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122 Sebelius Double Speak (2009-08-16)

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0:00:00JCD: “I don’t hang up any more, because you always bitch about it, ra-ra-ra-ra!”
0:00:37Santa Cruz wildfire; ACC in Amsterdam via KLM, Virgin upper class £7k round trip, “eerie” slave ship seating, KLM Delft canal houses; ACC’s Cessna 182 arrives in California with Tony the ferry pilot, 550 crossings, four hours at 16k feet with no oxygen; EU cash infusion for Airbus, ACC: “I wouldn’t be flying Airbus if I were you”; ACC on “green” airplanes off assembly line, exchange of money and keys for transfer
0:16:03A producer in every profession except grantsmanship, Bradley Foundation; ACC recommends The Informant book by Kurt Eichenwald on Arthur Daniels Midland price fixing, “of course this is a fine Chicago company”
0:19:15ACC meets Mimi at dinner at Absinthe, ACC: “she said, I had no idea John is such an asshole to other people, I thought it only me”, good Absinthe appetizers, bland escargot; Noodle Theory; ADM lysine fermentation
0:26:24Dutch royal family lawsuit against AP for making photos available, ACC: “welcome to celebrityhood, dude!”, proposed €25k fine per day, Prince Pils: “it causes unacceptable pressure on our children”, Máxima the hot Argentinian
0:29:13Tomato blight in Northeast, resistant strain from Cornell, GMO fungus theory; Ug99 wheat stem rust revisited; Monsanto to jack up prices 42%, Roundup Ready version 2; ACC’s ill-advised Big Mac meal; potential UK food price increases due to worldwide GMO production
0:39:21Spiriva ad makes it to 30-second mark before trotting out side effects, “trouble passing urine”; Viagra spinoff “the larger thing, I didn’t mind that”; Campbell’s Soup busted for bowl of marbles; industry warns Obama administration about potential sugar shortage, JCD on HFCS unsuitability for chocolate; JCD on truth in advertising in burger images, ACC’s burger examination, “it was like porn for my stomach”
0:47:40France & Germany accountant their way out of recession; enormous amount of physical currency in system, hyperinflation danger, 1849 gold spike; ACC on “deserted island” next show
0:52:07And Now Back to real News: Today Show Kate Gosselin interview, old “rot your brain” meme, C-SPAN entertainment value; homeless former New York Times reporter: “y’know, I was normal for thirty-five years and then I got bored”
0:58:18Los Angeles standoff with Israeli microbiologist Joseph Moshe, threat to blow up White House, Remote Area Medical clinic survey; leaked Guillain-Barré warning letter for neurologists; tanks and robots to get Moshe, out of control tasering; history of testing chemicals on public and military, high military suicide rate
1:07:48Donation Segment: weird Napoleonic era Dutch surnames
1:14:41Hoping to send a producer spy to upcoming international swine flu conference in Washington D.C., $2785 admission, “mass fatality management planning” and “continuity of government” breakout sessions, JCD: “we need the binder”