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1190 Olive Theory (2019-11-14)

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0:00:00JCD: “Shut that baby up!” (1:06:43)
0:00:35JCD’s Club 33 immortalized in latest Animated No Agenda, former HBO CEO headed to Apple TV+; JCD’s Salman Rushdie joke at Whole Foods
0:05:30ACC’s hysterical “3x MATCH UNLOCKED!” WinRed messages; Bill Moyers to Brian Stelter on serving viewers who watch the impeachment hearings religiously “because they really want to be confused”; clueless Eric Swalwell: “it’s an extraordinary abuse of power if you unlawf… or, if you remove an ambassador”; Adam Schiff’s giant chair, Devin Nunes on three questions Republicans aren’t allowed to ask; “squid pro quo” clip MIA; State Department’s George Kent to Swalwell: “I am a career nonprofessional” (BCotD); Amb. William Taylor on aid money for “receiving company… country”; Mike Quigley asserts that hearsay evidence “can be much better evidence than direct”; rumors of Taylor using New York Times story planted by CIA
0:30:32Joe Biden asserts hearing he didn’t see was “pretty devastating” for Trump: “you saw it, you know how so”; Daily Wire’s Josh Hammer to yelling One America News host Liz Wheeler on State Department FOIA documents revealing Burisma quid pro quo with Joe Biden
0:36:23Hillary Clinton to BBC’s Emma Barnett: “well, you know I never say never to anything”, expert deflection by Chelsea; “tremendously erudite” Deval Patrick kicks off campaign
0:46:42Prof. Anne DeLessio-Parson to Jesse Watters: definition of racism “evolves over time”
0:51:21Grammar Girl on T-glottalization in young women, ACC takes issue with “as if?” example, “nobody really knows” why T-drop “pronunciation tic” is actually occurring; British guitarist Wings of Pegasus analyzes vocal fry in Patsy Cline’s singing; hate tweets for JCD after clip of “beyond Jill” autobiography reading, ACC: “it’s no longer vocal fry, it’s vocal cry”
1:06:58JCD calls for “OK, boomer” jingle, outrage over Dream English Kids L-M-N-O-P revision
1:12:28Producer Segment: JMD’s Epstein didn’t kill himself bumper sticker
1:29:44Los Angeles homeless man dumps bucket of diarrhea on random woman: “it was liquid, hot liquid, I was soaked!” iso; LA to build homeless shelters from shipping containers at a cost of $600,000 each; ACC unsuccessful in his quest to find the new Austin campground; KXAN on Austin’s plan to buy and convert hotels, JCD: “they’re reinventing the slum hotel?”
1:40:19Party horn protests at Austin ISD board meeting, new sex education curriculum “after the state blocked it from buying the curriculum from Planned Parenthood”; “gender is how you feel on the inside” video; ACC calls bullshit on journalist Ellen Scott’s assertion to Good Morning Britain that clapping is disruptive to hearing aid wearers
1:50:43Don Cherry fired from Hockey Night in Canada after griping about immigrants not adopting Remembrance Day poppy tradition, white supremacy shitstorm from ageist Canadian media
2:02:26Dogs Are People Too: The Guardian article “Should We Stop Keeping Pets?”
2:04:55Donation Segment: RIP Schiphol Airport No Agenda Wi-Fi
2:23:09JCD’s follow-up topic list: buying coffee shop marijuana with a credit card in Amsterdam, geen wiet op krediet; Dutch speed limit lowered to 100 km/h to allow construction sector to start building homes for new wave of immigrants; podcasters’ union MIA
2:31:35ACC OTG: producer note on SMS message disappearances, new RCS standard; Instagram like-hiding experiment, JCD “olive theory” based on comment from American Airlines CEO, Cardi B gripes about comment likes; Silicon Valley shitstorm over misogynistic Apple Card, Kara Swisher: algorithms “created by people, and largely by men and largely by white men”
2:48:16NPR effusively praises Seattle smart homes powered by NPR sponsor Amazon