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1227 Boozing and Beefing (2020-03-22)

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0:00:00JCD: (falsetto)Nightmare!” (1:59:26)
0:00:36ACC’s niece diagnosed with “pukin’” Wuhan flu, Chinese media add conjunctivitis as symptom
0:02:43Andrew & Chris Cuomo trade barbs at end of interview: “no matter how hard you’re working, there’s always time to call mom”, “I don’t believe in rules” iso; Trump on recently-passed “right to try” law for pharmaceuticals still in clinical trials vs new rules for hydroxychloroquine antimalarial drug; oncologist Dr. William Grace on suppressing the immune “cytokine storm” response, experimental data coming from East Asia and France; Trump: “I think it could be a game changer and maybe not”; Dr. Anthony Fauci: “the answer is no” to chloroquine prophylaxis; Fauci overturns M5M interpretation to Fox News: “I’m not dismissing it at all”
0:19:35Fauci yelled at over IFB for mentioning China during interview with Mark Zuckerberg, cites antiviral Remdesivir and “a lot of buzz on the internet” chloroquine; PBS on Trump’s invocation of Defense Production Act and “factually wrong” symptom list, Fauci’s “the answer is no” taken out of context; media refusing to report on Chinese mask stockpile
0:36:34Joy Reid lies about Trump ignoring coronavirus warnings from “his own intelligence community”, Senate Intelligence Committee only warning “rich donors”, older Trump voters “in states that don’t have healthcare” bound to die in droves; Republicans for the Rule of Law timeline video; South Korean Foreign Minister attributes low mortality rate to aggressive testing; producer note on his lab’s positive rate at less than 0.1%; South Korea’s intrusive surveillance “faithful to the values of our very vibrant democracy”; “turn on your Bluetooth!” ad for TraceTogether tracking app from Singapore; ACC predicts global warming “stay at home days”; Google Drive blocks ACC’s access to chloroquine document as ToS violation
1:00:14Dr. Fauci diplomatically responds to “what went wrong” badgering from Judy Woodruff, PBS “warning signs, the critical days ahead!” teaser; work by CDC and NIH on 2011 Contagion film; JCD on Democrat panic over prospect of losing black vote
1:07:08San Diego Asian Film Festival founder Lee Ann Kim gripes about “Chinese virus”; ACC notes that the most woke cities are paralyzed with fear of cancellation; idiotic “Chinese food” scripted question from One America News to Trump, “Chinese Communist Party narrative”; Bannon’s War Room podcast on normalization of Chinese propaganda, New York Times running China Daily insert on Wednesdays; echoing Melania Trump sounding “like Zsa Zsa Gábor in her mansion”; “it’s very scary” iso
1:27:13Producer Segment
2:10:25“If the Wuhan Flu doesn’t kill you…” jingle; note from Bay Area cop producer on “holding pattern” when dealing with homeless and lack of guidance on enforcing lockdown orders, likelihood of married couples “boozing and beefing” their way to trouble, Mimi’s record-breaking drive to airport; Baltimore Mayor Jack Young scolds gang members for depriving “COVA virus” victims of hospital beds; JMD noting unusually happy people walking around, ACC noticing more or less the opposite, Texas allowing home delivery of alcohol
2:19:16Trump holding up $2T bailout over stock buyback restrictions, JCD: oil price war “last straw” in market crash, former New York banker all-in on Silicon Valley leading V recovery; Jim Cramer on prospect of Amazon, Walmart, and Costco as the only surviving retailers; Trump alluding to buying opportunities; JCD’s upcoming “remote work myth” Newsletter essay
2:29:55Second Half of Show: Trump jokes about “Deep State Department”; ACC debunks conspiracy theory based on Pompeo citing “live exercise” and Trump muttering “should’ve let us know”; QAnon theories about Trump pedophile purge and Hollywood adrenochrome booby-trap
2:35:59And Now Back to Real News: Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, and Kevin Durant sacrificial lamb diagnoses, Jimmy Fallon and Hari Sreenivasan broadcasting from their basement bunkers; freaked out nurse gripes to poorly-miked Sreenivasan about supply shortages, “we’re just at the beginning of that steep incline!”, ACC “corona boner”, “scud stud” Arthur Kent
2:49:04Sen. Richard Burr and others under investigation for possible STOCK Act violations; a nervous David Brooks enthuses about “virtual cocktail parties”; clueless Mark Shields gripes about congressional stock sales: “it is blood money and has to be pursued and prosecuted”; M5M emulating “that guy usually played by Woody Harrelson” in disaster movies; David Brooks chokes up describing scenario wherein “everything is surrendered to the common good”
3:00:39“That’s a great question” for Sanjay Gupta from psychologist Dr. Gretchen Schmelzer
3:02:02Donation Segment
3:15:57Michael Bloomberg donates record-breaking $18M to reward DNC for screwing over Bernie Sanders; Michael Flynn lawyer Sidney Powell mentions 675,000 Clinton e-mails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop seized by NYPD officers sickened by QAnon “Frazzledrip” snuff video
3:20:31NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine misreads ambiguous statement on teleprompter: “when we go to the Moon for the first time it will be international in nature”