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1247 Masks are Love (2020-05-31)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oh, you know the format should be five minutes!” (2:11:37)
0:00:36JCD’s essay on Amy Klobuchar’s fitness for VP blown out of the water; Sunny Hostin points out Klobuchar’s failure to prosecute police killings for The View, “the black community has said that Amy Klobuchar is a nonstarter for them”; Somalis in Minneapolis “really good at looting”, rioter: “I ain’t never seen a motherfucker throw a rock like a Somalian!”; 2016 Fox News report on al-Shabaab recruitment in the Twin Cities; Ilhan Omar reflects on the absence of her usual cadre of small Soros-funded NGOs; piles of bricks materializing near retail centers; ACC: Antifa has activated “LARPing white kids who are underinformed and oversocialized”, looters in Oakland and Emeryville “breaking their own shit” due to white fragility; Killer Mike urges calm but propagates “assassinating black people” meme; Maxine Waters conjectures that white police officers think “I’m gonna get me one today!
0:17:38Don Lemon resurrects “very fine people” lie in rant about how “no one wants to hear” from Trump, “that’s how black people feel”; Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot issues “fuck you” and hypocritical accusation of using events for “political gain”; Bill Barr condemns rioters’ “Antifa-like tactics”; “millennial wimp” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey bloviates about Trump tweets, lies about decision to abandon Third Precinct in spite of National Guard presence
0:27:26Damning video of George Floyd’s death at the hands of creepy Derek Chauvin, neck restraint legitimized by Minneapolis police manual, five-minute gap in video footage potentially masking struggle followed by acidosis; ACC: Moe Factz not so thrilled about being labeled “black”
0:34:07CNN crew arrested and Atlanta headquarters vandalized, no sign of cool 21st century police weapons like LRAD and “the goo”; ACC unimpressed with boots on the ground video e-mails; Governor Tim Walz’ call with Jeff Zucker and performative-laden non-apology; Bill de Blasio reflects on the very fine people on both sides of New York riots, M5M latches onto Trump’s “vicious dogs” tweet about partial White House lockdown
0:49:52Van Jones blames “the white liberal Hillary Clinton supporter walking her dog in Central Park” with “a virus in his or her brain”, ACC: “I’m naming this virus KAREN-19”, informal survey of the attributes of the prototypical Karen, ACC: “rapes happen in parks!”
0:55:35PBS acknowledges outside forces at work in Floyd riots; Bill Maher twists unfunny list of “signs you might be a Karen” into signs you are racist Republican
0:58:42Clueless Joe Biden tells PBS NewsHour about the “vivid” image of police smashing the head of “George” against a nonexistent curb, millennials and gen Z “the least prejudiced, the least judgmental”, “all three of them” plus or minus one fired, “my city had been burned down” after law school, ACC notes “peak you-ain’t-blackness”; tough guy Taxi Eric texts his chagrin at the situation; Don Lemon cuts off Kamala Harris after she goes on a tear blaming Russian bots; Elizabeth Warren cut off from Bloomberg and banker money needed to keep House of Representatives and run a couple more rounds of impeachment
1:13:09“Dumb and dumber” Mark Shields and David Brooks reflect on “one of the worst weeks of our lives”, Brooks “happened to be on Morning Joe on Tuesday”, all-in on Twitter flagging Trump tweets, lies about Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act
1:24:16Trump announces Executive Order addressing social media censorship and anticompetitive behavior; insider producer note on Mika Brzezinski timeline; possible “aborted spook” Kayleigh McEnany goes on a rant calling out Twitter exec Yoel Roth for “actual Nazis in the White House” tweet and accusing Twitter of being a Chinese government mouthpiece
1:38:18Producer Segment: Dame Jennifer 3X3; fearmongering from António Guterres
2:21:41Andrew Cuomo “masks are cool” speech as harbinger of the new normal; Erin Burnett on Trump retweeting “completely false” views that masks are a form of social control or slavery, cardiologist Jonathan Reiner: “could have been written by a Russian bot”, masking not conducive to reelection, “pretty soon everyone in this country is going know somebody who has lost somebody”; fascist Governor Jay Inslee: wearing a mask “is an expression of love”
2:33:10JCD retracts his skepticism about Maurice de Hond’s analysis of microdroplets in high humidity; ACC’s “unsettling” steampunk beak mask arrives; 98.1% of coronavirus deaths in Massachusetts with underlying condition; Dr. Fauci: the science is in on hydroxychloroquine not working, fishy “when we first developed the vaccine I said it would be about a year to a year and a half”; Tedros Adhanom announces suspension of WHO HCQ testing in “solidarity trial”, Al Jazeera Fauci clone Lawrence Gostin gets in a few anti-Trump jabs
2:46:43Entremet: O.J. Simpson reviews Tiger King (BCotD), “the show is crazy!” iso
2:50:12Donation Segment: Recovery Survey podcast
3:05:30JCD’s 1984 “no evidence”, ACC’s command line-only experiment, copy-paste vs Unix pipes
3:10:18Supreme Court declines to hear First Amendment case on religious gathering limitations; Angela Merkel likely to ditch G7 summit in US; successful SpaceX Dragon launch to ISS, ACC irked at “temporary loss of signal” for footage of “anti-gravity” engine recovery