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1217 The Elders (2020-02-16)

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0:00:00JCD: “Cholera awaits.” (0:09:58)
0:00:32JCD curious about turnout for Bernie Sanders’ upcoming Tacoma Dome “rock concert”
0:02:27Supreme Court refuses to hear Ninth Circuit case on homelessness and Eighth Amendment, “it effectively creates a constitutional right to camp”, JCD’s double parking counterexample
0:10:41Michael Avenatti found guilty of attempting to extort Nike, held in solitary confinement cell that held El Chapo; Washington Free Beacon “Donald Trump is terrified of Michael Avenatti” compilation, “all of my sexual fantasies involve handcuffs” iso
0:17:29Hysterical Bill Maher discusses “Trump won’t leave” meme with Amy Klobuchar, Katie Couric: “you are obsessed with this, Bill”, Maher and Van Jones debate the merits of appealing to police and the military, “the most rare and fragile form of government” fallacy, New York Times Bret Stephens’ “the military in which he refused to serve” lie, JCD: “they’re being poisoned by these shows”; delusional Dave Winer predicts deportation for Michael Bloomberg; ACC’s “Adam Curry — Texas” Twitter identity; Twenty-second Amendment repeal attempts
0:36:49John Brennan to Chris Matthews: John Durham CIA investigation “kind of silly”; Durham’s involvement in Whitey Bulger corruption and CIA torture cases; unhinged Mark Shields splutters incoherently about Russia collusion, “he’s unburdened and unfettered and, and scary!”
0:47:22Rumors flying about Michael Bloomberg “considering” Hillary; MSNBC and CNN panels hand-wring about diminished role of superdelegates, Andrea Mitchell: “you don’t have the members of Congress who would be the elders”; JCD on “Mike for blacks event” with “maybe one Chicano” vs attractive women at Trump events vs Bernie’s “old farts and old battle axes”; female Jeff Pegues clone on Bloomberg support from former Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman; Giuliani’s “stop, question, and frisk” vs Bloomberg the Nazi’s “stop and frisk”; ACC’s Mexican friend all-in on Bloomberg, “who?” for Buttigieg “the gay guy”
1:04:05Producer Segment: art; “Dimension A is reality” clarification
1:42:10German producer to submit Animated No Agenda to Content Marketing Forum awards; Bloomberg article on Golden Mic award for podcasting “born in the halls of public radio”
1:51:24US tariffs on European airplanes and wine, ACC irked at 2016 Pinot Noir prices; Irish MEP Mick Wallace reprimanded for calling Juan Guaidó an “unelected gobshite”; French doctors up in arms over “politics of accountancy” budget cuts, JCD: “the bean counters!”; Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema contemplating ban on weed sales to tourists “pissing in mailboxes”
2:01:39“Give peace a chance” deal with Taliban in progress; CBS on CDC’s five coronavirus laboratories and Inovia Pharmaceuticals vaccine in development, ACC’s millennials particularly affected by outbreak; PBS on 14,000 flu deaths; Dr. Drew Pinsky: “you are much more likely to die of the flu”; producer note on Wenzhou residents locked inside apartments and schools
2:10:16Workers of the world unite“ Oscar acceptance speech for Obama-backed American Factory, director Julia Reichert on defunct Dayton OH plant resurrected by ”Chinese billionaire entrepreneur“, ACC: automation prediction ”Obama’s fuck you to Trump“
2:21:38Nancy Pelosi echoes Trump at Munich Security Conference by warning about Chinese “telecommution”, diplomat Fu Ying questions US fragility, Huawei created via “reverse technology”
2:27:29PBS overview of campaigns in Carolinas & Nevada; dog-hating Bloomberg’s “effete elite” voice
2:33:28Donation Segment
2:48:04Helium-voiced Thomas Dupree discusses Trump’s relationship with DoJ with NewsHour
2:52:12Joe Scarborough goes on unhinged rant over Snoop Dogg’s “threats” against Gayle King