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1212 Five Bidens (2020-01-30)

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0:00:00JCD: “He’s got something wrong with him.” (0:46:40)
0:00:34Lady Gaga’s bankruptcy; ACC to finally appear with tics and all on The Joe Rogan Experience
0:04:29M5M unconcerned with senators in 2020 race not recusing themselves; “violating his oath of office” compilation of Trump “bromides”; “why is this happening?” Clinton impeachment compilation; Pelosi and Nadler in 1998: “there must never be a narrowly voted impeachment, or an impeachment supported by one of our major political parties and opposed by the other”
0:12:20Persona non grata Alan Dershowitz argues for abuse of power as a political weapon, Lincoln’s 1864 request for Indiana soldiers to return home to vote Republican, ACC: “can we impeach him posthumously?”, “psychoanalytic approach to presidential motives”, Israel-Palestine peace plan quid pro quo and election in the public interest; PBS NewsHour ponders Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as tiebreaker; CBS predicts acquittal by week’s end
0:26:57CBS on White House efforts to block publication of John Bolton’s new book, “if I listened to him we would be in World War Six by now”; book “deep-sixed” on January 20; Trump lawyer legitimizes National Security Council’s process; Sean Hannity behind Bolton’s hiring; Chuck Schumer “a-va-va-va-va-va-va, one at a time!” (CotD), “five Bidens!” iso, Fox cuts away from Trump in New Jersey: “Democrats decided to shelter crominakal… uh, look, wait!”
0:39:41Ted Cruz to overzealous reporter looking for nepotism: “my children are nine and eleven”; Cruz podcast on “transactional immunity” for Hunter Biden; Sen. Joni Ernst speculates about Biden support in Iowa; Profiles in Corruption author Peter Schweizer on “five Bidens”, Hillstone International LLC’s $1.5bn contract for houses in Iraq for under brother James Biden
0:51:11Biden’s “he’s gonna understand what punches mean” threat; “I’m an old guy” VP logic
0:53:14Hillary dodges questions from Variety interviewer about her voting plans; JCD’s hovering red-tailed hawk and the Hillary swoop; Biden’s “people of color” offensive to ADOS crowd; CNN pollster announces Democrat horse race with Sanders in the lead; Sanders aide Nina Turner irked at DNC nominating Barney Frank and John Podesta for convention committees
1:01:28Producer Segment: coronavirus renamed “Wuhan flu”; Usenet “netiquette” reminiscences
1:38:35CBS on Kobe Bryant’s death in helicopter not outfitted with TAWS system; ACC’s initial “scud running” reaction to Sikorsky S-76, “I understand operating for demanding clients”, death of sloppy fill-in pilot Pete Barnes, initial check for “Illuminati sacrifice for the Grammys”, impossibility of hovering without visible horizon, anxious pilot’s fatal decision to turn
1:57:47Nigel Farage bids farewell to European Parliament and gets his mic cut for waving a teensy Union Jack; Boris Johnson unable to get Big Ben to mark the moment of Brexit, possibility of no-deal Brexit at end of 2020; Farage “insanely jealous” of Swiss brand of democracy, “elites of Europe” appeal for the political class; outrageous €300 per diem
2:10:54China’s double whammy of African swine fever and Wuhan flu; July 2019 story of Canada’s National Microbiology Lab evicting ebola researcher Xiangguo Qiu under shroud of secrecy over “policy breach”; finely-tuned just-in-time supply chains under stress; two Japanese evacuees testing positive but asymptomatic; ACC unimpressed with Chinese cargo container “hospitals”
2:23:00Donation Segment: Alexandria meetup report Spot the Spook
2:39:55CBS on idiot who lost her family $150,000 as part of $38bn “drug cartel” Social Security scam
2:44:29Angelic Initiative “that’s right” ladies on impending February 2 universe inversion
2:48:23Incoherent George Soros haltingly predicts Facebook working to get Trump re-elected
2:51:53Jeff Pegues on mile-long drug smuggling tunnel discovered under US-Mexico border wall