Call Clooney!

1209 Rewilding (2020-01-19)

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0:00:00JCD: “It’s gonna be World War Three!” (1:20:01)
0:00:34ACC predicts Tennessee Titans to win Super Bowl; New York banker’s well-heeled MSNBC-viewing expat dinner, Howard Stern interview with Hillary Clinton as prelude to The Swoop
0:10:37Australians celebrating major storms moving across the country, ACC: “you’re welcome”
0:17:40George Monbiot’s plan to stop global warming: stop eating meat, stop flying, and “overthrow this system which is eating the planet” by doing away with GDP and “massive rewilding”; activist Les Knight to Dori Monson Show on need to drive human species to voluntary extinction, JCD: “hey hey, ho ho, your balls have got to go!”, Social Biology article notes 1970s vasectomy spike, 1951 book The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements by Eric Hoffer: movements like global cooling/warming are interchangeable, “widespread desire for change from discontented people”; children’s climate change lawsuit tossed out
0:34:07PBS on addition of Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz to Trump defense team; Dershowitz: “I will not deal with the nitty-gritty of the facts”, Hunter Biden’s corruption front and center, John Bolton and executive privilege; NYU professor: Biden “not directly relevant to the case”; Rand Paul notes possibility of Republicans wussing out on calling witnesses; producer note on Lev Parnas paying Giuliani to create LifeLock clone Fraud Guarantee, JCD: “Avenatti II”
0:44:47Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko to “let’s just be perfectly clear” attack dog Christiane Amanpour: “frankly, I don’t trust any word he is now saying” (BCotD); JCD’s lunch with triggered LibJoe certain that Bill Barr is headed straight to jail; ACC irked by producers inviting guests and subscribing him to mailing lists, JCD: “a lot of that’s me”
1:03:20ACC theory: articles of impeachment delayed by wait for $3,000 engraved Mont Blanc pens
1:06:33Producer Segment: Sir Onymous’ dame drive gets more complicated
1:34:40CNN edits “I think a liar on national TV” out of Sanders-Warren hot mic audio; MSNBC body language analyst to Joy Reid: “I think Bernie’s lying … here he turtles”; M5M Democrat debate compilation: no one seems prepared to take on “the beast that Donald Trump is”
1:43:19Latest inspirational piano-laden trailer for Hulu Hillary documentary, “you wanna make a difference, you wanna make an impact — well then, you gotta get in the arena”; “great question” from Jane Harman to Council on Foreign Relations about impact on election from “major terrorist attack, major, 9/11-style attack” or “massive Russian disinformation campaign”
1:50:26Liberal media attacking Mark Zuckerberg for allowing Trump’s “lies” to go uncensored, Twitter “dumbbells” cheating themselves out of billions in campaign ads; Les Moonves’ jubilant “go Donald” earnings call revisited, ACC: “isn’t it interesting that Les Moonves got #MeToo’ed?”
1:55:21PopSockets CEO gripes about having to bribe Amazon to stop it from selling counterfeits
2:01:37Donation Segment: New York City and Charlotte audio meetup reports
2:20:11NYT up in arms over “secretive company” Clearview AI scraping social media photos for law enforcement, author Kashmir Hill’s smart home TED talk; producer note on Plaid technology “far beyond screen scraping”; deaf man sues Pornhub over lack of ADA-mandated captions
2:29:35Clip Blitz: Russian government resigns after Putin proposes amendments keeping him in power; Chinese #MeToo journalist Huang Xueqin released after three months in jail for “provoking trouble”; vaccine plug for rare flu strain in Kansas City; Chinese “heading home” in droves for Lunar New Year; Chinese population at 1.4bn in spite of record low birth rate
2:34:32Media ignoring testimony from SIGAR watchdog on military lies about progress in Afghanistan
2:38:03Kansas man petitions to settle child custody case in trial by combat Game of Thrones style