Call Clooney!

1203 RET (2019-12-29)

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0:00:00ACC: “Subpoenas! I’m not gonna be subpoenaed, bleh bleh bleh, blap blap blap!” (2:32:08)
0:00:36“Typhoon YouTube” in Guam; Impossible Burger estrogen story an obvious hit job by Tri-State Livestock News; No Agenda plug from Scott Adams; Sir Chris’ Christmas album
0:05:38Pretentious “hey there!” intro by producer Jon Hanrahan for On the Media 2019 retrospective, addled historian Kathleen Belew: abortion is a threat to white supremacists “because it might kill white children”; uptalking Republic of Lies author Anna Merlan: conspiracy theories flow “from Fox News to the President”, Russian propagandists strive to “make the information ecosystem so chaotic and so unstable and so unreliable?” (CotD); New York Magazine’s Max Read on YouTube “inversion” with bots outnumbering humans; no mention of Jussie Smollett
0:18:24WikiLeaks releases e-mails from Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons showing suppression of evidence in 2018 Syria chlorine gas attack; Seth Rich’s brother Aaron suing independent journalists for discovery, image of entire DNC server on thumb drive, Seymour Hersh on Rich’s computer turned over to FBI cyber unit with evidence of WikiLeaks contact
0:34:12Wife of Google-Clinton whistleblower Dr. Robert Epstein killed in crash with semi truck
0:37:38“RET” retrospective clips: Nancy Pelosi explains the “wrap up smear”; William Arkin to Democracy Now on “spooks as pundits” like John Brennan, “former Obama administration officials masquerading as analysts”; Seymour Hersh on over-the-top anti-Trump New York Times; “extraordinary rebuke” from Jill Abramson for New York Times bias
0:47:00Japan patrolling Strait of Hormuz at Trump’s invitation; Pentagon weighing plans to withdraw from Burkina Faso; $300M earmarked for AIDS education in Ukraine laundered through shady NGOs; Greece to spend $260M upgrading fleet of F-16 fighter jets; One America News update on Paul Pelosi Jr.’s “soccer” work in Ukraine; OAN suing Rachel Maddow for libel
0:58:59Producer Segment: ACC petitions for access to JCD’s studio; baggage carousel stickers
1:36:43Producer notes on military DNA samples, 23andMe bringing illegitimate children to light
1:39:59Vladimir Putin takes Poland to task for its World War II role over impediments to Nord Stream II pipeline, $2.9bn gas transit payment for Ukraine; Cold War-era “ruling class” and John Lennon’s Imagine as New World Order anthem; ACC: Pelosi’s eyebrows “at her hairline”
1:49:06Parliament “nooo!”, Matt Gaetz “No Agenda for America!”; Berlin Station “worse: podcast”
1:51:23Australian cool ocean temperatures “positive Indian Ocean dipole” due to global warming; Democracy Now on Greenland ice sheet “tipping point”, “the Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the planet due to climate change”; Google indicates that the planet is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the planet; fat people exacerbating global warming; UCLA professor blames private property ownership for wildfires, JCD: “the best new housing developments that you describe … are also easily convertible into minimum security prisons”
1:58:24Donation Segment: ACC heading to Delray Beach Florida meetup; Utrecht audio report
2:17:34NBC non-story on impeachment “defection” by Sen. Lisa Murkowski
2:20:41Media beginning to turn on Elizabeth Warren because she’s running out of money; only Bloomberg and Biden advertising in California; Amy Goodman and Michael Moore discuss “Poot Buttigieg”; Fox News hysterical over Buttigieg’s out-of-context proposal to legalize “meth, coke, ecstasy, all of it!”, “I’ve always been skeptical of mass incarceration”; Joe Biden rambles about his refusal to respond to subpoenas: “you guys buy into it all the time”
2:35:32NBC resurrects New York Times story of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher as a Trump smear
2:43:10FAA releases draft drone regulation proposal, ACC: “dream on, it’s not going to happen”