Call Clooney!

1206 Tolerized (2020-01-09)

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0:00:00ACC: “Okay!” JCD: “Okay!” ACC: “Okay!” JCD: “Okay!” ACC: “Okay!” (1:44:15)
0:00:39Justin Bieber “going to the spa” in his battle with Lyme disease
0:01:19ACC momentarily freaked out by news of Iran’s retaliatory missile strike; FAA bans flights over Iran and Iraq three hours before Ukraine International Airlines 752 is shot down, 4.9 magnitude earthquake, ACC HAARP theory; Ukraine walks back mechanical failure assertion; promotion for Top Gun 3; New York Times op-ed “Hypersonic Missiles Are a Game Changer” by Steve Simon foreshadowing Soleimani assassination by several hours; Rep. Ro Khanna laments failure to pass NDAA amendment forbidding unapproved military action against Iran
0:16:09Hyperventilating Trump begins Iran speech with “teaser”; retired Col. Douglas Macgregor on Iranian missiles: “we were informed in advance of where they were going to land”; Trump promises new sanctions, “regime [change]” meme, new words “tolerided” and “accompliment”
0:39:33University of Tehran professor gripes to Euronews about US disregard for national sovereignty; Rick Steves’ 2014 visit to Iran; YouTuber Erica Kasraie on Iranians baking cakes to celebrate Soleimani’s death; BBC reporting CBS reporting CIA reporting “blips” before Ukraine 752 shootdown; ACC looking for another October surprise; Trump brags about rebuilding military to the tune of $2.5T, Donald Rumsfeld’s 9/10/2001 missing $2.3T; two No Agenda Space Force producers; Soros/Koch Brothers Quincy Institute shills crawling out of the woodwork
0:55:54Rep. Mike Lee clamoring for more oversight, JCD predicts Pelosi delays impeachment indefinitely, Pelosi hands off 30-day War Powers Resolution to spook Rep. Elissa Slotkin; Rep. Ilhan Omar jokes with her colleagues before announcing she is “strickened with PTSD”
1:03:51Producer Segment
1:21:21Incendiary Golden Globes monologue by Ricky Gervais: executives “all terrified of Ronan Farrow”, “fuck off” final words, “most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg”; Paddy Chayefsky applauded for chiding 1978 Academy Award winners for “propagation of their own personal political propaganda”; scripted counterattack by HFPA president
1:31:41DNC server child pornography theory; Paul Krugman’s ill-advised tweet about his hacked computer; ACC proposes Russian “Jerky Boys” prank Hollywood as Ronan Farrow
1:38:56Outrage over T-dropping Ivanka Trump’s CES keynote; reporter pretends to like Impossible Foods fake pork; LG “okay!” guy showcases greenhouse refrigerator, ACC: “okay, can I grow weed in that sucker?”; idiotic Charmin toilet paper “robot”, JCD recommends Zellerbach Zee
1:53:09“If you see something say something” reduced to “see-say” in new ad campaign
1:55:47Russia tells Edward Snowden “it’s time to go” in clip from 2013
1:56:39Rainsticks and arson in Australia, Sydney fires in 2013; 2012 Inspire magazine arson article
2:03:35Shelby County Texas spending $100k on podcasts; Family Guy lampoons podcast advertising
2:07:29Donation Segment
2:21:54Fox News “posthumorous victory” gaffe; producer note on brown marmorated stink bugs
2:25:52CNN settles lawsuit by Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann; Borden files for bankruptcy thanks to “nut slurry”; Black News Channel launching in February, bizarre Cheddar network
2:30:46ACC’s Penzey’s Spices gift box, Jambo Joe “mouth douche”
2:33:19Colorado skies “liĘ” up” by drone swarms; light pollution from Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites
2:39:06Clip Blitz: US Army bans TikTok app, Facebook deepfake ban, 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Puerto Rico, Delta Airlines employees sue Lands’ End over chemically tainted uniforms
2:41:35Trump “lethal and fast”, “that is brand new information!”, “yeah, science!” isos