Call Clooney!

11 8 Pints of Lager please! (2008-01-04)

Show 11 album art
0:00:22JCD dealing with high winds; Skype issues solved by shutting down iTunes
0:03:51British norovirus plague, BBC “projectile vomiting”, 200k infections per week, outbreak on Queen Mary 2, fake illness scams; JCD story: chili-eating challenge at Brazilian churrascaria; ACC vaccine extortion theory, “antidote”
0:14:57The Genesis of Modern No Agenda: RIAA lawyer quote omitting “shared folder”, JCD: hard disks not covered by personal use exemption
0:19:16ACC’s Tourette syndrome and TSA SPOT Screening Passengers by Observation Trchnique, “behavior detection officers”, 600-700 arrests; JCD PBS Tourette syndrome special, guy thrown off plane; guttural grunting, ACC’s relative on PBS show
0:25:27End-of-year laundry lists and New Year prediction articles; switchover from desktops to laptops as desktops; JCD’s one laptop per child article
0:30:47ACC on origin of the name al-Qaeda “the database” of CIA-recruited Mujahideen, training camp with guys on monkey bars; Adam Curtis documentaries, British binge drinking documentary, “eight pints”, Charles the drunken Londoner; JCD on beer for breakfast in Denmark
0:45:44Commercial airline jets to be outfitted with shoulder-fired missile jamming equipment, TWA 800 conspiracy theories
0:49:44Iowa presidential caucus process vs smoke-filled rooms, JCD: “it’s rigged”, Hillary-Obama ticket and McCain win prediction, coked-up John Edwards