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1195 Iranahams (2019-12-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “Climate chouse!” (2:43:14)
0:00:34Australian origin of Weetabix, the virtues of Shanksville maple syrup; FAA evaluating effect of seat size on evacuation of fat decrepit passengers, JCD: “you should charge by the pound”
0:06:30“Black Friday” in Netherlands and Great Britain; French retailers being harassed by climate activists; NBC parrots DHS scam warning before transitioning to Walmart/Apple Watch native ad; on the lookout for Walmart “secret Santa” native ads
0:17:30Ad Age article “Renaming Climate Change: Can a New Name Finally Make Us Take Action?” by Aaron Hall proposes LibJoe-pleasing “global meltdown” and “scorched earth” because “Earth will be uninhabitable — an irreversible barren wasteland”, honorable mention for “pre-extinction”, Sir Gene proposes “Earth cancer”; Extinction Rebellion protesting at YouTube London headquarters; melting ice sculptures of Boris Johnson & Nigel Farage at climate debate
0:30:22Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro accusing Leonardo DiCaprio of supporting “worthy of support” NGOs touching off Amazon fires; John Legend’s “the best artists, most of them are liberal” revisited; DiCaprio investing in Beyond Meat; “ecological emergency” of purple sea urchins wiping out kelp due to California limits on urchin harvesting, ACC blames big sushi; post-Thanksgiving weather “chaos” across the United States; ACC boots on the ground at Austin-Bergstrom skit; Deutsche Welle predicts mass Asian displacement due to sea level rise
0:49:56Newsweek reporter fired for failing to predict Trump’s surprise visit to Afghanistan; annoying The Daily podcast on hacker claiming to have secure archive of Jeffrey Epstein sex tapes
0:56:25Springer Verlag Evolutionary Psychological Science paper “Oppression or Opportunity? Sexual Strategies and the Perception of Sexual Advances” vindicates Iliza Shlesinger’s position
1:02:28UK street interviews identify Brexit as major election issue; conveniently-timed London Bridge early prison release battle between, bystanders armed with narwhal tusk and fire extinguisher; “hoax” vs “fake” suicide vest, JCD bulletproof vest theory, perpetual Threat Level Orange
1:13:45Producer Segment
1:40:01JCD shocked at his ability to print from Linux Mint, ACC proposes computer shop class
1:45:02Jeremy Corbyn aghast at prospect of US pharmaceutical industry buying NHS; Iqos stores popping up in US, douchebag liar Mitt Romney gripes to Trump about children being taken in by “unicorn poop flavor” vape liquid; Bain Capital’s history of pushing big tobacco in Russia
1:52:36“Imporʔant” and “support ʔim” at Greenville tampon tax protest and Trump rally; Mike Birbiglia gripes about use of “baby” as a pronoun; 1998 South Park “planeʔarium”
1:58:31Joe Biden’s incoherent “I got hairy legs!” and “I’ve loved kids jumpin’ in my lap”; NBC on Biden “No Malarkey” Iowa bus tour; Kamala Harris’ staff defecting to other campaigns; $75M campaign by Acronym nonprofit connected to Eric Holder and George Soros, racist “I’d like to report a suburban educated white woman out here selling lemonade with her kids” and ageist “I can’t keep track of which lives matter!” ad; Nate Silver predicting brokered convention
2:12:45Fox News cuts off Turning Point USA’s Anna Paulina and apologizes for her take on Hillary Clinton “she won’t go away, she’s like herpes” (CotD); The Root’s Michael Harriot to Joy Reid continue hit job on Pete Buttigieg over 2011 education comments; Michael Bloomberg to Christine Lagarde in 2018: we should raise taxes on poor people because “we want the poor to live longer”, “take your poison”, Lagarde: “it is regressive, it is good”
2:26:10Donation Segment: ACC’s self-destructing Gitmo Nation National Anthem; JCD’s “chouse”
2:44:12Deadly riots continuing in Colombia, Chile, and Iran, ACC calls for contact with “Iranahams”