Call Clooney!

1200 Hell Mouth (2019-12-19)

Show 1200 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Eh, smoke enough dope, anything can happen.” (2:29:56)
0:00:34Party horn for 1,200 episodes, ACC’s Show 100 “call it a day”
0:02:55Four key impeachment talking points “I took an oath”, “national security”, “no one is above the law”, and “integrity”, incongruity of law and order Democrats all-in in illegal immigration, “framers” Freudian slip; Pelosi’s Mace of the Republic pin, foot-dragging on appointment of impeachment managers, “you’re starting to act like another country, don’t shout, okay?”
0:14:31Compilations of M5M reactions to Trump’s “absolutely unhinged, deranged” six-page letter to Pelosi, New York Times “fact check false” markup, “it’s as if an authoritarian wrote it!”, Don Lemon: “what is it about strong powerful women that really puts Trump over the edge?”; The Daily Show tests Trump’s “read the transcript” at Trump rally
0:26:01“Old coot” Jim Sensenbrenner addresses “phony articles of impeachment”; JCD fast-forwards Lou Correa’s Spanish; Matt Gaetz “no crime, no victim, no evidence, no proof, no agenda”
0:33:19ACC’s Dewalt drill wedding gift from JCD with glitter wrap job by Mimi
0:36:42C-SPAN multilayered testimony “glitch”; Devin Nunes: “it’s not easy to make a coup attempt boring, but the Democrats found a way”; Dave Winer blogs “the Democrats won the last election!”; two instances of “lashed out” from Democracy Now; irony of impeachment parties; NewsHour caption “watch a racist, treasonous man-child get fired live”; Rep. Jason Crow to Judy Woodruff: “at the end of the day, let’s not be distracted by what actually happened”; Jeffrey Toobin admits Hunter Biden story is a “challenge for us as journalists”
0:54:23One America News on money laundering through Burisma to Hunter and Joe Biden; Lindsey Graham still intent on keeping witnesses out of Senate impeachment trial; One America News on Eric Ciaramella’s background protesting for Muslim Brotherhood at Yale
1:01:59Lisa Page to Rachel Maddow: “insurance policy” message from Peter Strzok was “an analogy”
1:07:41Upcoming Los Angeles Democrat debate whittled down to seven participants; Ring doorbells being used to record Amazon package thefts; Joy Reid and Soros sister Shireen Mitchell discuss mind-bogglingly sophisticated Russian social media bots posing as black women
1:17:21Adam Schiff in March: impeachment must be “clear and compelling” bipartisan process; Jamie “pubic hair” Raskin predicts impeachment before inauguration; Al Green’s “Impeachment Day” appearance on Democracy Now; Stockholm syndrome in Nancy Pelosi’s home district
1:24:56Producer Segment: dame drive by Sir Onymous; Washington D.C. “Swampy Hell Mouth”
2:23:17JCD stories for Show 1201; Club 33 in Jennifer Lopez Hustlers film
2:25:37Retired Air Force Gen. Stephen Kwast drops 33 code teasing “energy from space” technology; Steve Harvey “it’s Malaysia” Miss Universe botch; Alex Jones rants about secret moon bases
2:34:40Nigel Farage bids farewell to European Parliament with “Polexit” warning; David Starkey on Boris Johnson’s victory, first-past-the-post voting; James Surowiecki’s The Wisdom of Crowds
2:48:3020 new PG&E microgrids; Deutsche Bahn in hot water over Greta GDPR violation; Hulu producing Greta Thunberg documentary based on “coincidentally” collected footage
2:52:57Producer note on negative effects of Slackified millennials speed listening to podcasts; Buzzkill Jr.’s use of Slack with remote employees; “ain’t no lives on the line here”; Tech 101 syllabus
3:05:01Donation Segment
3:22:39ACC OTG: Facebook spying on users in partnership with retail stores
3:24:47New York to mandate HPV vaccine for seventh graders; vaccine critic arrested in Samoa
3:29:49Miss Universe winner South Africa: “the planet is dying”, JCD: “are we going out of orbit?”