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1226 Bat’s True (2020-03-19)

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0:00:00JCD: “Beep beep beep beep beep! Get out of the graveyard, Curry!” (1:08:55)
0:00:40JCD “get off the street, slave!” for California house arrestees
0:01:05Silicon Valley companies joining forces to censor coronavirus “misinformation” and spew propaganda, warnings about AI content police run amok; YouTube demonetization keyword list
0:04:53National Science Review paper “On the origin and continuing evolution of SARS-CoV-2” discussing two strains: the more lethal “L” in Wuhan and more infectious “S”, ACC Wuhan spraying and Florida chemtrails theory; ACC’s hundreds of producer messages about December mystery non-flu; Dr. Deborah Birx: “models are models”, “I’ve dealt with a lot of modelers in my time, they’re wonderful people…”, ACC: “dickheads”; Johns Hopkins “pew pew” map; Birx: “we will see the number of people diagnosed dramatically increase over the next four to five days” due to rapid increase in testing throughput clearing backlog, accuses media of contributing to panic; media lying about Trump defunding CDC, lack of capacity for testing entire US population, Trump responds to question about celebrities getting tested: “that does happen on occasion”, “this was an obsolete system”; Public Health Service’s Adm. Brett Giroir debunks Biden’s lie that Trump White House refused WHO tests
0:24:36ACC irked at state lockdowns primarily affecting those who will be relatively unaffected; Bay Area hikers required to maintain six feet of separation; JCD: “you’re not getting a check”, no dead celebrities; Surgeon General Jerome Adams notes his teen sons only care about Kevin Durant’s diagnosis; ACC: “China is a bad actor!” with terrifying TikTok videos, Today Show February 6 native ad for TikTok “taking social media by storm”; compilation of M5M using the term “Wuhan coronavirus” in February, JCD: “all of a sudden they got a phone call from their masters in Beijing”; Trump trolls Yamiche Alcindor when questioned about “kung flu”
0:38:38France 24 muses that “at the end of the day” coronavirus plague may be beneficial by reducing greenhouse gases; journalist Sonia Shah explains to Democracy Now how global warming is “scrambling our migration patterns”; David Quammen on bats serving as reservoir for SARS and others, “one in every four species of mammal on earth is a bat”; Sam Harris’ Making Sense podcast: “there are problems we have that are global in scale for which there really is only a global solution”, “just imagine if this were climate change, right?”; panic in Joe Rogan fans after appearance by epidemiologist Michael Osterholm; Trump scoffs at question about suspending tariffs on China; CISA/NCC “emergency communications sustainment” letters
0:50:29Demented NBC reporter: “we are those essential workers”; PBS NewsHour’s Nick Schifrin blabs: US-China relations worsening as “the world is faking an… facing an economic and medical crisis”; ACC doubles down on April 6 prediction, JCD story: garage sale CERT hard hat, empty threats from Alameda County Sheriff; Austin homeless MIA; JCD’s Grocery Outlet excursion, ACC contrasts HEB with “disaster” Whole Foods suffering under JIT system
1:02:26Modern monetary theory kicks in with $1T in stimulus, former New York banker looking at Silicon Valley banking technocracy; Chinese Alipay app color-coding and tracking its users; San Miguel County Colorado on lockdown as it prepares to administer blood tests from Chinese front United Biomedical; Trump announces self-test as alternative to “not very nice” swab
1:11:57Agenda 21 killing small business; The Simpsons House Cat Flu; NAS Jitsi meetups
1:17:21Washington Post fake conservative Nancy Pelosi clone Michelle Rubin gloats with Joy Reid over prediction that coronavirus will kill more Republicans than Democrats; Tucker Carlson trots out shady Gregory Rigano to promote malaria drug chloroquine used by Buzzkill Jr.
1:26:20Shameless ad for Open Care Senior Plan funeral insurance; Good Morning America native ad for WHO/Global Citizen “Together at Home” concert with Coldplay’s Chris Martin; Baltimore mayor asking gangs to stop shooting each other to keep hospital beds open
1:32:59Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam cancelled, JCD: “nnooooo!!
1:34:17Harvard-Wuhan lab revolving door, 2019 CISM Military World Games conspiracy theory, JCD booby trap theory revisited, August biosafety event at Ft. Detrick; Trump predicts victory “even faster than we thought”, record eight weeks to human trials of CRISPR “vaccine”
1:45:10Producer Segment: hate for “Boomer Remover” artwork
2:10:08JCD’s defective Gross Out coffee; “two strains” as potential sole amygdala-shrinking meme; Netherlands still trying for herd immunity, Italian casualties’ average age of 81; EU finally waking up to the fact that net neutrality laws are a health liability
2:15:2760 Minutes report on the 1976 swine flu vaccine fiasco kicked off by single death at Ft. Dix, former CDC head David Sencer admits “several reported but none confirmed”; The No Agenda Swine Flu Minute revisited
2:23:34Hillary Clinton lies to Fareed Zakaria about SARS timeline and Trump’s alleged CDC cuts, hypocritical “I don’t think it’s a time to point fingers”; WTF moment as CNN’s Dana Bash applauds Trump’s demeanor amidst the crisis; FEMA boots on the ground under Stafford Act
2:30:27Mke Pence on closing of Canadian border, FEMA mandate to “support disasters that are locally executed, state managed, and federally supported”; ACC story: FEMA black boxes at Digex alongside in 1992; NCIS: Los Angeles “you can never trust a hippie” and Bernie “China’s terrible awful, nothing ever good, rufruhruhrah” isos
2:36:20Donation Segment: supermarket and picnic meetups
2:51:34Bernie “go to the YouTube right now” Sanders and Joe “look, here’s the deal!” Biden bicker about Social Security cuts at CNN-Univision Democrat debate, ACC: “this is literally two guys in the park yelling over checkers!”, “it looked like two losers beyond their sell-by date”
2:59:37Cenk Uygur’s ominous “tick tock” ad, ACC: “he wants to be the Alex Jones of the good guys”