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1238 Sake Stock (2020-04-30)

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0:00:00JCD: “Podcasting, the truuuth!” (1:35:29)
0:00:35California shut down through May 31 via robocall, “we will lift the orders if you vote Democrat”; Texas Gov. Abbott announces expiration of shutdown order and preemption of local orders, ACC’s “why don’t we put trash bags on our heads” Lonesome Dove reservation; Austin Mayor Adler all-in on “another two or three weeks”, Travis County judge: “I don’t have a clear sense for how you try and retreat once you’ve gone forward to reopening”, Dallas cracking down on uppity hair salon owner; federal charges over weaponized cough in San Francisco
0:13:12Trump diverts question about stimulus onto payroll tax cuts with “sanctuary city adjustments” digression; ACC on Trump the weird “captains of industry” type; Nicolle Wallace: “the president of our country told people to ingest bleach”
0:21:38ACC’s timeline of media denying any rays of hope for treatment; giddy April 29 report on Fauci’s “quite good news” about Remdesivir and comparison with HIV drugs; Gilead stock beginning to tank at the time of “office chatter” report approximately a week ago; Dr. Fauci justifies releasing conclusions ahead of full analysis; parallel with historical push for Gilead’s Truvada as HIV prophylaxis; NBC on “promising option” with “clear-cut evidence” of efficacy; deplatforming and joint statement condemning statements by Dr. Daniel Erickson; White House Operation Warp Speed initiative for rapid vaccine development, JCD: “how’s that AIDS vaccine coming, by the way?”; pharmacist producer irked at cancellation of HCQ clinical trial, Gilead conflicts of interest in VA study, “immune modulator” and lung clotting theory
0:39:42Australian Nine News on former MP Clive Palmer hoarding 33M doses of hydroxychloroquine, “little impact on coronavirus patients” lie, “heart attack that kills you” hysteria; Katie Hopkins explores Neil Ferguson’s history of desperately flawed epidemiological models: “why are we listening to this man, who’s about as accurate as my five-year-old trying to wee standing up?”
0:47:32Incoherent Nancy Pelosi responds to question from Jake Tapper about Trump’s China travel ban with “let’s go into the future, okay?” to discuss the past, Americans primarily concerned that “our heroes be taken care of”, “where’s my check?” iso, “what they do not want” is stock buybacks, “testing testing testing, tracing tracing tracing, isolation (isolation isolation)”; “science science science” variation for Joy Reid; Trump recommending “embalming”; “it’s a bad idea to allow people to return to work without testing Mika”
0:59:31ACC OTG: JCD reminisces about early DoCoMo cell phone tracking, data sources cited in ACC’s Citizen Software Engineers’ Social Distance Data Project PDF in the show notes; Australia about to launch tracing app with privacy “safeguards”; Bill Clinton on douchebag Haiti NGO Partners In Health running Massachusetts tracking program, 1970s-style “Conservation Corps of young people” to stalk people, Gavin Newsom: “we’re all sharing best practices in real time”, JCD: “using best-of-breed software”, leftover tracking capacity from SARS, plan to “isolate individuals that have … been exposed” based on “where they’ve been and who they’ve talked to”; ACC proposes engraved “Antibodies Verified” bracelets
1:16:14Producer Segment: Dr. Kiki “people are learning through science!”
1:40:45“Still in his hole” Joe Biden interviewed by CBS Miami, “they’re the things, they’re the folks” iso, Trump “owes … millions of dollars to the Bank of China, he’s got patents from…”, “you’ve never seen a time when someone seeking asylum has to seek it from another country!”, peculiar “the standards that the rest of the world repairs to”, “we have to sake stock of where we are!”, “deal with what everybody in Florida knows is a problem: global warming!” (CotD)
1:55:30JCD suggests Biden may choose Klobuchar, TtK suggesting Val Demings; Hacks on Tap podcast raises “and we’re gonna need a food tester” issue because “people have their own campaign plan thinking Joe’s only gonna be there for one year”, JCD asserts racist Democrat women will not tolerate a black woman as de facto president, possibility of DNC swapping in Hillary, ACC: “replace him with Michelle and the Democrats win”; Biden welcomes yakking Hillary at two-person “town hall meeting”; Biden’s 2008 “three-letter word: jobs, J-O-B-S”
2:09:43Beavis and Butt-Head snickering at Biden’s viral “economic intercourse”; Don Lemon grills Stacey Abrams about Tara Reade sexual assault allegation, Abrams: “I believe that women deserve to be heard, and I believe that they need to be listened to”, “deep investigation” by New York Times; NYT stealth-edits “no pattern of sexual misconduct … beyond the hugs, kisses, and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable”, executive editor Dean Baquet admits it was at the request of the Biden campaign
2:16:57JCD story: berated by “big fat Costco chick” in checkout line for not being on “the star”; viral video of teacher berating teens with “I hope both of you die a long, painful death!
2:21:46Donation Segment
2:36:33Trump trolls reporters by contrasting “young vibrant man” himself with Biden; One America News shill asks about Michael Flynn exoneration; Rep. Devin Nunes on exculpatory documents suggesting FBI frame job; Joe diGenova: “that means there’s a mole at FBI headquarters!”
2:42:57Howard Stern and Robin Quiver joke about Trump supporters celebrating with a “big cocktail of disinfectant”, ACC: Stern’s wife “might as well be named Karen”
2:46:42Breitbart News shill probes Trump for information about holding China accountable, “and we are not happy!” iso, Bild editor tallies up €130bn owed Germany by China, “we haven’t determined the final amount yet”; effusive praise from WHO head Tedros Adhanom for Beijing’s “new standard for outbreak response”; Trump reacts to $3.7M Obama-era grant to Wuhan Institute of Virology; EcoHealth Alliance NGO president Peter Daszak paid $336,000 out of $4M grant from NIH to study coronavirus in bats, Trump: “somebody a long time ago, it seems, decided not to do it that way”, JCD on ban on domestic research into chimaeras
2:59:46Birds Aren’t Real wacko debunks battery replacement theory: “birds are rechargeable”