Call Clooney!

1246 3X3 (2020-05-28)

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0:00:00JCD: “More Kayleigh clips!” (1:39:50)
0:00:39MSNBC’s Katy Tur and Cal Perry attempt to shame Wisconsin man for not wearing a mask only to have him point out that neither is the camera crew, “striking images!”
0:02:43Nerds everywhere upset over SpaceX manned launch scheduled for 4:33 scrubbed due to weather but with a “backup to the backup”; producer note on Knights Templar and magic number 33 meaning “abort mission”, ACC links New Jersey videos of hovering unmarked aircraft and Trump’s obvious knowledge of anti-gravity technology, JCD on one-hit wonder transistor pioneer William Shockley, Joe Rogan’s interview with Area 51 insider Bob Lazar
0:11:37ACC’s interview with Maurice “the Dog” de Hond: initial viral outbreaks common north of 30° north latitude with cool temperatures and low humidity, ventilation key to dispersing particles, disagreement with JCD over definition of “aerosol”
0:22:02“MKULTRA clown” Deborah Birx dodges question about constantly changing models to a surprisingly tenacious Chris Wallace, ACC: “for a scientist, she is ruining any belief in science”, “clear scientific evidence” behind wearing masks; Dr. Vin Gupta tells CNN masks should be mandatory, when Michigan security guard recommended mask to customer “they shot him”; Andrew Cuomo assures us “wearing a mask is officially cool” because they come in pretty colors; Apple improves facial recognition just in time to accommodate masks
0:33:10British “nut ball” Dr. Vernon Coleman discusses governmental “Orwellian mind control tricks”, Taiwanese “to visit each other is to kill each other” slogan, British “keep your distance, wash your hands, think of others” 3X3 “rule of three” template, Orwell’s “war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength” (CotD), distraction of clapping for first responders
0:44:13France 24 slanders “the world’s second most affected by the virus after the US” Brazil; Boris Johnson: contact tracing regime will “unlock the prison” for the populace; ACC’s advice to Joe Rogan about YouTube as a messaging platform; Chinese lockdown as cue for global action
0:51:27Bill Gates to Stephen Colbert on bioterrorism and forthcoming “pandemic two”; producer note on results of social experiment with antibody bracelet; local San Francisco station on C19 ID program, “I guess people will start staring at your wrists now” comment for well-endowed female anchor; NBC on Las Vegas casinos “rolling the dice” with reopening, possibility of Los Angeles schoolchildren “being given given one ball to play alone”, ACC: “they get one crayon, too?”; JCD labels ACC a starry-eyed optimist for believing MSNBC viewers will wake up
1:03:56CNBC Dimension A-B shouting match between Joe Kernen and possible spook Andrew Ross Sorkin, JCD on Sorkin’s career-launching DealBook blog; JCD irked at neighborhood doves
1:11:19Leaked draft of executive order to roll back Communications Decency Act section 230 protections for social media companies; ACC predicts “hacking” to include bypassing Facebook
1:18:13Minneapolis riots over police murder of African-American George Floyd busted for “forgery” in progress, most recent mayoral run-off between two socialists, live-on-TV looting followed by arson, JCD predicts the end of Amy Klobuchar’s VP bid; protestor urges “subscribe to my channel right now”; San Francisco and Los Angeles also known for skilled looters
1:26:35Producer Segment: lost in the “No Agenda Vortex”
1:47:12Cuomo “this is cool!” iso; physician producer lauds COVID-19 coverage; ACC accidentally swaps Moe Factz and No Agenda RSS feeds; battle of the web developers on and, ACC pushes for Dockerization
1:56:40Trump continuing to obsess over death of Joe Scarborough’s intern Lori Klausutis; JCD on history of bad blood between Don Imus and Scarborough, 2003 clip of the two chuckling over “you said you’d had sex with an intern and then you had to kill her” joke; 2010 clip of Imus railing at “disgusting backstabbing phony”; Klausutis’ initial diagnosis of blunt force trauma
2:05:57Theories about Joe Biden stunt double or Botox patient in “mask of the tard”, ACC’s new 17th century “beak mask”, recommendation for Hulu miniseries The Great about smallpox pus-eating Catherine the Great; Krystal Ball on the Democrat Party’s strategy of taking black voters for granted; Biden’s empty “Lift All Voices” promise of more useless studies; Charlamagne Tha God to Joy Reid on the need to “start putting the burden on Democrats to show up for black voters”; Malcolm X on the hypocrisy of “white liberals” in the North; ACC asserts impossibility of Democrats getting into the White House as things stand; non-ADOS Joy Reid asserts Trump promised white voters “I’m gonna get rid of these brown immigrants”; Hillary’s “no ways tired” pandering revisited; Biden’s plan predictably diluted by issues of “people of color” and thence gender identification; compilation of media liberals covering for Biden and deflecting onto Trump; furor on ACC’s “grey Twitter”
2:24:26New 25th Amendment stratagem with Trump suffering from PSP progressive supranuclear palsy, ACC’s shoe lift theory, JCD: “you can hear the desperation in their voices”, old Drunk or Not Drunk jingle, open question of whether disillusioned millennials will vote
2:28:51Debbie Wasserman Schultz in 2008 on “risky experiment” of statewide mail-in primary ballots
2:32:20Anthony Fauci presents Webby Person of the Year to Avi Schiffman for
2:35:45Incoherent 109-second NBC Nightly News summary of the week in Trump hate
2:40:45Donation Segment: $49 “Karen donation”; meetup resurgence
2:58:02Compilation of local TV stations doing identical “keeping its employees safe and healthy” native ad for Amazon; former Harvard Medical School professor William Haseltine blasts premature release of Moderna vaccine results from study of eight subjects, CNBC shill argues it’s “for the benefit of public health”, JCD: “one of those guys grew a second head, I think we know that much came out”; FBI looking into Dianne Feinstein’s husband’s stock trades
3:05:47“Gratuitous” clip of Kayleigh McEnany bashing reporter to buy thinking time: “I answered your question once, but if you ask it twice it doesn’t make it any better of a question”
3:09:20ACC the “starry-eyed optimist”, JCD recommends The First World War on Amazon Prime