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1213 Kung Flu (2020-02-02)

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0:00:00JCD: “No, no, no, no thanks.” (2:06:22)
0:00:38Coronavirus jingles including Kung Flu Fighting and Old Time Wuhan Flu; Buzzkill Jr.’s research into Han Chinese susceptibility; CBC on economic impacts; CBS on asymptomatic transmission, 195 quarantined at CA Air Force base; Dr. Anthony “good to be here, Brolf” Fauci gives the lie to claim of 14-day quarantine: “we’re not using it as a release criteria”
0:17:53Arrests of Harvard & Boston University researchers covertly working for China, Harvard professor Charles Lieber in Wuhan University recruitment scheme; Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar: “we’ve actually been very transparent about what we do not know yet about… ahem, about this virus” tell, WHO “team of experts” deploying to China to “help the spread… prevent the spread” (CotD); Dame Astrid notes empty Ginza, “cytokine storm” and “superspreaders”; Buzzkill Jr.: programmers avoiding Chinese colleagues “for good reason”
0:33:09CNN torpedoes flawed Iowa poll to suppress Bernie’s numbers; CBS puts Biden slightly ahead; ABC clips Warren screeching “I heard there were some people who wanted to do some selfieees!”, Rep. Rashida Tlaib boos Hillary, low-energy Biden; impeachment timed to thwart Bernie; anti-Bernie ad run by DMFI Democratic Majority for Israel PAC Clinton shills; Michael Moore rails against Bloomberg being allowed in debates; “I lick Mike” ad with dogs
0:49:52Stacey Abrams predicts herself as first black female president to FiveThirtyEight Media
0:52:47Dave Winer’s “Epitaph for America” blog post; Schumer’s new term “perfidy”; “you cannot be acquitted if you don’t have a trial” talking point compilation; Malcolm Nance to Joy Reid: “imagine North Korea loosing their entire global hacking network”, predicts “sloppy” voting machines attack; Ted Cruz predicts Trump “is going to be convicted” and plugs his podcast
1:02:42Rep. Hakeem Jeffries argues Steele Dossier was not foreign interference because it was bought and paid for; John Roberts explains his lack of role as tie-breaker; Lisa Murkowski potentially unnerved by Sarah Palin; Trump lawyer: “you heard from a lot of witnesses”; Mazie Hirono: “I don’t care what kind of nice little legal, constitutional defenses they came up with”
1:11:23USPS Black Heritage forever stamp in honor of Gwen Ifill
1:12:59Producer Segment: Dame Astrid’s & Sir Mark’s PechaKucha; Super Bowl “choke artists”
1:40:18Wuhan mask enforcement drones yelling at children; Canadian plan to regulate internet speech; celebrity doctor Mark Hyman on Dairy Council native advertising on Martha Stewart show, ACC story: glass of milk for music interviews on Dutch TV, “would you like a new car?”
1:49:20British Comedian Andrew Doyle on trolling “privileged people talking about how oppressed they are”, pseudonymous article in The Independent calling for hate crime laws against comics
1:58:59KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn’s The Perestroika Deception on rebranding of communism; millennial with pint of ice cream unwilling to take JCD’s place in checkout line
2:08:411978 documentary attributes “pet explosion” to the popularity of the birth control pill
2:11:02Cindy McCain on Jeffrey Epstein: “we all knew what he was doing”; Court TV dramatizes testimony of Jessica Mann against Harvey Weinstein: “it appears like he has a vagina” (BCotD), ACC on hemipenises in lizards
2:38:48Scott Adams “nailed it” iso; Democracy Now runs down advisors in 2008 election
2:42:23Lame Brexit countdown; Brendan O’Neill on incremental loss of sovereignty since 1975
2:48:31ACC OTG: Google Classroom outage, British Columbia cash crisis; Fox Business News on Medium “article” calling for Ring shutdown; EFF finds Ring app leaking personal information
2:56:18Austin “Camp Abbott” now organizing itself into viable homeless community