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1193 Blafrican (2019-11-24)

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0:00:00ACC: “Claws, as in Hillary’s claws, squawk squawk.” (2:03:09)
0:00:36Kamala Harris pronounces GIF correctly on Saturday Night Live, Michael Bloomberg “Jewish billionaire with his own media company”, Tulsi Gabbard “I’m wearing the white suit of your fallen hero Hillary Clinton”, JCD: Bloomberg “only appeals to the dwarfs”
0:04:24Trump blabs on the phone at Fox & Friends for an hour, “historic” IG report on the way, “highest levels of government” including “losers” Brennan & Clapper as well as Susan Rice, “that’s what the word is!” that DNC server was sent to Ukraine, Obama’s “pillows and sheets” for Ukraine, Pelosi under pressure from Richard Trumka, Hunter Biden “thrown out of the Navy”, Gordon Sondland “hanging’ around” in Europe, “great crime fighter” Rudy Giuliani, refusal by “Obama person” Marie Yovanovitch to hang Trump’s picture in embassy, Nancy Pelosi “crazy as a bedbug”; JCD’s Show 903 impeachment prediction
0:30:36Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Pramila Jayapal outraged at Trump’s “obstruction of justice” in the court system, Jayapal’s “inconvenient laugh” lie tell; Giuliani’s “throw me under the bus” joke misinterpreted as threat, Biden “RICO chart” tweet; FBI “Resistance” lawyer Kevin Clinesmith in the Horowitz FISA investigation crosshairs, “also, Pence is stupid” text message
0:40:37Pelosi offers to let Trump testify under “oath of office”; CBS on John Bolton’s $2M book deal and refusal thus far to testify, JCD predicts Bolton “takes one for the team”; compilation video of two years worth of M5M “the beginning of the end” Trump memes; April 2018 Sinclair fake news warning superimposed into “this is extremely dangerous to our democracy” medley
0:55:49Ruth Bader Ginsberg transferred to Johns Hopkins after suffering chills and fever; Senate “secret vote” meme still going strong; Democracy Now on Fiona Hill’s warnings about Russian election interference, voice of reason Prof. Stephen Cohen blackballed
1:02:40Joe Biden explains away gaffes as stuttering side effect, JCD on use of “stickum” by stuttering football player Lester Hayes; cackling Kamala irked by Biden’s “Blafrican American” non-gaffe; Andrew Yang irked at MSNBC for excising him from coverage; Swalwell Fartgate 2020
1:13:30Producer Segment: TSA terrorizing record Thanksgiving travel population
1:46:432012 Noodle Boy clip as example of the people in impeachment hearings; “OK, boomer jingles; ACC a part of ”generation Jones“; Sen. Ben Sasse on bizarre ”age-segregated lives“ in American society, nonconfrontational fat millennials devoid of initiative
1:57:09ACC’s Lubuntu lightweight Linux experiment; JCD’s noisy low-flying Osprey helicopter; ACC’s browser, LibreOffice, and Claws Mail, JCD on DIY computers and sharing printer drivers, “your data is not on the RAM!”; Elon Musk’s black magic Tesla Cybertruck demo
2:11:57Colin Kaepernick propagates Nike “we ready” meme at contrived publicity event, ACC: “guaranteed, a Kaepernick shoe is on the way”, JCD on University of Oregon Nike marketing team
2:17:28Donation Segment: Midwest FurFest Convention and No Agenda meetup
2:35:27Adam Schiff “we are better than that” and JCD “unbelievably bogus!” isos; Democracy Now on Bolivian military violence against protest funeral procession, tear gas deployed for hundreds of thousands on strike in Colombia, Iranian internet data blackout and violence amid fuel price protests; Amy Goodman “you should vote for Trump” iso from Biden’s run-in with deportation protestors
2:40:45Iliza Shlesinger gripes about women’s overuse of “amazing!”: “what she actually means is, oh my God this isn’t about me and I don’t care and I’m a little insecure about it but I wanna make sure that I’m being a good feminist and saying amazing back but in actuality it’s boring