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1223 Ogamacare (2020-03-08)

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0:00:00ACC: “Orange man kill babies!” (0:34:16)
0:00:37JCD: “shaved heads and fists in the air!” for International Women’s Day; New York banker’s “V recovery”; Trump “refinance the debt” meme resurfaces; Soros coronavirus conspiracy theories; JCD questions Silicon Valley CEOs favoring remote work, Fletcher “coronaaa!
0:10:51Austin cancels SxSW immediately following enactment of $8.3bn Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act; tequila-swilling mayor’s “go to the bars!” video; NPR dingbat on Trump’s initial request for $1.25bn; $2.2bn for H&HS to “carry out surveillance”; State Department “foreign operations and related programs” CIA black budget, new term “SARS-CoV-2” spawning conspiracy theories, ACC predicts end of crisis in 30 days
0:28:42Assistant Secretary for Health Brett Giroir “caveats” estimated mortality rate between 0.1-1.0%; smug Princeton Prof. Eddie Glaude draws comparison with Hurricane Katrina “right?”, Nicolle Wallace: “let’s just lean into that for a minute!”; producer note on nationwide toilet paper shortage, Tissue World trade show; Jack Dorsey rethinking move to Africa advocated by his “swami”; 11M on lockdown in Lombardy; $1bn appropriation for US activities overseas
0:41:18ACC in process of watching slick Hulu Hillary documentary; PBS’ Hari Sreenivasan on rollout of 1M coronavirus test kits, Andrew Cuomo seeking to get victims “out out of circulation”
0:46:58Hillary “look!” to Jimmy Fallon on Biden herself as perfect vehicle to “retire the incumbent”, blatantly lies about Russian interference, “you can pay to put lies on Facebook”, ACC: “is there a portal?”, “we know … that Iran tried to mess with the primary”; elaborate “I’m not even thinking about that” lie about Biden-Clinton ticket; elusive clip of Klobuchar “join the tick… join the Joe Biden… kidding” gaffe; UAW head Gary Jones indicted just prior to Michigan primary over misuse of funds for golf and “horseback riding on the beach” (CotD)
1:03:43David Brooks perplexed by “spontaneous move” to get behind Biden, “advertising, especially in a high-profile campaign, just does not work”, no mention of Russian $110,000, Koch Brothers, or Citizens United; New York Times’ Mara Gaye and Brian Williams agree on MSNBC with tweet asserting that Michael Bloomberg should have given every American $1,000
1:13:09Producer Segment: No Agenda Shop keiretsu; JCD’s “discovery” of Erica Hill
1:48:19Joe Biden “Gaffe Mania”: “we can only re-elect Donald Trump” taken out of context; “thanks, Chuck” train wreck with Chris Wallace; drunk or not drunk “O’Biden… Obama Democrat” and “building on Ogamacare”; 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act
1:56:55Rundown of candidates from parties no one has heard of, Vermin Supreme “you should let me run your life” pitch; 2016 video of Cenk Uygur throwing “where’s the plane?” temper tantrum
2:03:51Vape Wars: GWU Prof. John Banzhaf propagates bogus research to HLN that “thirdhand smoke” residue on clothing is somehow “more toxic” than secondhand smoke
2:15:18Democracy Now gripes about “two older white men” being promoted by M5M in Democrat race, Elizabeth Warren’s refusal to endorse Bernie; ACC notes Warren’s latent hotness factor after Saturday Night Live appearance; hypocrite Kamala Harris endorsing Biden
2:22:26Donation Segment
2:41:09Saudi Arabia and Russia locked in oil price war; Saudi princes arrested for plotting coup
2:45:21Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez promotes 2020 Census participation with guffawing Seth Meyers, new dog Deco’s photo shoot as chair of House Rules Committee
2:50:15Greek police fire tear gas at Syrian migrants at border; “Nexit” and pegging guilder to euro
2:52:47PBS philanthropist Rosalind P. “Rosie the Riveter” Walter dead at 95