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1228 Stunning (2020-03-26)

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0:00:00JCD: “Choke on the toilet paper. Douchebag.” (1:49:33)
0:00:36Dvorak’s Law ad from sexy-voiced Dame Jennifer
0:02:58Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act originating with Senate and delayed by Pelosi with copy-pasted in Green New Deal material; Bernie Sanders “oh my God, the universe is collapsing!” rant in response to Lindsey Graham’s objection to unemployment payments being greater than salaries, immortal “tax breaks for billionaires” lie; small business payroll loans, Jared Kushner specifically exempted, Pelosi takes a victory lap on NPR
0:19:01Latest media obsession with ventilators ignoring question of who is going to operate them; Prof. Michael Osterholm’s bogus “ten to fifteen times worse” fearmongering revisited; JCD calls for C-SPAN video of computer modeling expert warning audience not to trust them
0:27:21Dr. Deborah Birx clarifies infection rate as applying also to 2021 and 2021-2022 cycles; misogynistic profile from Washington Post fashion editor; ACC refutes DH Unplugged version of his April 6 prediction; Trump pushes timeline to Easter with Fox News, Austin adds a day just to be spiteful; JCD: “this is it!” with outbreak on the 80-year cycle; FEMA director: National Guard mission to “attack the health and safety… or protect the health and safety of the American people”; Andrea Mitchell appalled at Trump’s approval rating “skyrocketing” among Democrats, buzzkill Obama stooge Jim Messina: “you and I share a healthy skepticism on public polling”; Yamiche Alcindor “fact checks” Trump’s US vs South Korea comparison
0:41:54Needling from Judy Woodruff over disappearance of CIA contractor Robert Levinson in Iran: “President Trump said this evening that no one has told him that Levinson is dead”; Chris Cuomo: “not seeing Dr. Anthony Fauci on stage today worried me, and it should worry you”, “Fauci must be kept bigger than the politics of Trump!” (CotD); Fauci to WMAL on media trying to undermine his relationship with Trump: “I would wish that that would stop”; Al Sharpton admits that Trump responded to his plea for the homeless and imprisoned
0:49:56Wuhan scheduled to reopen on April 8, asymptomatic infections omitted from official count; January arrests of Harvard and Boston professors covertly working for China revisited; Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf gloats about his state’s social distancing score based on cell phone tracking, ACC predicts Giant Voice System on helicopters; Dr. Oz raves about South Korean “digital vaccine”, ACC: “great beta test … for Universal Basic Income”
1:01:44Trump in agreement with former New York banker: “they call it the V”
1:02:46Awaiting the gospel of coronavirus survivor Greta Thunberg; CNN impressed with blue skies over Wuhan and 25% reduction in CO2 emissions; ACC predicts social distancing for global warming using Slack; endless “Trump wants to kill you” tweets
1:10:05Nicolle Wallace “stunning!” compilation; ACC on the lookout for “back to work” memes; 150-person occupancy limit at Whole Foods; Robert De Niro and Danny DeVito parroting Cuomo’s “stay home” message; Hollywood douchebags blissfully unaware of the world changing; JCD pans Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker, ACC all-in on Tiger King reality show, Netflix and YouTube reducing quality to circumvent net neutrality, JCD’s new YouTube TV subscription
1:27:46Producer Segment
1:53:56Coronavirus-inspired health reforms promised in France, temporary morgues in Spain, Wuhan on lockdown for two more weeks, Prince Charles self-isolating; Boris Johnson threatens scofflaws with fines and police, “we will immediately close all shops selling nonessential goods”; India trying to avoid “tidal wave” of cases, senior Nigerian politicians self-isolating, billionaire Alibaba founder Jack Ma handing out test kits and protective equipment, single death in Zimbabwe, panic-buying in South Africa, “sax-OPH-onist” Manu Dibango dead in Cameroon, 40 cases in Congo; euro and dollar lurching toward parity; Gold Reserve Act of 1934 referenced in CARES Act; Russia-Saudi Arabia oil war worthy of being top headline but for Wuhan Flu
2:13:52Buzzkill Jr. warns about cardiovascular side effects of “Trump cure” chloroquine; Trump “I feel good about it!” in response to press conference badgering; Fauci’s potential conflicts of interest due to close association with Gates Foundation and Gilead Sciences; CNN reports death of Arizona man after taking a form of chloroquine without mentioning it was aquarium cleaner, report on three similar deaths in Nigeria without evidence; actor Daniel Dae Kim: hydroxychloroquine a “secret weapon” in his recovery; Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer warns about the danger of vaping because “I’ve talked to more than one physician” but says nothing about smoking; Surgeon General Jerome Adams cites vaping rates in US and Italy; JCD noticing wave of slick Bloomberg-funded anti-vaping ads
2:23:29Six-Week Cycle: FBI agents shoot and kill “domestic terrorist” Timothy Wilson entrapped in Missouri hospital bombing plot, fake neighbor notes FBI trucks “baggin’ and taggin’ evidence”; JCD on Dick Wolf dramas now portraying FBI as the competent authority
2:28:37Joe Biden: “we have to take care of the cure, that will make the problem worse no matter what”; “we hold these truths, etcetera, it sounds corny but it’s real”; former Biden staffer Tara Reade describes 1993 “c’mon man, I heard you liked me” sexual assault
2:36:21Donation Segment: No Agenda Social click farm for Animated No Agenda
2:53:04End-of-show iso roundup, “lockdown!” jingle; “piss-poor” report from PBS on “Shiite rebels” in Yemen; Chadian army gets its butt kicked by Boko Haram; Mike Pompeo squabbling with Beijing over who is responsible for epidemic; another attempt to shut down Dakota Access Pipeline; Turkey indicts 20 Saudis for murder of Jamal Khashoggi, JCD: “read read read, Trump sucks!”; ACC tired of getting e-mails about disappearing Wuhan cell phones