Call Clooney!

1201 John’s Story Time (2019-12-22)

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0:00:34“Nil from Buzzkill” weather report; intro to JCD story compilation by Sir Ruppenwaffles
0:02:07JCD story compilation project proposal, massive bruise from shooting elephant gun (788@2:46:18)
0:05:29“I took my motorcycle up to Tahoe” to see B.B. King, gorgeous hitchhiker repulsed by hypothermic babbling (672@1:45:33)
0:08:23Abolitionist Cassius Clay’s mansion with personal self-defense cannon (1@0:09:59)
0:09:58Planted screamer at Led Zeppelin concert (7@0:11:39)
0:11:221920s book plugging vasectomy for a youthful look (23@1:03:02)
0:13:36Dutch name butchery compilation
0:16:01Lisa Monaco’s porn name, “give it up for Raven!” (555@1:30:20)
0:17:30“Straight from Receda, here she is, Raven, give it up!” (558@1:53:12)
0:18:01Club 33 “oh my Sharona” (569@2:05:11)
0:19:29White wine vinegar with tarragon (8@0:51:04)
0:20:13PG Tips and British tea deals, complex history of Boston Tea Party (4@0:02:53)
0:21:15Kicked out of MIT Media Lab by Marvin Minsky (1166@0:16:05)
0:23:54JCD runs into former booker at Ritz Carlton (7@0:04:55)
0:25:36Female CEOs like Carly Fiorina using “by and large” (8@0:01:52)
0:26:54Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens “running and running” review (785@0:25:41)
0:31:59whoa whoa whoa JCD eats a “giant locust” corn nut
0:33:41Dirty Thirties: “Roscoe” = firearm (1028@2:31:30)
0:39:16Choosing black checkers at Target, clueless Chinese student’s card reader struggle (784:2:11:51)
0:42:16“Pest” bald eagles and seagull-eating golden eagle (738@2:24:18)
0:44:49Video Poker Tutor software (12@0:01:54)
0:46:38Mimi’s visit with dogs and “dry goods” after 15 hours of No Agenda (880@1:06:45)
0:49:18Airline nut-fisting and giant backpack pet peeves (722@0:00:48)
0:52:42Donation Segment
0:55:17Nut-fisting porn (903@2:12:13)
0:56:58Argentine ants in California (23@0:55:32)
0:59:24Shantytown checklist (1170@2:27:03)
1:04:04Microsoft’s hooker account during the 1980s (1164@0:35:02)
1:07:14Chili-eating challenge at Brazilian churrascaria (11@0:07:21)
1:11:14The Site with Soledad O’Brien dumped by MSNBC in favor of 24/7 Princess Diana coverage (5@0:06:40)
1:14:17Design plans for The Homelessness Experience at Walt Disney World (1169@0:58:13)
1:17:09Best of Show with Fred Willard, handicapped skateboarder joke (9@0:46:28)
1:19:00JCD’s Comcast “worse than ISIS” squirrel woes fixed (695@0:01:24)
1:21:23“A4 paper is ugly!” (615@2:11:21)
1:22:49“A4 is tall and thin like Adam, not fat and chubby like John!”
1:23:21Norman Lear’s evil Republican Archie Bunker (880@0:50:35)
1:28:23ShellCast taco podcast skit (1166@2:24:03)
1:30:39The Dirty Thirties jingle with ACC the carnival barker, “Chicago typewriter” & “cinder dick” (1031@1:27:57)
1:35:58“Nerd” traced to If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss (203@0:02:49)
1:38:03Cynical character at party calling out Silicon Valley as scam (7@0:27:00)
1:39:09Columbus police entrap firefighter with topless sunbather in park, 300 arrests by transit police leaving valuables in stations (10@0:13:42)
1:42:14How to vandalize a Ring doorbell (1168@1:50:27)
1:46:31ACC’s Shark Tank invitation; reality show “that person is…” commercial breaks (960@1:36:00)
1:49:49Song from talentless mockingbird on chimney (704@2:48:26)
1:52:27Laundry detergent tip: “always get the liquid” (886@2:42:24)
1:55:56Throwing toilet paper rolls at model UN conference (1162@0:51:13)
1:58:12Sales pitch for $500 car wax job (1162@0:58:52)
2:02:08Danni’s Hard Drive (2@0:19:40)
2:02:53Infused bison grass and hot pepper vodkas, Kirkland = Grey Goose (863@2:55:19)
2:05:27International Geophysical Year and plate tectonics of South America and Africa (1168@0:12:20)
2:07:14ACC: “40 minutes is pretty much the max” (1@0:36:36)