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1248 Peak Whiteness (2020-06-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “Peaceful peaceful peaceful!” (0:01:10)
0:00:35JCD irked by M5M overuse of the term “peaceful” in particular while standing in front of a burning building; ACC subjected to e-mail subscription bomb potentially lobbed by someone irked with most recent Moe Factz discussion of race vs class; civil rights activist and author Robert Woodson on “evil wears a black face” distraction from liberal black Democrats running inner cities; “brown paper bag test” at black universities in the 1970s; ethnic neighborhoods in Minneapolis now devoid of grocery stores; ACC irked at activists going home and donating to ActBlue; Woodson wonders at black kids shot by black cops with Eric Holder in charge, blames guilty whites and entitled blacks; Dutch and New Zealanders railing against US police
0:16:23Jack Posobiec to Bannon’s War Room podcast on Antifa’s original mission to destabilize the Weimar Republic, training with terrorist group PKK in Syria, JCD: “it’s a peace movement!”, new “silence is violence” slogan, RAM Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, the psychology of mask-wearing; Andy Ngo to Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti on the left viewing Antifa as folk heroes; BBC questions Trump’s threat to label Antifa as a terrorist group
0:29:50AP journalist asserts Antifa “isn’t really a group” and then mocks Trump for retweeting “conspiracy group Q”, ACC: “meetings every Tuesday night, at the old schoolhouse”; Wall Street Journal editor to Fox News: “there seems to be some kind of indication that, yes, right-wing groups have played a role”; Lara Logan on terrorist designation cutting off sources of bail and other contributions, conspiracy theorist label “an information warfare term”, RAM slogan “liberation begins where America dies”; Zwarte Piet troublemakers in the Netherlands
0:42:56Compilation of M5M comparing its Democrat “acting president” hero Cuomo with Republican villain DeSantis; NBC Nightly News begins to downplay coronavirus in favor of “an America infected with injustice”; new WHO video with dire warnings against touching and reusing masks; Brian Williams gloats “the Russians must be having a good old time” watching chaos unfold in the US; Susan Rice speculates about “Russian playbook” to Wolf Blitzer
0:56:44Derek Chauvin and definition of chauvinism; Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot somehow forgets to mention Jussie Smollett; Hillary Clinton in the late 1980s: “we need people like George Soros”; Minneapolis rioter to Antifa media arm Unicorn Riot: “ain’t nothing left here so when we start coming to the suburbs … then what y’all gonna do?”
1:03:07Jesse Watters speculates Floyd killing could have been “premeditated hit” connected to nightclub; ACC’s “excited delirium” theory and subscription bomb, self-loathing white kids destroying their own malls; barrage of lies from Don Lemon about almost-dictator Trump threatening “peaceful protestors” with police aggression; BET founder Robert Johnson calls for $14T in slavery reparations; Genesee County Michigan Sheriff joins march, videos of whites kneeling and asking for forgiveness, JCD: “what?? that guy down the street had me do this already!”; viral 2014 video Milwaukee police chief Ed Flynn explaining why he was on his phone checking on a five-year-old killed in a drive-by shooting; ACC irked by welfare system separating families; JCD notes coordinated looting of Bay Area marijuana dispensaries
1:21:37Ask Adam: Sacramento Kings announcer Grant Napear fired for “all lives matter” tweet
1:25:10Producer Segment: Show 325 “thank you for my smokin’ hot wife” NASCAR prayer
2:07:41Disjointed 116-second ABC News overview with David Muir in imitation of NBC
2:11:51Muir lies about James Mattis calling Trump “a threat to the Constitution” in The Atlantic interview, Martha Raddatz appalled at National Guard keeping “peaceful protestors” from violating the Lincoln Memorial and delighted with “strong message” from Admiral Mike Gilday with no mention of Trump; Secretary of Defense Mark Esper “publicly breaking” with Trump and abruptly doing a 180° on use of Insurrection Act; ABC mocks Trump’s assertion that he went to inspect secure bunker when protestors showed up at the White House
2:28:33Latest screed from Candace Owens delving into George Floyd’s criminal past
2:31:53Uptalking University of Michigan Prof. Apryl Williams to NPR on the origin of the “Karen” meme and similar memes for “different economic and social classes”, “Becky” associated with “peak whiteness”, JCD: “Don Lemon is a Karen!”; JMD’s fiancé’s women’s health class, ACC on Moe Factz’ college-educated Trump-hating relatives; “Faith Alice Sleeper” scolds young women for cleaning BLM graffiti off federal building: “so you don’t care about black lives, then … not a great way to use your white privilege, ladies … that’s disgusting!” (CotD)
2:44:50Donation Segment: No Agenda #168 on Apple top 200
3:05:35Hundreds of South Korean schools closing after a brief reopening; reports of virus losing potency; ACC predicts viral surge after acquittal of George Floyd cops, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison the notorious wife beater, elevated murder charges inevitably leading to acquittal and federal intervention; Louvre to reopen with mask and social distancing regime
3:10:02CNBC on Stitch Fix layoffs due to California pullout; Wisconsin dairy farmers dumping milk due to supply chain disruptions; “peak Karen behavior” iso