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1218 Eggsistential (2020-02-20)

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0:00:00ACC & JCD: “Aand, aand, aand!” (2:14:32)
0:00:36JCD gripes about return of drought to California, “milieu” pronunciation alternatives
0:01:25Debate lecterns lowered to accommodate Mike Bloomberg; Bloomberg badgered by Elizabeth Warren over NDAs with “a man or a woman, or could be more than that”, JCD proposes citing non-disparagement agreements; “fat broads and horse-faced lesbians” opening shot; “management job” closing statement; Bloomberg’s 2017 “get behind” Trump message for The View, 2011 “big fan” clip; ACC irked at outrage over Amazon’s tax-exempt R&D budget
0:15:32Bloomberg and Bernie squabble over houses; Adderall-fired Biden’s “look!” rant about climate jobs, idiotic “my time’s gonna run out”, 500,000 charging stations and high-speed rail
0:24:05Trump celebrates Bloomberg getting “pounded”; self-correcting overpopulation, 45-minute charging station waits; Bernie’s “eggsistential threat”; NBC scrubs yes-or-no delegate question; screeching Kshama Sawant introduces Bernie in Tacoma; producer note on Bloomberg sans hearing aids, Mayor Pete cites “stop and frisk” Denmark as the new American dream; Michael Moore “Michael Bloomberg is a terrorist” and “drugged by a tainted cupcake” isos
0:41:05ABC on blocks-long line to see Bernie in California vs Bloomberg “Bernie bros” ads, Warren telegraphs NDA “unmuzzle them”; ACC on test of “buy the presidency” meme; MSNBC & CNN bashing Bloomberg now that ad buys are done; Tom Steyer’s idiotic “formal commission on race” reparations plan; MLK niece Alveda King to Fox News: “people are saying our wages areĀ up”; Stacey Abrams to The View: “of course” she would accept VP nomination; Mayor Pete’s joke writer addresses Trump “doing chores” for him; annoying AP podcast on Nevada caucuses using Google Forms, ACC: “scam ahead!”, JCD on “smoke filled rooms”
1:01:11Producer Segment: ACC’s new WinRed “500% MATCHED FUNDS!” text
1:32:47Democracy Now whines about Trump’s pardons and commutations for “political allies” like Rod Blagojevich, ACC on Obama’s Senate seat secured via leaks by David Axelrod, corrupt fundraiser Tony Rezko, “he is going to rat Obama out”, FDR’s corrupt “administrative state”
1:47:24Eric Holder “still the president’s wingman” in 2013; 2,000 former DoJ officials calling for Bill Barr’s resignation, JCD identifies mailing list calling for impeachment in 2017; Alan Dershowitz on JFK’s control of DoJ, teases lawsuit over Obama turning loose FBI at behest of George Soros; Chris Matthews scammed by John Bolton pushing Chapter 14 of his book
1:57:0260-second ABC News native ad for “Presidents’ Day deals”
2:00:11Donation Segment
2:14:42Parallel governments in Afghanistan; Trump proposing massive cuts in funding for Middle East wars, drones being replaced by Space Force lasers; 22 killed in Cameroon massacre; EU considering forcing UK to return Elgin Marbles
2:19:52338 Americans sloppily evacuated from Diamond Princess cruise ship; no spillover into Africa, mortality rates by age and comorbidity; stand-up comic escapes quarantine in Cambodia; Prada show and Tokyo Marathon cancelled; elderberry and chokeberry products
2:29:38Trump trying to placate parents of British man Harry Dunn killed by spook Anne Sacoolas
2:32:41Disappearance of Saudi students accused of serious crimes; “drugged by a tainted cupcake”
2:36:36Communist San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin’s plan to reimburse car burglary victims, return of the Manhattan squeegee guys; Denver camping ban struck down on basis of Eighth Amendment, business owners afraid to speak out; Malibu cracking down on RV parking; hate crime citation for Austin man playing livestream audio in homeless-filled alley behind his apartment