Call Clooney!

1220 Sloganeers (2020-02-27)

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0:00:00ACC & JCD: “He’s anti-science!” (0:16:01)
0:00:34ACC captures live stream audio for an hour and a half before the show
0:02:27CNN walks back NYT story about Russia meddling in 2020 election; official Shelby Pierson to NPR in January: “even Americans might be looking to undermine confidence in the elections”
0:09:00Kung Flu: infrared thermometers and barcode readers, San Francisco state of emergency based on zero cases, $3,000 tests not covered by insurance; New York Times mocks Trump’s “wash your hands” strategy and then recommends its readers wash their hands; CDC official on current level of preparedness; WHO “public health emergency of international concern” vs pandemic, Director General Tedros Adhanom’s January meeting with Xi Jinping, wide-open Addis Ababa airport, as-yet untriggered $500M Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility bond
0:25:55Report from ACC’s sister Willow Curry on coronavirus anti-Chinese discrimination and panic in Italy; viral video of Iranian deputy health minister showing symptoms; Steven Mosher to Tucker Carlson: virus may have escaped Wuhan lab because researchers “take the bats and the rats and the snakes … to the local fresh meat market”; “financial reset” theories from Andrew Horowitz & Max Keiser, Micron Technology expanding due to Trump tax cuts
0:38:27International Olympic Committee “longest standing member” Dick Pound warning about cancellation of Tokyo Olympics; capricious EU health ministers decide not to increase border security; clueless Larry Kudlow confuses Gilead’s Remdesivir with a vaccine
0:47:58ABC News suspends “socialist” reporter David Wright over comments to Project Veritas; possible #MeToo and Disney+ flop theories for Bob Iger resignation; Time editor-at-large Anand Giridharadas compares gender with democracy and socialism, “right?”, “let’s end this ridiculous binary and have some understanding of economic fluidity”
0:57:01Producer Segment: Texas “welcome home, doofus” myth; Jimmy Kimmel’s 12 minutes of ads
1:28:00JCD’s “most annoying clip I’ve ever produced” of Democrat debate pandemonium; globalist Tom Steyer, Warren attacks Michael “duck lips” Bloomberg, “kill it!” and Bernie “how many hours do you have?” isos; Bloomberg “I bough… I, I got them” flub, Scott Adams on possibility of Bloomberg cutting off money hose to confound Bernie; Klobuchar’s “pretty good one”
1:44:30Joe Biden’s “not a joke” for black woman on Supreme Court, venue packed with well-heeled supporters, gaffe collection including “150 million people” killed with guns since 2007; post-debate “Freudian slip” confusing trillions with billions; “Democratic candidate for the United States Senate”, Paris Climate Accord work with “Deng Xiaoping”; “here’s the deal, look!”
1:57:40“Look!” runner-up “White Powder Pete” Buttigieg; side-by-side video with Obama talking points; “if there was a pill that I could take and not be gay any more, I woulda jumped on it” (CotD); stupid debate lines including Warren’s “I talk to people in selfie lines every day!”
2:07:51Drunk or not drunk Chris Matthews on Putin’s “scurrilous effort”; Matthews apologizes for comparing Bernie to 1940 France; Bernie the “sloganeer”; dismal stories about NHS
2:17:38Bloomberg senior advisor Tim O’Brien on “loony side of Bernie” like rape fantasies, ACC: “let’s touch each other’s genitals, we’re socialists!”; Mike Pence compares Democrat candidates to demolition derby; “inclusive” Village People tell the truth about Trump’s use of their songs
2:25:36Donation Segment
2:41:32EU farmers just getting by, nut industry’s war on milk; Emmanuel Macron vows to protect Mont Blanc from “extinction-level event for the skiing industry”; “irrational” world markets
2:49:36Five months in prison for Hot Pockets heiress Michelle Janavs; Wells Fargo fined $3bn