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123 Thanksgiving Turkeys (2009-08-20)

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0:00:00JCD: “You know there has to be a couple of porn stars around here that would stand around naked for 300 bucks for five or six hours.” (0:14:53)
0:00:42California sending out tax return IOUs; ACC on “deserted island” Formentera in Spain
0:02:50JCD: Kathleen Sebelius “reminds me to to an annoying degree of Carly Fiorina”, Sebelius repeated “very difficult” on end-of-life care; Hillary Clinton plan industry opposition and Obama quid pro quo, Sebelius on paying doctors for end-of-life consultation; morning shows not allowed to follow up on unanswered questions, dodges keeping old plan question: “the idea that you would keep your own doctor is highly likely”
0:14:05And Now Back to Real News: tough times in the porn industry; Sir David Attenborough discovers carnivorous pitcher plant Nepenthes attenboroughii capable of consuming rodents
0:18:40Laura Ling & Euna Lee on “grassroots movement on Facebook” to free them, “so, so humbled”
0:22:11Georgia Rep. Tommy Benton all-in on caning pot users and executing dealers
0:23:31CRU Climatic Research Unit not in possession of raw surface temperature data, “not able to keep the multiple sources for sites, only the station series after adjustment for homogeneity issues”, “value-added” data
0:27:08Bay Area alternative newspapers; JCD on Café Gratitude’s controversial use of Landmark Education training, Yelp review: “everyone here is so happy!”, ACC: “we’ve gotta go and record it!”, Thanksgiving “what are you thankful for” traditions, JCD Thanksgiving origin story (JCDPPotD), October 1863 proclamation by Abraham Lincoln; JCD on heirloom turkeys tasting like pheasant; JCD on Hallmark holidays and homemade cards
0:38:07Newly-installed AIG CEO Robert Benmosche heads out on vacation to 8000-square-foot villa on the Adriatic; Glenn Beck’s weird wig-wearing guest former Democrat Pat Caddell on Rahm Emanuel’s ballet training, Freddie Mac board and Wasserstein Perella, SBC/AT&T deal, Ed Whitacre and GM
0:49:55Obama Old People Have Got No Reason To Live song, Obama-Palin porn video; Sarah Palin “death panels”, Ann Coulter the Palin fangirl; premium hikes in Netherlands after switch from single-payer; JCD looking for quid pro quo for insurance companies
0:55:10Stanley McChrystal: Taliban winning, send more troops, JCD: “this is Vietnam all over again”, Karzai not campaigning in election; Slobodan Milošević’s go-ahead from Richard Holbrooke
0:58:29ACC campaigns for JCD to read Atlas Shrugged; proposed Nielsen ratings replacement
1:02:47MSNBC Texas chainsaw “documentary” voice-over: “taking a bath with a disemboweled deer”
1:04:35Shadow Puppet Theater: Surgeon General nominee Regina Benjamin on board of Burger King; “original formula” marketing and HFCS; Benjamin’s stint with Conagra Brands
1:09:31Donation solicitation; October 3 Thanksgiving dinner
1:13:42Air Force veteran Henry Schwartz “sounding the alarm” about EMP weapons, ACC’s hangar owner Lockheed engineer discounts danger, EMPact America funded by Steuben Foods and Elmhurst Dairy; ACC: due for significant solar flare
1:19:08Outro: ACC back in Netherlands for next show