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120 The Clinton Gore Man Hug (2009-08-09)

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0:00:00JCD: (laughing) “I love that line! Put to death.”
0:00:37Taxi Eric freaking out over nineteen-year-old daughter’s swine flu; Goebbels inspired by American WWI propaganda; producer note on Law & Order measles propaganda: Dick Wolf former Bush 43 classmate and friend of Fred Thompson
0:08:05White House PHRMA big pharma “drug deal”, $80bn reduction in price over ten years in return for no Medicare price caps, SEIU Service Employees International Union, “Mythbusters” call with Kathleen Sebelius; rowdy town hall meetings, Pelosi spotting swastikas
0:17:36JCD story: International Harvester factory job, receiving clerk or inspector, high productivity via amphetamines, mononucleosis disability
0:23:31JCD on dismal US healthcare outcomes; EU bans US soy due to traces of GMO corn; 1950s origin of health insurance scam, Dutch partial shift from socialized medicine
0:30:41Vincent Xavier predicts nuke under Washington D.C. will be detonated in October
0:33:37Twitter outage; Pittsburgh health club shooting by George Sodini, employed by powerful law firm K&L Gates, bogus “online journal”, creepy YouTube mirror “one more day” video: “RDS” R. Don Steele, blog “life or death” page, ACC: “I believe that he had knowledge of the Goldman Sachs trading program”, no interviews with coworkers in media, JCD: “hey buddy, there are things out there called hookers”
0:49:02JCD Audacity shortwave Health and Human Services “small step program” tip; “find, apply, succeed”; spending map, “jobs created/saved in the next two years”, made-up estimates by Jared Bernstein and Christina Romer; 250k job loss bumps bogus unemployment rate down, “bum index”, “EBITDA of unemployment”
0:57:07Hudson River mid-air collision between tour helicopter and Piper, NYT’s deleted sentence “immediately after the crash the power went out in five counties but was quickly restored”; Admiral names countries that have purchased Aegis missile defense systems including Norway, dodges question about stopping EMP attack, phony Raytheon Patriots from first Gulf War, JCD proposes Faraday cage drywall; Blackwater whistleblowers to testify, JCD’s howling basset hound, Obama administration $20M contract with Blackwater, “air charter for things”
1:11:42JCD’s Laura Ling “we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end” plus cheering children, Wall Street Journal on Clinton-Gore man hug: “three more pats before they disentangled”, ACC: “PR move for Current”, Edith Piaf sound-alike
1:18:04JCD pet peeve: Friends canned laughter; producer offer: one-way ticket to Moscow
1:22:27Donation Segment: $161.80 phi; crop circle instructions
1:31:47Media guidelines for Irish Lisbon Treaty do-over; Vivek Kundra holodeck for next show