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1199 Slackified (2019-12-15)

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0:00:00JCD: “Hang up and hang out!” (1:30:45)
0:00:34JCD assembling “definitive list of millennialisms” like avocado toast and bone broth; ACC shooting “splatter targets” with Springfield 1911 at Lone Star Gun Range meetup
0:05:37Landslide conservative victory in UK interpreted as a Brexit win; Reuters on push for Scottish “independence” referendum and Irish unification; “hey-hey ho-ho” chant in Glasgow as “generational appropriation”; Amy Goodman ignores Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-Semitism and points out accusations of “Islamophobia, xenophobia, and sexual harassment” against Boris Johnson; George Monbiot “the darkest day!” iso, “our governments are in the hands of giant toddlers”
0:16:06James Cleverly to impressive-voiced Nick Ferrari on impending changes to the party; JCD compares NHS to VA, Momentum movement a Soros-funded Justice Democrats parallel; Victor Davis Hanson on the hypocrisy of white Democrat elites in 2020 race; Cenk “pleasuring a horse” Uygur un-endorsed by Bernie Sanders as replacement for disgraced Rep. Katie Hill
0:36:15Poland left out of COP25 after demanding support for nuclear power transition; Greta Thunberg calls out world leaders and promises to “put them against the wall”; Swedish pronunciation guide; train floor selfie vs first-class seat; “sales guy” Frans Timmermans to head EU Green Deal commission, Christiane Amanpour: “what do you think of Greta Ton-burg?”; Greta looking a bit more womanly on Time cover; delusional Timmermans claims “massive support of more than 90% of the European population” for 2050 carbon neutrality goal, odd “reset our economy on a circular basis”; options for spying on drivers in real time; JCD story: fun with GM stop-start vehicle in Berkeley Hills, ACC’s biodiesel Mercedes transmission drop
0:58:15New American magazine podcast on progressive 27-page “protocol of amendments” to USMCA backed by House Democrats, ACC still looking for Amero proposal
1:04:20Producer Segment: Disco gold star plug-in for “Slackified” millennials, JCD’s cubicle fort
1:58:34JCD tip for Slackified millennials: “bots”
2:01:28Continuing deluge of Walmart layaway native ads; Austin still scraping together homeless shelter donations; “wowww!” Ring doorbell native ad with Army family
2:10:49“Chilling” video of Ring hacker terrorizing eight-year-old, “I can’t even, like, put into words, like, how violated I feel”, “hello doggie doggie doggie!” in Georgia; Allstate “mayhem” ads
2:17:12Nadler delays articles of impeachment to accommodate news cycle, Rep. Hank Johnson: “you saw President Zelensky shaking his head as if his daughter was downstairs in the basement, duct-taped”; compilation of IG report vs M5M on FBI FISA shenanigans; M5M “much of the [Steele] Dossier has been corroborated” compilation, “this is what crime fighting agencies have said”; Diane Sawyer catches James Clapper off guard in 2010 with terror arrests in London
2:29:24“Wall Street Pete” Buttegieg, prank Moves Like Bloomberg video; “Mini Mike” on Bloomberg News Democrat censorship: “with your paycheck come some restrictions and responsibilities”
2:34:11Hulu documentary on Hillary Clinton to be released March 6; Steve Bannon to Maria Bartiromo: Hillary “waiting in the wings”; Bloomberg ads full of black people in New York and California; Hillary’s horrifying new face or body double and Bill lugging around his saxophone
2:42:38Donation Segment: JCD “we are the Bauhaus of the era”; Bang cookies from Horowitz
3:02:41Taylor Swift blames “toxic male privilege” for being unable to buy the rights to her early work
3:09:13Rep. Al Green: “I do believe that if the Senate does not convict, other articles of impeachment may be considered”, JCD: “they’re gonna re-impeach”
3:11:33WaPo podcast on Pentagon’s “making progress” litany of lies vs FOIA Afghanistan Papers