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1245 Mask Up! (2020-05-24)

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0:00:00JCD: “Son, did you listen to those boys, those nice boys, they just did a show?” (2:14:28)
0:00:38Biden has his “very fine people” moment when he tells African-American radio host Charlamagne Tha God “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black”; “I’m going to beat Joe Biden!” iso; pro-Trump social media “Joe Biden doesn’t think I’m black” response; testy “you can’t do that to black media!” exchange at the end of the interview, botched response to “I want something for my community”; MSNBC on pressure to finally appear on The Breakfast Club, Symone Sanders claims comment was “in jest”; Biden’s performative-laden non-apology “I shouldn’t have been so cavalier in responding to what I thought was a… anyway”; Biden assures CNBC he would repeal Trump tax cuts
0:18:05Ringing iPhone interrupts low-energy Biden on call with Asian American and Pacific Islanders Victory Fund, JCD: “they miked the geese” to capture raucous laughter-like honking, ACC: “geese are dicks”; recording of croaking raven superimposed on Jill Abramson
0:23:43ACC contrasts HEB and Nordstrom at the mall; ACC’s antibody armband and handmade Bersa Thunder 380 holster; screeching dingbats announce Crystal Beach “Go Topless Jeep Weekend”, “wash them hands for twenny sekints!” iso, Biden “you ain’t black!” iso
0:29:55Deborah Birx twice recommends we “play tennis with marked balls” on Memorial Day; Anthony Fauci suddenly “enthusiastic” about reopening: outrageous lie “I don’t want people to think that any of us feel that staying locked down for a prolonged period of time is the way to go”; Andrew Cuomo notes his constituents’ sentiment “they keep changing the facts on us” with plenty of examples; ACC’s Aunt Meg’s memorial to his mother lauds Cuomo’s heroics; absurd “Mask Up!” PSA contest; Alyssa Milano’s knitted fashion mask
0:43:04Leaked propaganda strategy document from UK SAGE board recommends using media to “to increase sense of personal threat” and leveraging “social disapproval”; ACC to interview marginalized Dutch pollster Maurice “the Dog” de Hond; Ohio public health officials apologize for recommending against masks with gang symbolism
0:48:20Suicides outnumber COVID-19 deaths in San Francisco, upcoming tornado of litigation over mistakes made at all levels of response, 1.7M firearms sold in April alone
0:50:50Viral video of Bill Gates soundalike presenting vaccine for VMAT2 “God gene” in 2005, JCD: “it came out of QAnon or some other horse shit that should be avoided!” (JCDPPotD); the real Gates gloating “we just shoot them right into the vein!” in children; producer note on 1905 Jacobson v. Massachusetts incorrectly cited by Alan Dershowitz as being about forced vaccination: “it is not in their power to vaccinate him by force”; Robert F. Kennedy on CDC & Merck mandating for newborns hepatitis B vaccine designed for sex workers and drug users
1:05:53Gadsden flag-wearing Dr. Jeff Barke laments media war on dissenting expert opinions and desire to oust Trump; several gunshot victims revealed to have been counted in 100,000 COVID-19 death roster; Trump appoints Moderna insider Moncef Slaoui to run Operation Warp Speed; Barke discusses natural “incentives” for hospitals to identify deaths as coronavirus
1:14:37Investigative journalist David Crow on tendency for PCR tests to yield false positives; producer note on China walking back its lie about testing 11M in Wuhan; Dr. Barke on pharmacies questioning every prescription he writes for “political drug” hydroxychloroquine
1:21:20Living Beyond 120 podcast discusses comorbidity vs the immunocompromised like children, importance of vitamin D, antiviral properties of azithromycin, Fauci’s 2011 recommendation of hydroxychloroquine for SARS, “it’s a political issue, and it’s also cheap!”; much-lauded study finds Remdesivir improves recovery time but not survival; cystatin C and D enzymes and loss of senses of taste and smell, FBI crackdown on intravenous vitamin C treatments
1:42:11Theory about COVID-19 synthesized in lab as PPP potential pandemic pathogen “debunked” by Nature: Medicine letter to the editor “the proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2” with such logic as “most likely” morphing into “strong evidence”, JCD: “this is horse shit!”; ACC and TtK headed to Japan thanks to tourism slump
1:51:28Producer Segment: BotG “you’re on the clock, slave!” report from Northern China
2:26:57ACC on 1989 Moscow Music Peace Festival arranged by Doc McGhee after drug scandal, Winds of Change podcast theorizes the Scorpions’ only hit song was written by CIA
2:30:19Kayleigh McEnany shames journalists for their opposition to reopening churches, end-of-show slideshow prompted by Chanel Rion about possibility of a pardon for Obama, “did anyone take it upon themselves to pose any questions about Michael Flynn and the unmasking to President Obama’s spokesperson?”; Evelyn Farkas to Mika Brzezinski in 2017: “get as much intelligence as you can, before President Obama leaves the administration”; Michael Flynn deputy K.T. McFarland recounts to excitable Maria Bartiromo her “knock knock FBI” experiences; Devin Nunes speculates about level of criminality shared by Obama and Biden
2:48:40Boots on the ground report on “relatively small” Trump Death Clock with ad rotation
2:52:53Donation Segment: ACC’s story of Dutch school asserting 52 states in the US
3:09:47UK and France embroiled in quarantine dick-swinging contest, Nigel Farage observes French military vessels escorting packed boats full of migrants into British waters; beaches in Barcelona finally open subject to draconian rules blasted out over Giant Voice System
3:14:21Ask John: Trump repeatedly lauds 17x faster “super duper missile”, 17th letter “Q”
3:16:23Sen. Tom Cotton gripes about “political correctness run amok” in Kamala Harris’ resolution to label “Wuhan virus” as racist hate speech