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1216 Rando (2020-02-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “Gotta move!” ACC: “Gotta move, babe!” (2:10:22)
0:00:34M5M delighted with resignation of four DoJ attorneys on Roger Stone case
0:02:46ACC perplexed at hype over Parasite; Joaquin Phoenix accepts Oscar by rambling about artificial insemination of cows; Netflix $15bn content budget vs $14bn in debt; campaign to tweet Animated No Agenda at Trump; ACC’s millennial ditches after best picture
0:12:27Joe Biden channels Hillary Clinton with pandering “we don’t feel no ways tired” ad; Jerry Falwell Jr. proposes Mitt Romney leave GOP; Iowa Democrat Party chair resigns over caucus “glitches”; tinny-sounding Rush Limbaugh on waning enthusiasm for 2020 election among millennials; ACC’s mother’s battle with lung cancer; theory of Bernie as sacrificial lamb
0:25:40Joy Reid asserts black voters “are going to Bloomberg” as Biden campaign withers; Fox Radio on suspension of Deval Patrick’s campaign; Clinton insider Adrienne Elrod: Bloomberg “absolutely” able to run DNC; new series of Bloomberg ads featuring Obama; Steve Pieczenik confirms “Psyop Pete” theory based in part on his work for military industrial complex McKinsey & Company, ACC: “I’m not even sure he’s gay”, insignia-less Afghanistan photo
0:37:08Frontline “Trump’s Trade War” on 30 years of Trump vs East Asia, 2016 “China China China” compilation; China Rx author Rosemary Gibson: after China joined WTO “the next year we lost our last aspirin plant”; Trump’s “new American steel” promises
0:50:24Mike Pompeo to National Governors Association on influences like Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries; Barr’s Huawei alternatives revisited; Pompeo on Thousand Talents Program and Confucius Institutes run by PRC; ACC “kill shot” theory
1:05:25Ambassador Cui Tiankai to Face the Nation on coronavirus as bioweapon: “I think it’s true… that a lot is still unknown”; JCD: WHO’s new name COVID-19 “sounds like a birth control pill”, Democracy Now on 174 cases on quarantined cruise ship Diamond Princess off Japan
1:11:49Producer Segment: Sir David’s Saudi Arabia Yanni concert; TtK’s name change nightmare
1:33:03“A couple of randos”: Jenny Craig ad pushing “free DNA weight loss kit”; Biden calls student a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier”; dementia resistance in tall men; Amy Goodman “Bloomberg is racist” iso; Alexandria Ocasio Cortez cites economist “Milton Keynes”; ACC’s latest hysterical “5x matching” WinRed text message, JCD: “have you ever read the Newsletter?”
1:40:56Producer note on Chinese hackers indicted in Equifax breach as Akin Gump insurance scam
1:44:07AM Joy panelist Gabe Sherman lies: Trump “raged for an hour” following acquittal, boasts about “decorum and politeness” in journalism; Democracy Now smears Pete Buttigieg with “systemic racism” in South Bend with councol member Henry Davis Jr.
1:51:58ACC OTG: CBP buying smartphone app location databases to track down illegal immigrants
1:59:05War on Cash: Australian bill to ban cash transactions with limited regulatory exceptions
2:02:41Trump’s New Hampshire stand-up routine proposing Republicans poison primaries, Pelosi “mumbling terribly” at State of the Union; ACC story: drunk Liza Minnelli on Concorde
2:07:06Voice of America on Afghanistan Papers; Juan Guaidó returns to Venezuela
2:11:29Donation Segment: “Let’s See What’s in John’s Closet” segment
2:24:35Irish voters favoring Sinn Féin; Piers Robinson on bogus OPCW report on Douma chemical attack; Sudan’s Omar al-Bashere headed to ICC; MAKERS Conference hijacked by feminists
2:34:45Adam Carolla to Tucker Carlson on the homeless as “empty bags”, rule of law collapse; Austin insulin needles revisited; Carolla on unlicensed vendors outside Staples Center
2:47:26Michigan State University snowflakes triggered by unintended gift shop lynching display