Call Clooney!

1211 Pale Male (2010-01-26)

Show 1211 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Hey, I had my underpants on, and it was an old lady!” (0:46:40)
0:00:33Coronavirus-laden Chiners at a safe distance from JCD, Sir Chris My Corona jingle; ABC on surgical mask shortages precipitated by two cases; The Common Sense Show host Dave Hodges “allowed” to report FEMA preparation for martial law; ACC music bed for ABC report on China racing to build two hospitals within two weeks, 50M people under travel ban; PBS on Lunar New Year cancellation, flu and other infections “much much bigger threat”; The No Agenda Swine Flu Minute jingle, “R-naught” virulence measure; CNA TV on potential economic impact on Wuhan global hub; Trump’s ability to torpedo first phase of trade deal
0:17:09Trump to CNBC at Davos: “totally under control” thanks to his buddy Xi Jinping; virus’ potential predilection for Chinese and Ashkenazi Jew DNA, genome’s 33-adenine magic number suffix, Mimi channeling JCD’s mother by advocating surgical mask stockpile
0:25:04Trump to CNBC on the reasons 2% GDP growth could have been 4%; JCD not anticipating a correction in the markets; Trump comments on negative interest rates “in a positive way”, strong dollar vs manufacturing, plan to “refinance the debt and pay off the debt”
0:38:56JCD LibJoes propagating theory of Republicans headed for jail; Slate Trumpcast assigns Trump to “the Mt. Rushmore of evil American men” with Simpson, Epstein, and Weinstein; ABC overview of Trump defense; Jeffrey Toobin gripes about “pale male” defense team; prematurely grey Sen. Joni Ernst; Rep. Elise Stefanik points out hypocrisy of “three of the Democratic house managers voted no … to the US providing defensive security assistance to Ukraine — those members are Jerry Nadler, Zoe Lofgren, and Hakeem Jeffries” (CotD)
0:52:24JCD on lack of extradition treaty with “ally” Ukraine; Victoria Nuland’s 2014 “fuck the EU” regime change phone call revisited; Rep. Devin Nunes to Fox News on “den of thieves” National Security Council composed of “hundreds and hundreds of people” who formerly worked for Obama; Office of Net Assessment whistleblower to One America News on its role as “slush fund for politically-connected contractors”; ABC dramatizes tape of Trump telling Lev Parnas “take her out” referring to Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch; Parnas “the new Avenatti”
1:16:00George Webb connects DIA Afghanistan-Pakistan Center of Excellence with Parnas, Awan Brothers, and Peter Strzok; ABC on likelihood of Mitt Romney supporting witness testimony
1:22:19Producer Segment: Katie Sowers and Super Bowl; Fast Enough wins Cal Cup Derby
1:46:33Doomsday Clock at 100 seconds to midnight over “failure to address climate change”, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists chair Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown compares himself to Biblical prophet
1:49:49Spike Jones earworm Der Fuehrer’s Face; millennials unamused by Jojo Rabbit
1:52:17British lab recreates unimpressive vocalization from 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy
1:53:41Goldman Sachs to combat “all pale, all male” boards by requiring token minorities
1:56:34Tim Robbins to Democracy Now on media ignoring California Bernie Sanders rally attended by 25,000; social media furor over Joe Rogan’s Bernie endorsement; Morning Joe and Jimmy Kimmel react to lame Bill Kristol “at least it’s an improvement” ad for Mike Pence
2:10:24ACC OTG: creepy “you’re being profiled” ad, JCD on former holy grail “customized news”; Scott Adams relatively un-outraged by Clearview AI’s profile scraping, ACC’s 15 minutes of anonymity; “digital detox” phone Envelope, creepy Show and Tell feature for Amazon Echo
2:21:28Donation Segment: JCD all-in on The Morning Show with Jennifer Aniston
2:44:09NYC to outlaw cashless retail stores as discriminatory against homeless and illegal aliens
2:48:38Kobe Bryant dead in helicopter crash; the late Jim Lehrer’s obsolete ethical journalism rules