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1237 Imbleachment (2020-04-26)

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0:00:00JCD: “What makes you think you know more than the experts in Washington DC, what makes you think you know more?!” (1:28:14)
0:00:37Dame Jennifer’s “since 2007, the No Agenda Show has been with you” parody ad; JCD preemptively vetoes Bill Gates album art, retaliatory DDoS attacks attributed to China; ACC: CDC and WHO recommending blindfolds; five-car Zephyr
0:05:24Only Al Jazeera reporting on “can you hear me now?” G20 coronavirus video summit, JCD: China-controlled M5M ignoring story because China is also not in attendance; World Economic Forum COVID Action Platform including “advancing global digital content safety”
0:14:01Media jumps the shark misreporting Trump’s musings about disinfectants and UV light after presentation by DHS undersecretary William Bryan on lethality of heat and sunlight against coronavirus: “now you inject the sun, the half-life goes from six hours to two minutes”, “we’re also testing disinfectants … in saliva or in respiratory fluids”, JCD: “Tito’s vodka!”, Trump asks Bryan about use of UV light or disinfectants on the human body; Anthony Fauci gets his wish in the person of Brad Pitt playing him on Saturday Night Live; producer notes on deliberately crappy sound quality and deliberate AV screwups at Republican events
0:32:18JCD points out lack if bokeh blurring with Judy Woodruff’s green screen; Mark Shields bitches about Trump’s “liberate” tweets and following Fauci’s advice after petty squabble with Georgia governor over Senate appointment, frightened-looking David Brooks: “I don’t want life or death decisions made by a guy who thinks this can be solved by drinking disinfectant”, claims that Americans are “amazingly united” in support of social distancing
0:45:11MSNBC idiot Nicolle Wallace contemplates “silver lining” of pandemic hurting Trump; Nancy Pelosi blatantly lies “the President is asking people to inject Lysol into their lungs” (CotD), JCD: “what a horrible witch!”; Adam Schiff lies to Chris Hayes “he didn’t want his Vice President to return calls from governors that weren’t saying nice things about him”
0:51:13Illinois Department of Public Health Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike explains reporting of COVID-19 deaths “even if you died of a clear alternate cause”, “everyone who’s listed as a COVID death doesn’t mean that that was the cause of the death, but they had COVID at the time of the death”; Andrew Cuomo gives China a pass: “it came from Europe, okay?”
0:56:48Douchebag reporter asks Trump why he has stopped promoting hydroxychloroquine; New York hydroxychloroquine pioneer Dr. Vladimir Zelenko to Steve Bannon on the toxic combination of never Trumpers, big pharma, medical egos, and fear of liability; JCD speculates about opportunities for price gouging; Dr. Deborah Birx flubs “the criteria that you can see the Gates… or, that the federal government has recommended”
1:10:38Robert Kennedy Jr. on “agency capture” revolving door between big pharma and regulators like CDC , former head Julie Gerberding’s favors for and eventual job with Merck, JCD: “China and the drug companies own the media!”, deplatforming of RT; ACC tries to shed light on the bizarre Birx testing mathematics based on 1% infection rate; producer note on do COVID-19 research with faulty antibodies from Gates-funded Sino Biological based in China
1:20:54Dr. Daniel Erickson on unintended side effects of exclusive focus on coronavirus, “typically you quarantine the sick”; 1918 Anti-Mask League of San Francisco; Erickson predicts post-quarantine infection spike to obnoxious reporter, statistically equivalent Sweden vs Norway
1:32:53Trump discusses Tim Cook’s “V recovery”; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez screeches her opposition to Paycheck Protection Program; Austin police shoot and kill an unarmed man within ACC’s hearing, Alex Jones “ruins good protests”, “fuck the police” until 10:00; Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker extends shutdown through May; producer report from Wisconsin “open up!” protest, farmers forced to sell dairy cattle for slaughter; Democrat bailout vs Republican infrastructure
1:42:09Producer Segment: stay-at-home media beards
2:13:22ACC imitates and debunks Jason Calacanis’ analysis of Luminary Podcasts network, Quite Frankly podcast delighted being mentioned by JCD
2:18:48ACC OTG: Alcatel GO FLIP 3 summary; Australia pushing tracing app and noting increase in use of navigation apps; ACC’s spreadsheet of companies collecting contact tracing data; six months in prison for tampering with Canadian-made monitoring bracelets in Hong Kong; FDA approves Masimo pulse oximeter bracelets linked to “dashboard”, JCD reminisces about “quantified self” and “life logging” fad; HHS relying on spook outfit Palantir for data analytics
2:31:30Sweden epidemiologist Johan Gieseck to UnHerd podcast on lack of scientific basis for lockdown measures, herd immunity “by-product”, Imperial College paper predicting 125k deaths “not very good”; ACC takes his Bill Gates impression for a spin
2:43:36Donation Segment
2:57:32Endlessly fearmongering “desperation mounting!” NBC Nightly News teaser; dingbat Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman hounded by Anderson Pooper over her desire to reopen
3:03:27Tlaib-Jayapal Automatic BOOST to Communities Act funded by trillion-dollar coins predicted by 1998 episode of The Simpsons and last seen in 2013