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1241 Curtain Wranglers (2020-05-10)

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0:00:00JDC: “Oh!” Both: “Nooo!” (2:34:25)
0:00:34Dr. Fauci warns 60 Minutes on May 6 “there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask” with false sense of security, Fauci goes into self-quarantine to avoid having to testify, Austin still standing by preempted mask ordinance; Pennsylvania Governor extends stay-at-home until June 4 for no particular reason; Truthstream Media video on the importance of mask-wearing in cult initiation; JCD irked by “these morons … driving in their cars by themselves with a mask on”; “let the bodies pile up in the streets” from Deus Ex game cutscene; New York City Giant Voice System: “this gathering is unlawful, and you are ordered to disperse”; “presser in scrubs” by Dr. Jeff Barkey questioning official story: “when liquor stores are deemed essential but your businesses are deemed nonessential, there’s something wrong going on”
0:15:20H.R.6666 COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act “at individuals’ residences”; creepy Ventura County official Dr. Robert Levin announces “we’ll be moving people like this into other kinds of housing that we have available”, JCD: “why don’t you just put ’em in those empty prison cells?”; more “social proximity awareness” suggestions
0:21:54ACC’s positive telemedicine experience with bow-tie-wearing “Dr. Sam” for infected eye
0:26:18New meme “recovery through prevention”; chuckling Bill Gates: “for the world at large, normalcy only returns when we’ve largely vaccinated the entire global population”; Sean Penn tells the ladies of The View how the Defense Production Act will enable mass testing in the US; Penn: “this virus is the active shooter” targeting minorities; Andrew Cuomo announces partnership to “reimagine education” with Common Core co-conspirator Gates Foundation
0:37:10Producer note on Neil Ferguson’s sketchy “stochastic” model; Super Size Me documentary on a particular CDC fiefdom exaggerating obesity epidemic, producer note on “the flu people” getting all the money, JCD compares pro forma flu shot question to “would you like fries with that?”; Dr. Marty Makary blames the victim in response to report that 66% of recent New York infections occurred at home: “patients report … better and safer behaviors than reality”
0:47:49Katie Hopkins repeats “standing up to take a pee” joke in Sky News roast of “Professor Pants-Down” Ferguson caught having tryst with his married mistress “Mrs. Staats”; UK to allow garden centers to open alongside commemoration of V-E Day; nosy “curtain wranglers” instrumental in the issuing of £100 fines; “huge narc” Mark Cuban sending spies into Dallas restaurants; UK newspaper revenue down 50-80%; teaser for “helicopter payments” in Ireland
0:59:03Teaser for 60 Minutes interview with drama queen “whistleblower” Rick Bright, tearful “if we had, would they still be alive today?”, JCD: “he sounds like Noodle Boy!”; Princeton study finds deaths would have been cut in half if government had acted four days sooner; Amy Goodman gloats about Times Square “Trump Death Clock” funded by no-stranger-to-China Eugene Jarecki; Trump reflects on “the worst attack we’ve ever had on our country”
1:10:40Jimmy Kimmel apologizes for lying about Mike Pence moving empty boxes of hospital supplies with video omitting 20 minutes of Pence lugging full boxes around; Reuters on Trump administration considering retaliatory measures against China; Elon Musk blathers to Joe Rogan about globalism and “mind viral immunity”
1:17:56Norah O’Donnell jabs Trump over Pence aide Katie Miller testing positive, typical Trump: “Katie, she tested very good for a long period of time”, brief mention of V-E Day, ACC on forgotten tradition of two minutes of silence on Dutch highways; Chinese globalism and The Story of How China Ruined Everything on YouTube; JCD reminds us Trump is a germophobe
1:26:16Mike Pompeo to CNBC on the importance of the search for patient zero; producer notes on deeply-flawed New England Journal of Medicine hydroxychloroquine study, “debunking” claims about unproven RNA vaccines by Judy Mikovits; “Talking Cat” report on Fauci’s 2017 prediction that Trump would face “surprise outbreak”
1:35:38Producer Segment: No Agenda on 1435 kHz AM in Groningen; “narcists ” narc artists
2:16:33Australian columnist Rita Panahi notes that “the so-called party of diversity and inclusion has got rid of every woman and person of color” in favor of two rich white men; “wrong!” iso
2:19:16Boring summary of US numbers and reopening plans, Italy continuing social distancing, South Korean nightclubs close a week after reopening; “ubiquitous COVID cough” in Belarus
2:25:24German producer note on that country’s mail-in ballot system, ACC on US tradition of “harvesting” fraud; PBS NewsHour on the roadblocks to mail-in voting in Connecticut, Secretary of State Denise Merrill on whether voter fraud has been an issue: “absolutely not!”, Vote At Home’s Audrey Kline: evidence that early voting encourages fraud “does not exist”
2:35:52Declassified House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence transcripts released, extortion of Michael Flynn using threats to his son; leaked audio of Obama stammering about unprecedented dismissal of Flynn’s nonexistent “perjury” charge; compilation of CNN & MSNBC dismissing “conspiracy theories” about Flynn’s entrapment
2:45:35Donation Segment
3:12:47Masked Joe Biden at “live” event with green screen and raucous birds delivering gems like “millions of unemployed people to get by” railing against 2017 tax cuts and Trump in general
3:18:58Kayleigh McEnany slaps Yamiche Alcindor by mentioning her time on CNN “eight-on-one panels” and the lies told by Obama administration officials about Russian collusion