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1192 Balderdash! (2019-11-21)

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0:00:00JCD: “Boomer equals winner!” (1:25:07)
0:00:35ACC: “the worst television week in American broadcast history” with segue from impeachment hearings to Democrat debate; “security assistance” the new euphemism for military aid, Pentagon’s “Meg from Family Guy” Laura Cooper to Rep. Will Hurd on FMF Foreign Military Financing; Huffington Post in 2014 on largely undisclosed $1bn in aid to Ukraine for “groups promoting democracy and civic engagement”; Interfax-Ukraine report connects money laundering by Franklin Templeton Investments and Obama administration; US-born former Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko now in Puerto Rico
0:20:37Rep. Mike Turner grills a somewhat sheepish Amb. Gordon Sondland: “no one on this planet told you that President Trump was tying aid to investigations, yes or no?” (CotD); M5M “blowtorch testimony” compilation; Turner to Amb. Kurt Volker: “you just, like, took apart their entire case”; NPR perplexed at Adam Schiff’s 33 minutes for minority questions; Alexander Vindman almost outs whistleblower “a individual from the office of…” before Schiff comes swooping in to the rescue, “ranking member, it’s Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, please”
0:34:08ACC’s “OK, boomer” activating Google Assistant; Sarah Ferguson demands Australian 60 Minutes “delete that bit” before storming out; Dutch LuckyTV Prince Andrew deepfake: “I have a very tiny pee pee”; JCD’s care package of Dutch “stale bread” Christmas treats
0:41:13ACC implicates Chris Matthews in Eric Swalwell’s “Fartgate” incident
0:45:54Joe Biden’s dark contact lenses taken as proof of amphetamine “elder abuse”, “not make people choose, allow people to choose” Medicare gaffe, “Nancy Pelosi is one of those people who stems sticks makes sense” gibberish in the style of the late double-talk comic “Professor” Irwin Corey, campaign manager takes over post-debate “chip in” wrap
0:53:41Corey Booker signals his virtue with “the next president, whoever they are”, needles Biden for opposition to marijuana legalization; MSNBC four-woman panel unleashes confused Kamala Harris against white-clad Tulsi Gabbard; Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax “your first fifty billion is free and clear” botch; Andrew Yang’s “World Data Organization” proposal
1:16:50Producer Segment
1:32:29Upcoming trademark battle with new Fox Nation show No Agenda with Lara Logan
1:36:44ACC OTG: GO FLIP 3 geolocation fail; O&O ShutUp10 and Ubuntu Linux; USA Today native ad for Über app recording audio to combat sexual assault; Ring doorbells vs reasonable expectation of privacy; Dame Sarah Harris on Google’s acquisition of Fitbit ringing alarm bells; Dutch Google AI millennials alarmed at racist voice searches; JCD’s bricked BLU phone
1:57:39Australian MPs denied Chinese visas until they “repent”, “a million Muslims” meme; “Your World’s on Fire” with protests in Tbilisi; China abandoning long-term planning in Hong Kong
2:04:25Trump’s bullcrap explanation for his unscheduled “physical” at Walter Reed; USMCA vs impeachment skit; CNN’s Dr. ]David Scheiner calls “balderdash” on official story of Trump’s physical; Bernie Sanders’ forehead Botox; Biden’s Quark the bartender Ferengi skull
2:14:58Donation Segment: AOC “who here is ready for the revolution, you pigs in human clothing!
2:32:23Ask Adam: Nigerian man assures reporter that “six years” is a fine age for a child bride
2:37:07Vape Wars: Mitt Romney proposes excise tax; Trump to meet with vape industry leaders; South Dakota mocked for “meth, I’m on it” campaign with attention-getting detuned piano
2:46:14Reuters deletes article blaming Trump for Obama-era child immigrant detention; Pelosi calls United States a “beautiful continent”; Bill Barr on progressivism as religion