Call Clooney!

1222 Booby-Trap (2020-03-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “Don’t kiss!” (0:31:13)
0:00:33ACC reflects on his Joe Rogan Experience appearance, listener theories on somatic experiencing vs Tourette syndrome, “host read spot” spam from Audioboom, thumbs-up from JMD
0:10:35ACC takes note of TSA zika warning signs; Congo ebola outbreak nearing an end; Gucci face mask on LA flight, mask hoarders assured they only work for doctors; no mention of 19 killed by Tennessee tornadoes; ABC on coronavirus in LA & New York; Democracy Now: “far deadlier” than flu; Anderson Pooper doesn’t bother to correct “death toll climbing to 105”; Harvard expert Marc Lipsitch predicts “millions of people dying” with JCD boi-oi-oing sound effect; James Bond film delayed; Ray Wang predicts end of “media-induced panic” by May
0:28:08Two coronavirus strains in China; not-so-woke Margaret Brennan grills Alex Azar about victim’s gender, no kissing in France, new “whistleblower” complaint about untested public health workers, Brennan tries to blame Trump for West Coast cases, Azar tiptoes around Lipitor or Viagra supply issue; Trump underscores importance of restoring domestic manufacturing; JCD on possible “booby-trap” in stolen bioweapon, SNL “black people can’t get the coronavirus!”
0:42:14No PATRIOT Act activity yet; WHO warns about using cash and promotes SJW terminology; C-SPAN caller accuses China of hiding virus in bubble wrap; $1,300 stimulus payments in Hong Kong, mass surveillance in Taiwan; Andy Brenner calls for mythical Plunge Protection Team
0:53:32Ali Velshi explains “print more money” Modern Monetary Theory to MSNBC; JCD on Anonymous Gay Accountant’s billionaire clients irked at getting none of Trump’s tax cuts
0:59:06ACC avoiding hot tubs and light aircraft after unraveling vape wars scam for Joe Rogan
1:00:30Producer Segment
1:30:50Brit Hume’s “Sexy Vixen Vinyl” browser tab; Laura Basset piling on with GQ article “Like Warren, I Had My Own Sexist Run-In with Chris Matthews”, “Bill Cosby pill” hot mic comment, “afraid to name him” cop-out; Matthews’ on-air resignation with carefully-written sarcasm “better standards than we grew up with, fair standards”; possible new host Joy Reid
1:45:57Super Tuesday “poll pads” in Austin, presidential results tallied in secret; Greg Palast on CA No Party Preference vs “crossover” ballots, JCD: “lies!”; Putin’s $110k vs Bloomberg’s $600M
1:57:15Bloomberg’s boring three minutes on CBS & NBC; Michael Moore pisses off South Carolina; JCD’s winning Biden prediction, Austin mayor an adoring fan in Dallas; Klobuchar, Bloomberg, Buttigieg drop out at behest of Obama & Clinton; Biden appoints Beto gun Czar; Hillary: “is it because they’re already part of an establishment, no”, ACC & JCD: “yeah!
2:10:10Biden’s “1920 or 2020” gaffe, “only affordable” healthcare promise, wife-sister swap, “you know the thing” Declaration of Independence botch; ABC hints at race-rigging; CBS on Bernie’s narrow appeal; irate Cenk Uygur: “you wanna go to war, we’ll go to war!” (CotD); Obama lauds Cuban literacy at 2016 town hall; Biden’s 1987 barrage of lies about his academic credentials; JCD on money for “down-ballot” candidates; Donna Brazile accuses RNC chair Ronna McDaniel of using “Russian talking points to sow division”, “go to Hell!” iso; Trump “it’s got the world aflutter!” iso, “wow, good job!” from Don’t Walk, Run! YouTuber
2:32:20Donation Segment: producer involvement in ACC’s JRE appearance
2:48:18FBI entrapment in college admissions scandal; Amy Goodman blames Trump for deaths of Iranian protestors, White House personnel John McEntee fired in 2018 for “financial crimes”
2:53:44Judicial Watch announces deposition from Hillary in Benghazi FOIA case
2:55:11Democracy Now on Sen. Ed Markey looking into Clearview AI’s facial recognition database