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1236 WhoTube (2020-04-23)

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0:00:00JCD: “Lockdown 2020!” (1:26:18)
0:00:34Seven-car “Zeph”; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez snarks about Trump’s back-to-work “liberation”, “I think a lot of people should just say no, we’re not going back to that”
0:04:38Hot mic with Fox News’ John Roberts joking about USC report suggesting lower death rate: “everybody here’s been vaccinated anyway”, “it was hoax!”; Dr. Birx dodges question from Roberts about comparison with 2017 flu season, ACC: “the love is over, Birx!”, incomprehensible “when you find a positive, 50 percent of the time it will be a real positive and 50 percent of the time it won’t be”, ACC: “this test does not discern between influenza and coronavirus!”
0:15:15Trump offers to defend Surgeon General Jerome Adams from “wise guy question” about mask recommendations; “they left out the good part!” epic fail with video of Andrew Cuomo praising White House; Trump praises Wall Street Journal article by Christopher DeMuth: “it was hard to get it aroused, and it is hard to get it aroused, but we got it aroused”; Washington Post hysterical over Redfield’s warning about “more difficult” flu season
0:24:26CBS on hydroxychloroquine whistleblower Rick Bright, 66,000 a “significant increase” in projected deaths over Trump’s stated 60,000, “more complic… or more difficult” flu/coronavirus combination; CNBC claims bogus VA study proves hydroxychloroquine kills patients; Dr. Drew: “in some cases it really seems to make a difference”, low risk compared to chloroquine; Trump on $6bn spent on PEPFAR President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief as example of reasons WHO is nonessential, “we’re doing some research on certain people that take a lot of credit for what they do” at NIH; irked Trump “pulls a Joe Pesci” on activist CBS reporter Weijia Jiang going on about Bright’s “gifts”; Trump and argumentative Jiang squabble over February timeline: “nice and easy, nice and easy, just relax”, “how many cases were here when I issued the ban … keep your voice down, please”; CBS notes Richmond protestors “linked to conservative groups”; Norah O’Donnell opens with “politics and cronyism” in Bright dismissal
0:45:50CBS predicts “widespread famines of Biblical proportions” prompted by latest Tyson Foods pork plant closing; producer note on possible price gouging scam; Jimmy Kimmel mocks Florida and Georgia residents, “standoff” between Denver protesters and anonymous “angry healthcare worker”, “crazy right-wing talking points” talking point morphing into “stupid Trump supporters” meme, “they wanna die and they’re taking us down with them”
0:55:21The Imagineering Story explores the connection between Bob Iger and Xi Jinping, “the company’s future depended on” Shanghai Disneyland; Mickey Mouse “together!” PSA for children
0:59:29YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki vows to censor vitamin C, turmeric, and “anything that would go against World Health Organization recommendations”; JCD enthuses about Quite Frankly podcast host’s microphone skills; The Red Pill podcast circumlocutions
1:06:432008 video mentions the “Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control”
1:08:55Producer Segment: Andrew Cuomo’s “narc line” dick pics and Nazi memes
1:26:10Changing Silicon Valley SSL certificate requirements break older iOS podcast downloads
1:31:14Laughing Bill Gates projects “biggest hit ever” to GDP, “you don’t have a choice, people act like you have a choice!” iso, JCD compares Gates and John D. Rockefeller
1:39:54Robert Kennedy Jr. addresses vaccine patents and royalties under NIH rules including Fauci’s patents on use of HIV proteins; NIH funding vaccine development by Moderna
1:45:28Michael Moore documentary Planet of the Humans takes aim at biomass and Al Gore, “there are too many human beings using too much too fast”; blathering Biden at Earth Day town hall with Al Gore, ACC: “there are guys … in downtown Austin on the corner who talk like this to themselves”, Gore refers to Secretary General of the US, 9M killed per year by “burning fossil fuel air pollution” according to The Lancet; Biden podcast: Secret Service detail “wonderful, I didn’t mean that”; Dutch Equigy project using “blockchain technology” to supposedly suck power back out of people’s electric vehicles, JCD: “see a lot of cars on the side of the road”
2:09:03Trump jokes with journalist who didn’t know the price of oil, PPP money for oil storage
2:11:17Two confirmed cases of coronavirus in New York house cats; Pelosi “testing testing testing” iso; CBS on Connecticut police using “fever detection” drones
2:14:21Donation Segment: ACC’s great-grandfather’s perfect ball game
2:24:30Nancy Pelosi blows spit bubbles about Putin-Trump blackmail theory at Joe Scarborough, damage control for new revelations about FBI FISA misdeeds; Pelosi defends her February Chinatown invitation to Chris Wallace: “what we were trying to do is end the discrimination”
2:27:57European Union leadership also on the Zoom bandwagon, ACC explains adoption of “frictionless” and easily exploited technology; Ursula von der Leyen apologizes for refusal to come to Italy’s aid, angry Guy Verhofstadt demands “trillion-size” recovery plan
2:37:38Trump unperturbed over launch of Iranian “military satellite” and coronavirus in military, bogus story of Kim Jong-un in a coma a lame attempt to boost oil prices