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121 The Vivek Kundra “Hollow” Deck (2009-08-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “A lot of dynamic data will be posted there, and you’ll see a more powerful website on Drupal soon!” (0:50:29)
0:00:41Meteor showers MIA
0:01:49JCD’s blog post on Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra; to FCC broadband panel: “we’re making decisions from a public policy perspective based on real-time feedback that we’re getting from the public itself”,, “you can pull up an application and you can see what the closest Metro station is near you”, “crime near where you’re standing”, JCD: “look out, there’s some crime right there!”, idiotically laughing panel, “national grid around information”; Smartronix redactions; Kundra’s six-year psychology degree and elusive master’s degree, misleading Creostar single employee “CEO”, JCD: “it’s no different than the banks saying, well, free lifetime checking
0:12:26ACC on CTO job morphing into CIO, translation of technology into marketing-speak; DC offices raided by FBI; “oversight of federal technology spending” responsibility, medical technology background, Greater Washington Initiative club; Kundra on IT expenditures: “we built a dashboard”; USPTO program with “close to 50% of employees are actually tele-working”, “fourteen thousand tons of carbon emissions”, GAO vacating building after 9/11 anthrax attack; 9/11 job interview and laying fiber; FBI arrests of DC Chief Security Officer Yusuf Acar and Advanced Integrated Technologies Corporation’s Sushil Bansal
0:31:36Kundra’s 1997 shoplifting “youthful indiscretion”; dead Twitter feed; Yusuf Acar and “fake birth certificates”; Kundra on “human-computer interface”, JCD mouse meme, Second Life non-sequitur, “imagine a universe where you have the Star Trek holodeck, where you could literally ask the computer to act or ask questions and get answers”, “the underlying architecture and the platform, it’s almost a chicken and egg question” buzzword-fest, “skip logic”, “binary or COBOL ways of interacting”
0:45:03Smartronix head from Pakistan, Drupal controversy; €300k for German Parliament website; Smartronix 2000-2008 $201M from federal government
0:51:15“Dear friend” message from David Axelrod, “the return of the viral e-mail” video, “individuals, not the government, will be in charge of their bank accounts, just like they are today”, “prevents a scheduled 21% cut in the Medicare physician fee schedule”, JCD on “transparency” and Microsoft’s overuse of “innovation”, John C. Dvorak’s Pet Peeve of the Day jingle, “Question Authority” bumper stickers, Tim O’Reilly verified on Twitter (JCDPPotD)
1:03:04New owl crop circle near Wiltshire, JCD: “owls from the bowels!
1:04:22And Now Back to Real News: Palm Pre sending customer data including GPS to home base; ACC’s plane en route to Oakland hangar, the search for Galt’s Gulch, JCD never read Atlas Shrugged; low donations and ACC’s generosity to the homeless
1:13:432005 MIT tinfoil hat study, ACC recommends three layers around chest to short Taser; Gitmo Nation Roundtable podcast; George Sodini’s website from Way Back Machine, 2006 résumé
1:17:46And Now Back to Real News: zombie ants controlled by parasitic fungus; producer on tip #40 “pace the sidelines at kids’ athletic games”; Massachusetts deputizes dentists to administer vaccinations
1:20:20New SAS Scandinavian Airline Systems landing technique of gliding to cut emissions, ACC on grandfather coasting in Volkswagen Rabbit
1:22:00Outro: ACC headed to Europe for two weeks