Call Clooney!

1214 Stanktuary (2020-02-06)

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0:00:00ACC: “Oh, I have to stand in line now!” (1:59:43)
0:00:32ACC’s flawed Super Bowl prediction ignoring Trump vs Pelosi, lackluster ads calling back to 1960s and 1970s, “creepy Google ad”, “ultra wide band” 5G, Puerto Rican flag coinciding with Bloomberg ads; TtK’s snowball photo; “third black quarterback” Patrick Mahomes ignored
0:14:14Ask Adam: Howard Dean scream “fiasco” revisited; January NPR piece on Iowa caucus app: “we don’t know who developed it or who wrote the code”, chairman Troy Price: “we’ll be ready with a backup, and a backup to that backup, and a backup to the backup to the backup”; PBS on potential end of Iowa caucus system; CNN “is this data correct?” shouting match between Brianna Keilar and Symone Sanders; Brolf distracts precinct secretary waiting on hold for an hour: “they hung up on me” (CotD); Fox News giddy over show of Democrat incompetence
0:35:15Malcolm Nance’s “it will be sloppy” prediction revisited; The Young Turks’ Emma Vigeland moans “we’re off to a great start”; Jake Tapper: Des Moines Register poll tossed because “they had a glitch”; results reissued with “minor correction”; racism cries from Clinton operatives
0:48:08Simply Unimpeachable jingle; PBS’ Lisa Desjardins favors Democrat “unchallenged evil spreads like a virus” wrap-up speeches; Adam Schiff wrap-up turned into ominous “Midnight in Washington” political ad; Schumer “I’ll do you and then I’ll do her” and “that’s astounding” isos
1:03:30Producer Segment: little kid “stop the hammering”
1:19:08Twitter hate-fest in response to Rush Limbaugh’s lung cancer; pioneer of caller-free talk radio
1:24:10Pundits outraged at Trump channeling Oprah at State of the Union reality show, Van Jones on Trump targeting black and Hispanic voters; “stage manager” Nancy Pelosi directing applause from white-clad Democrat bloc while “chewing on her cud”, Trump’s helmet hair, fact-checking 16,000 lies meme propagated by Jimmy Kimmel; Washington Post tally of 16,241 “false or misleading claims”, ACC: “6.7 million, it’s not 7 million, he’s rounding up, lie, liiie!
1:40:24Pelosi’s pre-tearing maneuver, horror at mention of California “stanktuary” for illegal aliens; Scott Adams commends “San Francisco linguistic kill shot”; ACC “shocked” at egregious lie “true and legitimate president of Venezuela” for Juan Guiadó; Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s sticky-mouthed ASMR response griping about Senate inactivity; Mitch McConnell kicks off post-impeachment “I ask unanimous consent” judicial appointments and Senate resolutions
1:49:47Scene-stealing Pelosi rips up Trump speech for three separate camera angles; C-SPAN compilation of callers on Democrat line promising to abandon “bunch of communists”; ACC’s stylist and Bette Midler freaked out by “Trump 2024” meme dating back to Nixon; DHS suspends Global Entry for “stanktuary” state New York; uninsured illegal alien plows into ACC’s car
2:02:26Minnesota distributing personal information to political parties; Rekor Watchman Home license plate reader with “artificial intelligence and machine learning” a utopia for burglars
2:07:45Donation Segment: TWiT This Week in Texas gay men’s magazine
2:21:40KTLA dead man “unavailable for comment” revisited; Court TV dramatizes testimony about Harvey Weinstein’s “cut and sewn back on” penis, JCD on 1970s-era penis elongation surgery
2:32:18Wuhan Flu: producer notes on being ignored by CDC, circuit board delays, Australian postal service fabricating two-hour viral life span; electronic tracking in Hong Kong, FEMA camp in Ashland Nebraska, Wuhan residents throwing pets out of windows; US-China trade deal’s force majeur clause and China’s knowledge of potential epidemic; steady 2.1% mortality rate
2:41:27Minnesota sends bogus emergency evacuation message; One America News on apology from Christopher Wray for FBI FISA “errors and omissions”; Laser Krafters engraved album art