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1233 W.H.O. Cares (2020-04-12)

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0:00:00ACC: (Dutch accent)Anarchy anarchy anarchy!” (2:03:12)
0:00:33JCD notes people getting “skittish” and calling the police on each other
0:01:09Anthony Fauci asked about his portrayal on latest dismal installment of Saturday Night Live with cringeworthy performance by Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin’s “Skype yodeling” Trump
0:10:56Sunny Hostin informs The View that Trump is killing people by holding press conferences and must be stopped; Fauci now pushing clinical trial candidates instead of vaccine; the truth sneaks out of Trump when he mentions “Gilead’s anti-rival drug Remdesivir”
0:18:01Trump “pulls a Pence” on Yamiche Alcindor after being accused of not having a specific plan to protect African-Americans; Alcindor challenges Surgeon General Jerome Adams over his use of language like “do it for your big mama, do it for your pop-pop”
0:27:02OAN reporter with “too much hair” Chanel Rion asks vs question about China protecting Nicolás Maduro, Trump: “that’s why I don’t sleep a lot”; savvy reporter opens with “$23 a barrel”, Trump explains agreement to back Mexico vs OPEC, ACC: “he should’ve said, I’ll just add it to your wall bill”; “broken record” Fauci explains “data is real, model is hypothesis”; unused CenturyLink Field hospital to be redeployed to another state; hundreds of hospital employees being furloughed; Minnesota Sen. Scott Jensen on payments to big hospitals jacked up from $4,600 to $13,000 by the word “coronavirus”, $39,000 for ventilator deployment; JCD: “New York is corrupt, this is a scam, New York is stealing people’s money!” (JCDPPotD); Dr. Birx impressed with Louisiana for getting 40% of patients off ventilators alive
0:42:51Dr. Drew apologizes for his early take on coronavirus and flu, Fauci “should always be your North Star”, “we are getting lots of threats”, channels Scott Adams with “engaged in a bit of loserthink”; JCD draws parallel with end of 1976 film The Network, Fauci the egomaniac; ACC getting flak on Twitter for asking about viral interference from this year’s flu shot
0:52:04Swedish herd immunity vs Danish lockdown, JCD: “now we have an A-B study!”; producer note: “everything is just fine”, media instantly takes whatever position is opposite Trump’s; Gordon Brown proposing “temporary” world government to fight the pandemic
1:02:21Seth Meyers slips in a Trump “badly botched” meme; Trump to Jim Acosta on leveraging “best testing system in the world” for reopening plan, JCD looking in vain for mention of cost per test; Trump jabs Acosta over fake news: “depending on your air, they always say that because otherwise you’re not gonna put them on”; big pharma shill Scott Gottlieb’s 750,000 tests per week, need for point of care screening, mortality and morbidity caused by lockdown; Trump seemingly not all-in on contact tracing provided by Google and Apple, cognizant of “mental and emotional suffering”; State unemployment infrastructure overwhelmed thanks to meddling Democrats and certain to be blamed on Trump, ACC predicts “skirmishes” and early reopening by states like Texas, JCD predicts mask and social distancing requirements
1:23:01Bill Gates predicts 18-month wait for RNA “vaccine”, “there will be some risk and indemnification” for its victims; Instagram post by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls out Gates’ “strategic philanthropy” and “messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology and a god-like willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans”, catalogue of Gates Foundation atrocities against dark-skinned people
1:28:38Dancing Plague of 1518 mass hysteria and Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn
1:33:40Producer Segment: Disorder Designs No Agenda masks
2:05:33Andrew Cuomo’s 2018 quote torpedoing his chances of ever becoming president: “we’re not gonna make America great again, it was never that great”, placates crowd with attack on “stereotyping of women”; New York Times tweets “we found no pattern of sexual misconduct … beyond hugs, kisses, and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable”; official complaint filed by Tara Reade, Biden immediately teams up with Lady Gaga in “unsafe in your own body” #MeToo PSA
2:15:06White House blog accuses Voice of America of being under China’s thumb; Broadcasting Board of Governors rebranded US Agency for Global Media, JCD: “a quango!”; JCD story: IBM synchronized clock liberated from Voice of America
2:21:09Alarm in South Korea over “reactivation” in victims thought to be recovered; UK still waiting for peak, Boris Johnson incapacitated after three days in ICU; Dutch government to mandate app only if not enough people download it; Ural Cossacks battling the virus with “honey, garlic, and raspberry jam”; Poland allowing unsafe practices at Easter church services; propaganda piece with Wuhan “citizen journalist” boasting “I’m not even scared of death, you think I’m afraid of the Communist Party?”; Xi Jinping’s mistake of declaring himself “Emperor”
2:35:00Refrigerated morgue trucks in New York, Hart Island “mass graves”, questions about University of Washington model, WHO under attack from White House, mass exodus from Wuhan
2:39:35Trump explains why it is “appropriate” to defund “China-centric” WHO; Director Tedros Adhanom issues warning about premature lifting of restrictions; WHO CARES Act
2:44:14Donation Segment
2:55:20Bill Barr to Laura Ingraham on “full-court blitzkrieg” of Chinese industrial espionage, Gates Foundation “digital certificates” as encroachments on civil liberties, “fair and balanced coverage” of hydroxychoroquine before Trump showed interest in it
3:02:20Democracy Now plays Noam Chomsky with “David Letterman beard” ranting and raving about “indescribable disaster” of Trump’s potential re-election including threat of nuclear war