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1240 Meat Must Flow (2020-05-07)

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0:00:00JCD: (Falsetto)Those boys are just gonna get into trouble, the way they think.” (1:46:39)
0:00:37ACC and JCD’s perfect clip counts; Texas hair salons unsure what to do with their impending liberation; hypocritical Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot defends her recent haircut noting “I’m the public face of this city” accompanied by sour expressions from ASL interpreter; Austin Mayor Adler promises to guilt people into wearing masks; Democracy Now aghast at Trump’s lack of mask at Honeywell plant tour in Arizona to the sounds of Live and Let Die, “eight biwwion” promised to Navajo Nation yet to materialize; Kayleigh McEnany dodges question about Democrat vs Republican attitudes toward masks, JCD on virtue signaling rule followers in their masks, ACC “shut up slave” muzzle, Mimi’s clown mask painted by JMD; NBC gives China top marks for virus response; Apple’s map data showing comparable drop in mobility
0:17:11Draft report from Johns Hopkins leaked to the Washington Post predicts 200,000 deaths by June; douchebag Jake Tapper parallels Trump’s “very good people” tweet for Michigan protestors with Charlottesville, Gretchen Whitmer claims there were “Confederate flags and nooses”; Alex Azar downplays draft model to Fox & Friends; Prof. Neil Ferguson resigns from his UK post after tryst with his girlfriend, code review found modeling software riddled with irreproducibility bugs, “stochastic” buzzword; Dr. Drew Pinsky notes single case of outdoor transmission, novel shutdown idea from 2006 high school science project, “we don’t know that superior is superior to social distancing”; JCD on proliferation of hurricane tracking models
0:31:32The search for an appropriate term for “social censorship”; David Icke podcast censored by YouTube and Spotify over claim that Ofcom and Silicon Valley are censoring discussion of coronavirus and 5G, towers being erected during shutdown, JCD on Mimi spotting new 5G towers galore on drive from Washington to San Francisco; some listeners hear West Virginia Governor say “only if they fuckin’ follow the guidelines” due to an “audio glitch”
0:43:07Trump trots out “look!” tell for scripted question from Fox News at Lincoln Memorial town hall about overseas production of pharmaceuticals: “you put me in a very bad negotiating position!”, stoned black caller asks about Five Eyes intelligence report blaming China for concealing information, Trump shifts into repetitive “hanging chad” speech; Mike Pompeo agrees “in context” with DNI conclusion that scientists concluded that the virus was not artificial; Global Times editor Hu Xijin calls Australia “chewing gum stuck on the sole of China’s shoes”; Ted Cruz advancing “decouple from China” meme by going after Hollywood
1:01:13University of Pittsburgh coronavirus researcher Dr. Bing Lu dead in “murder-suicide”; “socially censored” Plandemic documentary subject Judy Mikovits on theory of XMRV mouse retroviruses contaminating blood supplies and vaccines, report implicating 2017-2018 flu vaccine in spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases, Anthony Fauci criminally responsible for interfering with prophylactic use of hydroxychloroquine
1:20:18Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler salivating over “whistleblower” Dr. Rick Bright for next round of impeachment; CBS News points out Bright hasn’t bothered to show up for his new position at NIH; Democracy Now: Bright was “ignored!” after writing a memo; a goat and a pawpaw test positive for coronavirus in Tanzania; producer note on laboratory chaos
1:26:54Producer Segment
1:57:11CBS News “keep the meat flowing” report on meat shortage with Impossible Burger native ad; douchebag at-home journalists wearing “cigarette butt” AirPods with books in the background, JCD’s messy desk and crushed Pellegrino can Geiger counter
2:02:25Trump administration working on Moon mining Artemis Accords
2:03:56CBS News opens with misleading report of “mutant strain” and “20,000 new confirmed cases every day”; Democracy Now admits “the finding has not been peer-reviewed” but released for the sake of “people working on vaccines”; “mystery illness” affecting children in New York
2:09:16ACC OTG: Alberta launches “less intrusive approach” Alberta Trace Together app, Dutch government promises to keep your secret lover a secret, the search for alternatives to “social surveillance” including “social snitching”; companies preparing to score employees on gamified social distancing, JCD: “just leave the phone in a drawer, you’re gonna get a raise!”; ACC’s “new experience” with Outlook absorbed into Office 365; class-action lawsuit against Plaid for illegally selling banking data to third parties
2:20:26Kayleigh McEnany executes mic drop by reading off a list of M5M coronavirus prediction botches and walking out of briefing room, irritated journalist yells “you were prepared!”, JCD: “smart mean girl”; CNN & MSNBC talking heads now talking directly to Trump like Don Lemon’s bizarre “what is it about President Obama that really gets under your skin?” and Joe Scarborough’s “maybe let Mike Pence run things for the next week, you’re not well” with call and response from Mika; Democracy Now on Trump “lashing out” at Kellyanne Conway’s husband George “Moonface” over new “Mourning in America” ad
2:32:14ACC duplicates Project Veritas exposé of CBS report with “fake patients” waiting in lines at Grand Rapids Michigan clinic, JCD: “then all the cars there were all driven by the dead!
2:35:35Donation Segment
2:47:13Sean “Diddy” Combs to Naomi Campbell: “the black vote is not gonna be for free”, “I will hold the vote hostage if I have to”; New York Times letters to the editor all from Democrats who don’t care about Tara Reade allegations: “I want a coronation of Joe Biden”
2:53:15CBS News: New York City residents all-in on experimental coronavirus vaccine
2:54:11Producer note on Michael Flynn’s dirt on Hillary Clinton and CIA
2:55:57Alaska school district removes “controversial” novels including Catch-22 and The Great Gatsby; Democracy Now on San Francisco die-in over failure to move the homeless into vacant hotel rooms; Gavin Newsom closes beaches in Republican Orange County