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1219 Peak Nuts (2020-02-23)

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0:00:00ACC: “Let’s scupper da deal. Scupper!” (2:07:14)
0:00:35ACC in Fort Lauderdale hotel armed with tea and decaf for cockroach-infested Keurig; TSA Pre✓ denied to one-way ticket holders, tips for avoiding “oh, look at all these wires!” scenario; organizer’s father Cracked Magazine editor Dick Kulpa, inside information on PAVE Parents Against Vaping and E-cigarette funded by “the new Soros” Michael Bloomberg, Anonymous Millennial’s published paper based on show notes research
0:15:36MSNBC “he would love to burn down the United States!” Bernie Sanders hysteria compilation; New York Times spook Maggie Haberman to CNN on “breaking news” of Russia interfering in 2020 election: “sure!” followed by zero facts; co-author Adam Goldman’s “I think… I was told” flubs for MSNBC, accidental mention of China; Eric Swalwell: Russia is rooting for Bernie
0:29:25Unhinged Lawrence O’Donnell proclaims “the President is a Russian operative”, bitches about DNI appointment of Richard Grenell; highest-ranking openly gay White House official Grenell on House Intelligence Committee leaked by Adam Schiff, ACC: “we are at peak nuts now”; Chris Matthews compares Bernie Sanders to France’s capitulation to Hitler; James Carville reminds Nicolle Wallace that media is powerless: “if you lose Wolf Blitzer you’re not gonna lose anything”, “straight line” to conclude Russia is helping Trump by helping Bernie
0:43:34David Brooks notes Bloomberg’s lack of debate practice, flat-footed Democrats; Joy Reid on Sanders’ “sheer unadulterated rage” appeal; Mark Shields contrasts Democrat strategy with Revolutionary War against “the monarch”; Brian Williams quotes Chris Matthews: “they’re gonna kill him, but they may not stop him”, ACC: “what??”; ADOS favoring Biden in Nevada; Rep. Tim Scott predicts 12% black support for Trump based on his pro-black policies
0:57:37Trump at Colorado rally: “they came all over the place!”; NBC stand-up comedy compilation of Trump mocking latest Democrat debate; non-disparagement agreements at Nevada caucus
1:06:36Producer Segment: Sharpton gripes about Democrats being intimidated by Bernie “trawlers”
1:35:36Rod Blagojevich teases dirt he may have on Obama with Jesse Waters; furious Anderson Pooper grills Blagojevich over criminal justice reforms: “there’s a lot of people in Illinois who actually like spit up when you say that”, wrangling over hospital funding, “you’re creating a whole new alternate universe of facts … but it’s still, frankly, just bullshit!” (CotD)
1:47:38One America News on proposed 2018 Vault 7 deal between Trump administration and Julian Assange’s legal team personally torpedoed by James Comey, JCD: “it ruins the narrative about the Russia hack of the DNC”
1:54:16Donation Segment for Fort Lauderdale meetup: JCD enthuses about Georgia buttermilk
2:02:40Post-Brexit EU budget negotiation difficulties due to absence of UK
2:10:38Donation Segment: “kibosh” on emergency karma requests
2:24:03Forbes writer Dr. Karlyn Borysenko to Glenn Beck on “roving gangs of social justice warriors” afflicting the knitting community; bizarre “responsible for the destruction of our planet” question for Joe Biden from NBC-Telemundo debate; producer note on Google Forms in Nevada caucuses; peculiar math in Iowa caucus results; Trump “they’ve gone nuts!” iso
2:32:40Harvey Weinstein jury deadlocked over predatory sexual assault charges
2:38:00Katy Tur proposes entrapment of white extremists to FBI stooge Frank Figliuzzi
2:42:07PBS on coronavirus spike in South Korean; producer blames TikTok for millennial hysteria
2:44:0410% election turnout in Iran after banning of 7,000 candidates; unity government in South Sudan; “your papers please” in Lille France; one-year anniversary of Algerian Hirak movement