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1232 GuangoCast (2020-04-09)

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0:00:00JCD: “Refried beans, man!” (2:55:08)
0:00:33ACC struggling with long episode numbers, social distancing “six-foot society”
0:01:41ACC: “the data is junk!” with Anthony Fauci & Deborah Birx “fallen through the basket” promoting four iterations of bogus COVID-19 models; Trump to Jim Acosta on “doing much better than those numbers”; Deborah Birx refers to “models of the models” and falling predictions “modeled on what America is doing” lie, scientists impressed with “how amazing Americans are”, lets slip that deaths are inappropriately being attributed to the virus; Christopher Murray’s cough lying tell to Anderson Pooper describing impact of “new data influx”, social distancing extending into first week of June; chuckling Bill Gates: “Dr. Fauci’s doing a very good job!”; Trump refers to “two very smart people” warning him about 2.2 million deaths
0:18:21JCD notes Democrat “too long and not soon enough” meme; Anderson Pooper bitches about “a President determined to rewrite the history of his early and reprehensibly irresponsible response to this virus”, “this is not normal!”; YouTube’s war on dissent against official narrative
0:23:30Trump enthuses about Michigan State Rep. Karen Whitsett’s experience with hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin and zinc; potential Biden running mate Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer reverses ban and requests more supplies; M5M anti-hydroxychloroquine compilation; Trump deflecting questions about it from Fauci; Andrew Cuomo discusses anecdotal evidence with idiot reporter asking about “hydroxychlorine”; CNN shill irked at Peter Navarro for advocating “second opinion” and suggesting medical professionals are using it as a prophylactic
0:36:44Oncologist Zeke Emanuel: “we cannot return to normal until there is a vaccine”, “we need to prepare ourselves for this to last eighteen months or so”; ACC’s seminal report on the big pharma vaccine business model from the early years of No Agenda, irony of Obama-era martial law memes, unproven RNA vaccine for coronavirus; 2015 video celebrating $350M renaming donation to Harvard School of Public Health from T.H. Chan family linked to Chinese Communist Party, ACC on Chinese government control via technology and vaccines
0:49:51CIA’s messages to Obama via hecklers, message to Trump in the person of reporter Youyou Wang of CCP front Phoenix Media who claims the company is “privately owned”, Trump muses “we’ll see whether or not that deal is honored”; Steve Pieczenik of the opinion that Xi Jinping is losing control to Uighur Muslim arm of PLA; ABC’s John Karl responsible for replacing OANN with Phoenix Media shill, salute and finger-gun exchange with Fauci
1:04:00Fauci’s AIDS work and Philadelphia with Tom Hanks, Magic Johnson and Kevin Durant
1:09:04Lady Gaga promotes April 18 Global Citizen “One World: Together at Home” concert sponsored by WHO; Frozen cast promoting “AIDS benefit”; mac & cheese renaissance with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, Kraft Heinz ramping up production; no mention of the importance of nutrition from the hordes of health professionals; JCD’s web form predicting high stress levels for New York Times readers; Politico working directly with South China Morning Post
1:23:08New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy puts out call for “Cobalt” COBOL programmers; Trump’s plan to leave stimulus payments up to Federal Reserve shot down by Democrats; former New York banker reports Wells Fargo holding Paycheck Protection Plan hostage
1:27:10Coronavirus “you have a tiny wiener” robocall and ACC’s occasional call in Chinese
1:28:52Producer Segment
1:56:33Mark Levin “I’ve got no agenda, none!” iso; Trump-hating Adm. Mike Mullen to NewsHour defending Theodore Roosevelt captain Crozier of writing leaked memo even though his boss had an office down the hall, given two scripted openings to slam Trump; ACC on Democrats/media all-in on martial law; Judy Woodruff hounds Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson over his refusal to issue “cower-in-place” order, “we have a lot of hospitals that are empty right now and health care workers that are empty”, chickenshit post-interview “nasty note” graphic
2:14:24European Union issuing vaccination and testing “passports”; finance ministers unable to come up with US-style money printing approach for Italy, Mnuchin vs Varoufakis; ACC proposes Obama-style “lives saved or created” metric
2:20:06ACC tries to emulate ghoulishly upbeat musical intro to The View, control room prompts Whoopi to call New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell “LaTonya”, “everybody stay out of my ear!”, nominates “amazing doctor” Jill Biden PhD for Surgeon General
2:26:02Millennial journalist urges Trump to look into pardon for “Tiger King” Joe Exotic; career-ending move for journalist asking about oil without knowing price; “negative oil” on the way
2:29:52Trump blames internet retailers like Amazon for the demise of the US Postal Service; Trump irked by “quango” quasi non-governmental organization Tennessee Valley Authority
2:33:42Donation Segment
2:46:31Joe Biden loses track of Spanish Flu dates, Secret Service making sure “we’re not communicating any possibility of the disease”, admits how clueless he is with technology
2:49:30Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot theorizes about how coronavirus disproportionately “attacks and feasts on” black victims; Dr. Camara Phyllis Jones blames “structural racism”; JCD notes lack of masks on black Grocery Outlet patrons, ACC interested in low Hispanic numbers
2:55:13Brazil’s Bolsonaro being portrayed as Trump clone; Venezuelan immigrants leaving Colombia; ACC on negative impact of pandemic on nationalism; French government killing off small business; Italy to begin lifting restrictions in early May; Peru & Panama alternating between genders allowed out day by day; Iran trying to fend off second wave of cases
3:06:13Bonehead Joy Behar asserts South Korea “shut down the country completely”, Trump “needs to shut down the whole country”, JCD: “so the left-wing media can condemn him for being a dictator”; Bill “Angel of Death” Gates: “things won’t go back to truly normal until we have a vaccine that we’ve gotten out to basically the entire world”, JCD: “no kissing!