Call Clooney!

1191 No Sweat (2019-11-17)

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0:00:00ACC: (wailing)I was going to be entertainer of the decade, aughhh!” (2:37:45)
0:00:34JCD perplexed by Santa Clarita school shooting resulting in three hours of frantic police activity, insufficiently white kid with a revolver not particularly appealing media fodder; Zephyr interlude jingle; LAFD in bulletproof vests, “this sounds like it could be a training exercise”; student who heard shots thought “it was like maybe a generator blew up or something”; local news laments students “having to go through this day in and day out”, ill-informed sheriff on effort to “determine the exact whereabouts of the suspect”, JCD: “he’s dead!”, “uh-huh, okay, uh, wow” from dingbat anchor; student recites flawed “duck into the nearest class” strategy learned from lockdown drills; Dutch boy’s killing of two girls linked to ADHD medication
0:18:18Prince “Randy Andy” asserts to BBC Newsnight that he only knew Jeffrey Epstein in passing as Ghislaine Maxwell’s “plus one”, “coincidental” photos of Central Park breakup walk, allegations from Virginia Roberts Giuffre false because “I have a peculiar medical condition which is that I don’t sweat”, ACC: “he’s a reptile!”; new Animated No Agenda installments
0:31:20Scott Adams on merger of entertainment and politics exemplified by Trump tweeting during testimony by Marie Yovanovitch, outraged Twitter comments “part of the show”; Saturday Night Live sketch “Days of Our Impeachment”; Rep. Jim Jordan to Amb. William Taylor: “I’ve seen church prayer chains that are easier to understand than this”, chided for interruption by Schiff; CBS ignores worldwide bedlam to hand-wring over Trump’s “witness intimidation”, “quote, kneecapped by a shadowy smear campaign!”, David Holmes’ overheard Sondland-Trump call; White House releases new call transcript
0:50:02Spot the Spook: Steve Pieczenik on Marie Yovanovitch’s probable recruitment by CIA; Joe diGenova to Lou Dobbs on George Soros’ influence at State Department and in Ukraine for his unspecified “business interests”; Bill Barr channels Jill Abramson discussing “The Resistance”
1:02:05Jeff Pegues on Roger Stone’s conviction on all counts, ACC: “he’s crowning!”; hypocrite Donna Brazile to Bill Maher: “I hope he roasts in hell, that son of a bitch!”, ACC: “this is the best case of projection I’ver heard”, “like a bukkake of lies!”
1:07:48Greta Thunberg sailing back to Europe; Planet Money “coʔʔon” plus vocal fry
1:09:55Ominous musical bed for mayhem in Prague, France, Iraq, Israel, and flooded Venice; “we’re underwater, we’re doomed!” and “wow” isos, AOC “who here is ready for the revolution?
1:16:44Producer Segment: program grid; exotic Swiss CHf 1,000 banknote
1:38:49Fox News anchor Howard Kurtz freaks out over panelist Mollie Hemingway’s mention of whistleblower Eric Ciaramella’s name; Hillary Clinton’s desire to “retire” Trump and Blade Runner; Amazon Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan critical of “wave of nationalist pride” in Venezuela
1:47:58ACC OTG: $100 Alcatel GO FLIP 3 phone kept under lock and key to foil thieves; Wikipedia WT:Social demanding tribute immediately upon signup; Windows 10 spyware gripes
2:08:28Al Jazeera on protests against Dakota Access Pipeline expansion after Keystone XL Pipeline leak; plans for natural gas pipeline near Austin; Democracy Now on reopening of El Paso Walmart after August shooting with manifesto “echoing President Trump’s rhetoric”
2:12:36BBC runs English dramatization of Ukrainian militant phone calls prior to MH17 downing
2:18:03Donation Segment: Michigan Local 1 audio meetup report, Wichita “Netflix demo”
2:32:57Go-ahead for Sandy Hook families vs Remington lawsuit; violent video games the next target
2:35:12AOC supporting disingenuous Taylor Swift in “battle” with music execs; “scromiting” revisited
2:43:19Dean Foods killed by “nut sap”; 23-year-old YouTuber laments 23andMe “99.8% European”