Call Clooney!

1207 Imminent Threat (2020-01-12)

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0:00:00JCD: “Delta delta delta!” (2:02:38)
0:00:32CNN obsessing over Harry & Meghan “Megxit”, ACC: “you’re gonna die, that’s the Diana Deal”, racist Africa assignment, Prince Harry’s “if anybody else knew what I knew” comment, JCD: “he may know because he’s not a lizard”, Meghan and the Clooneys, “she’ll still be a princess” lie, $1M per year for security; MSNBC’s 24/7 Diana and CNN’s year of MH370
0:12:51Rainstick-linked storms in US and Canada, ACC’s recent viewing of The Mandela Effect
0:18:11JCD klaxon for Scott Adams discussing Matt Gaetz vs Sandy Ocasio-Cortez for president
0:20:10Message sent to Trump via former Marine penetrating Marine One security cadre; footage of Jeffrey Epstein’s July 23 suicide attempt turns out to be from another part of the jail
0:24:33Democracy Now on House War Powers Resolution, “one unhinged regime” meme from UN Ambassador Majid Takht Ravanchi; dead American contractor linguist Nawres Hamid employed by Virginia-based Valiant Integrated Services; Democrat “Soleimani was a bad guy, but…” compilation; Joe Biden “no press conference or concentation with Congress” screed; Rep. Jackie Speier’s’ “but for” logic blaming Trump for Ukraine 752; Mike Pompeo blames Obama; musical “imminent threat” talking point for end of show; Col. Lawrence Wilkerson predicts “more impeachment” to Amy Goodman, “war criminal” meme for cultural sites threat
0:44:22Trump notes that Ukraine 752 was “flying in a pretty rough neighborhood”; bearded Justin Trudeau pins shootdown on Iran; producer note on Iranian nuclear scientists on plane against orders; Trump’s Farsi tweets and CIA messaging on Facebook, British ambassador arrested after vigil; University of Alberta’s nuclear research; Iran Air 655 “accidentally” shot down by US in July 1988, 2011-2012 assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists by Mossad
0:59:15Israel fires up gas pipeline from Tamar & Leviathan fields, jump in Noble Energy share price
1:00:37Producer Segment: Rush’s Neil Peart dead at 67; CES vibrators, JCD’s feud with iRobot
1:11:12ACC warned about Chagas disease-carrying orange-rimmed kissing bug, producer note on airborne “marmaladed” stink bug encounter, JCD on chicken population of Slovenia
1:15:49Juan Guaidó stages fence-jumping stunt after losing bid for National Assembly presidency and holds parallel swearing-in at newspaper office, JCD: “dueling intelligence agencies”
1:23:33CNN’s all-white Democrat debate on Tuesday to include Tom Steyer but not Michael Bloomberg; Rachel Maddow: Steyer’s 15% polling in South Carolina shocking “for those of us who pore over each new poll”, $14M of $17M spent by Steyer, “ohh, that’s how it works!” iso
1:29:04Netflix The Great Hack Cambridge Analytica story, fake outrage from whistleblower Brittany Kaiser at Citizens United which “brought dark money into our politics”, “manipulative communications” talking point, tactic of “sending fear-based scaremongering messaging to people that were identified as neurotic” (CotD), director Karim Amer on Trinidad voter suppression, director Jehane Noujaim whines like Laura Poitras about being detained entering US
1:44:23ACC OTG: “it’s your data … so don’t make as much”; 23andMe sells drug based on customer DNA; four Ring employees fired for watching customer videos, CBS burglar arrest native ad
1:52:08Australian anti-immigration rally; JCD predicts “spunky” rollerblading New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham as Joe Biden’s running mate, “you gotta think of the bumper sticker”
2:04:55Swedish “flight shaming”; Morgan Stanley “expert” spews podcast monetization bullcrap
2:21:19Donation Segment
2:35:18Democracy Now on Boeing 737 Max “designed by clowns” memos; CNBC “airline” gaffe
2:39:11Chinese TenCent Group to buy 10% of Universal Music