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1197 Fossil Fools (2019-12-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “They has these big giant prawns, man!” (0:40:35)
0:00:34Pearl Harbor memorialized in the Newsletter; Hungary ditches “women with beards” Eurovision Song Contest; WhatsApp vs ACC’s rogue Python script; Black Friday and bingewatchen
0:11:01New “ocean deoxygenation” meme as attempt to hijack COP25, “the ocean represents 97% of the physical habitable space on the planet”, report author Minna Epps with giant rock necklace: issue “missing from the climate change negotiation”, bizarre “this is a blue cock”; “Green Deal” under discussion because “Europe is failing” on emissions targets; new “power to the people!” chant; Democracy Now exhibits “climate justice” speeches by angry Greta clones
0:29:05António Guterres proselytizes for end to “subsidies on fossil fools” and to “shift taxation from income to carbon”; giddy Amy Goodman “broadcasting live” from Madrid warehouse after cancellation by “right-wing” Chilean President Piñera, alternative social justice summit Cumbre Social por el Clima, Amy changes the subject after organizer Tom Kucharz rants about colonialism, ACC: “sounds like somebody wasn’t invited to the Exxon party!”, Amy interviews abused Swedish teen as low-rent stand-in for Greta, “listen to the united science”
0:44:16M5M refugee John Stossel reminisces about “the list of things that are going to get us”; “When I Was Greta’s Age”: Leonard Nimoy predicts new ice age on 1978 episode of In Search of…: “the result could be hunger and death on a scale unprecedented in all of history”
0:53:41Producer note on unlikelihood of Walmart paying off layaways; No Agenda travel tip: prepaid credit cards are never declined when used during a flight, JCD: “this is a larcenous tip!”
0:56:38Drudge Report sale rumors, new listeners from fan site tweet; Christmas Animated No Agenda; new search engine; “LibDev” Dave Winer claims NPR is GOP front
1:02:47Producer Segment
1:22:50“Tick-tockers” like Joe diGenova awaiting “thousands of sealed indictments” from IG report; Veep video consoles vs Trump’s bakelite phone; impeachment witness Pamela Karlan in 2006 railing against “the rich pampered prodigal sanctimonious incurious white straight sons of the powerful”; Rep. Al Green gripes about all-white body of impeachment experts, black constituents “ignored by one party and taken for granted by the other” (CotD)
1:33:38Pious Pelosi: “I pray for the President all the time”; narrative shifted to New York Times “the ask” of Zelensky announcing Biden probe on TV, intelligence agencies “completely cerʔain” of Russian interference; One America News on Paul Pelosi Jr.’s connection to gas company Viscoil and Ukraine; Fareed Zakaria tries to explain Zelensky’s non-appearance on his show, Yalta European Strategy lecture “Western Decline, China’s Rise and a New World Order”, “neophyte” Zelensky hiding “enormous pressure” from Trump; JCD on Zakaria the plagiarist
1:53:46Vladimir Putin participates in opening of 2,200 km Power of Siberian gas pipeline to China
1:57:27Rudy Giuliani on Ukraine-Clinton-Soros evidence; mumbling Pelosi drops in a “once again”
2:02:14Dylan Howard to Anthony Scaramucci podcast on Epstein tapes in the hands of the Russians; producer note on Prince Andrew’s behavior at national beauty pageant; Tiffany FitzHenry tweets about Gislaine Maxwell giving George Clooney a blow job
2:09:56Donation Segment: misguided Sam Harris abandons Value for Value in favor of subscriptions
2:33:33Remembering the December 6 1989 Montreal École Polytechnique “femicide” massacre
2:42:04Biden rambles incoherently about the economics of spaghetti sauce; Amy Goodman forgets to pause between Biden “lashing out” at Iowa farmer and Pentagon sending troops
2:45:12Katie Hopkins tries out her stand-up comedy in front of conservative group