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1221 Biden Reset (2020-03-01)

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0:00:00ACC: “Just tell me what’s happenin’ with your banana!” (1:02:00)
0:00:34Joe Biden’s South Carolina comeback potentially due to cross-ballot GOP voters; Kurt Vonnegut “unstuck in time” moments including “nominating the first African-American woman to the United States Senate” and endorsement of Jaime Harrison “the next president of the Unit… next senator”; “China doesn’t have enough water, W-A-T-E-R”, confuses Taiwan and Thailand (BCotD); CBSN delighted with “Biden reset”; 93 of 95 superdelegates assure New York Times they will vote against Bernie; M5M “Bernie made this mess for himself” compilation
0:15:26Lurie D. Favors rants furiously at Karen Hunter about Bloomberg’s racist policies and then admits “yes, I will have to vote for him”; Bloomberg’s prominent four-inch lift shoes; “Sen. Sanders could go to the KGB Bar” shtick, JCD: “here we have an unfunny Jew”
0:24:03Obama cease-and-desist for anti-Biden Republican PAC “plantation politics” ad; Steve Bannon to Maria Bartiromo: still a possibility of Hillary or Michelle Obama entering race; Podcast Girl jingle for Hillary’s new podcast; fake Republican David Brooks tells dubious story about informal polling in Compton and Watts, overuse of the term “swoop”, appeals to Obama & Clinton to save party from Bernie, potential downside for Trump from coronavirus
0:36:11Unhinged Bill Maher argues with Buck Sexton about Trump’s coronavirus response; Mark Shields on Biden’s single padlocked-shut office in California; clueless Malcolm Nance to obnoxious CFR Why It Matters podcast on Russia using “information cruise missiles” to interfere with elections, uptalking host Gabrielle Sierra: “well, that’s bleak and scary”
0:49:16Iain Duncan Smith identifies “panic” in EU over UK’s potential post-Brexit competitiveness; French protestors set fire to Gare de Lyon station; Turkey reopens refugee floodgates to Europe
1:00:41Radiolab-style overproduced BBC piece on the coming demise of the cavendish banana, JCD: “high amateur”; producer note on nightmares caused by 1.3x listening
1:08:13Producer Segment: Sir John Vogel’s film The Trouble; Oakland meetup “sucker baby”
2:13:15Wuhan Flu: New England Journal of Medicine article by Anthony Fauci compares fatality rate to seasonal flu; Sanjay Gupta on flawed surveillance: “we may be missing people”; Gupta struggles to interpret Trump’s “the flu is much higher than that” comment; CBS and MSNBC try to figure out gender of Washington victim; Dr. Drew Pinsky: “we’re not overreacting, the press is overreacting and it makes me furious!”, “the press needs to shut up”; Tim Cook to CNBC: “no long-term difference” in spite of market chaos, “we are a buyer”; CBS blasts Trump for “hoax” meme; Qatari MERS report from 2012
2:36:21Fauci assures press conference attendees that he is not being “muzzled” by the administration, ACC predicts “sold out” meme for Fauci; hysterical Fox News on impact on pets, ACC: “I like it when she’s not trying to alarm me by shouting!”; CNN whines about “lack of diversity” on Trump’s panel of experts, ACC predicts PATRIOT Act reauthorization in $8bn funding bill
2:44:52Locust plague in East Africa exacerbated by pesticide shortages, ACC: “where’s Bill Gates?”, ten Biblical plagues; Afghanistan peace agreement signed, ACC: “I think it’s a drug deal”
2:53:42Donation Segment
3:08:56Steven Spielberg steps down from Indiana Jones 5; protests at César Awards over Roman Polanski’s best director award; Spielberg child actors and Bob Iger’s abrupt resignation
3:11:20SpaceX Starship SN1 rocket explodes near Brownsville; “Trader” Joe Coulombe dead at 89
3:13:07Chinese gold medal swimmer Sun Yang banned over doping; 15% of Reddit owned by Chinese
3:15:25Rep. John Ratcliffe again nominated to be Director of National Intelligence