy Together; Dana Perino debunks “hiding in the bunker” myth
1:31:33Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti now pro-Biden after Joe Rogan appearance, JCD’s “KBALL One” clip with “now the (peaceful) protests have turned mostly peaceful” illogic; eight-car Zephyrs and checkmark recovery; Ball suggests Biden is already bending to the will of the protestors, Enjeti propagates “Flight 93 calculus” meme, reference to After the Flight 93 Election: The Vote that Saved America and What We Still Have to Lose by Michael Anton
1:46:30Producer Segment: Coors Light girl thwarted by dumb phones at San Antonio meetup
2:18:03Battle of the five No Agenda search engines
2:21:27Joe Biden’s latest Delaware events buried on C-SPAN, off-teleprompter “George had not been held up against that curb” blunder; MSNBC “five ways to spot senility” clickbait ad; “boys and girls club” police league proposal in roundtable with mayors; 2014 Rolling Stone article with six alternatives to police including “decriminalization of almost every nonviolent crime”; stammering Biden babbles incoherently to the Democrat mayors; JCD notes ten-minute limit on lucidity, potential for immediate activation of 25th Amendment
2:39:39Masked rioter notes FTP may be construed as “fire to property” in Diamond District
2:41:02Dutch PM changes his tune on Zwarte Piet; UK mandating crappy homemade masks on public transportation; Boris Johnson celebrates raising $8.8bn for Gavi at Global Vaccine Summit with profuse thanks for Bill and Melinda Gates and “the ingenuity of Edward Jenner”
2:48:58Donation Segment
3:08:39“Riot is the language of the unheard” compilation of M5M championing rioters; pandering Fox News report on the pawn shop murder of retired police captain David Dorn
3:12:52Eerie “singing” heard emanating from Golden Gate Bridge in high wind conditions