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1215 Omnipocalypse (2020-02-09)

Show 1215 album art
0:00:00JCD: “He’s a classic Nazi!” (0:58:46)
0:00:32JCD liquidating the contents of his closet including a “virgin” Microsoft Bob frisbee; Show 1214 memory-eradicating “creepy Google ad” about preserving memories
0:07:04Wuhan Flu: PBS on death of first US citizen, 3,700 stuck on cruise ship; University of Chicago professor and Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 author Francis Boyle to KPOO: “offensive biological warfare agent” engineered from SARS, flu, and HIV; Boyle blacklisted after 2010 Obama “bought and paid for by Zionists” comment; Boyle: Chinese biowarfare lab designated by WHO; Han Chinese susceptibility; death of whistleblower Lee Wen Yang; Trump and Xi reaffirm Phase 1 commitment; Bill Barr proposes partnership with Ericsson or Nokia to counter Huawei 5G; Jordanian or Saudi anti-Israeli weapon theories; WHO “battling the trolls and conspiracy theories” on social media; producer note on Wenzhou travel passes
0:31:49“Humanitarian catastrophe” in Idlib Syria with Turkey and Russia taking shots at each other; Syrian passenger plane makes emergency landing at Russian base due to Israeli airstrikes
0:39:17Australian producer “please make it stop” note on overenthusiastic rainsticking
0:40:46Shooting rampage by Thai Army sergeant; “backup to that backup” iso revisited
0:42:40Democracy Now on call for re-canvas in Iowa caucus with Sanders and Buttigieg “virtually tied”; MSNBC idiot concludes “the coding was rushed”; NBC blames 4chan Trump supporters “callin’ in, jammin’ things up”, “here’s the deal … 4chan is gonna 4chan, right?”; Buttigieg calls for end to Electoral College, JCD predicts 18% controlling 50% of Senate meme
0:54:39Bloomberg in 2016 explaining to Oxford “intelligentsia” how Midwesterners are too stupid to support transgender right; illegal immigrant healthcare show of hands from first debate, on-the-spot 180° from clueless Biden: “they increase the lifespan of Social Security”; Buttigieg’s globalist Rhodes scholarship and marxist father, JCD on US system vs egalitarianism
1:09:08Producer Segment: 2030 Omnipocalypse jingle revisited debacles as argument for keeping government out of technology
1:31:17Biden’s surreptitions snorting at Democrat debate; Bernie rants “I’m the President of the United States, I have all of the power!”; Bill Maher’s Hitler meme and Steyer’s unhinged anti-GOP screed; Biden “stand up and clap for Vindman … who we are!”, Klobuchar asserts fondness for Bernie, ACC predicts articles of impeachment for National Security Council firings; Klobuchar propagates 2017 “you just got a lot richer” CBS whipsaw, compares herself to FDR with “he knew me” story; endorsement and socialism rant from Chris Matthews
1:51:24Property taxes under Trump tax reforms and opportunity zones; Yamiche Alcindor lies about “immigrants” commiting more crime; ACC’s “ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer” e-mail; Warren makes empty promises to black community, “Biden-Obama” accomplishments including same-sex marriage fiasco; “Psyop Pete” raises bogus issues “barely thought of a few years ago”; Democracy Now on Buttigieg campaign distancing itself from ICE contractor Giant Oak
2:07:172009 State of the Union “you lie!” revisited, ACC: “this tit for tat will go on forever”
2:12:54Donation Segment
2:31:00PBS uptalker on Boeing Starliner “glitches”; Trump brags about killing off the Johnson Amendment prohibiting religious organizations from endorsing political candidates
2:36:52Democracy Now opens El Paso shooting report “the white man accused of killing 22 people”
2:39:06Fire engulfs Austin homeless encampment; Council Member Alison Alter: discarded needles are for insulin; new consultant Matthew Doherty fired from Obama-era homelessness council