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118 Deconstructing Law & Order (2009-08-02)

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0:00:00JCD: “You look like a British banker in Hawaii.”
0:00:38ACC’s replacement MIDI controller on order; ACC’s Mount Tamalpais trip impeded by Google Maps, JCD adds No Name Bar to itinerary; ACC’s place being taken under eminent domain by Transbay Joint Powers Authority for NWO bus terminal
0:13:56CDC website alert for update to swine flu marketing PDF, SWOT analysis and talking points for media; TIV trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine trials
0:19:21Law & Order: SVU measles propaganda: “she wasn’t vaccinated”, actress sounding like Rachel Maddow, anti-sugar propaganda, Amish nut job: “we don’t vaccinate”, formulaic “big pharma and their lackeys in the media” and “slippery slope of government tyranny”, ACC: “Richard Belzer should be taken out back and shot”, “is the science behind immunization faulty??”, “it’s more dangerous to drive a car than to take the MMR vaccine”, “was” eradicated, UK “epidemic” in 2006, ACC: “I swear to God she’s reading the Wiki page”
0:34:24ABC News hires swine flu czar Dr. Richard Besser; Smartronix contract unreleased because of ADA 508 accessibility issue; Cash for Clunkers website “your computer is considered a federal computer system”, global initiative, ACC’s plastic rental Ford Escape
0:41:58And Now Back to Real News: German Catholic bank to divest itself of contraception, weapons, and tobacco; JCD on Knights Templar bankers and Switzerland, History Channel fails
0:44:31Robert Plant accepts CBE Commander of the British Empire title; ACC’s honorary degree from Connecticut School of Broadcasting
0:46:41Volcanic activity at Krakatoa, 1883 eruption, rumblings in Yellowstone; Netherlands considering mandatory vaccinations for healthcare workers; Daily Mail only outlet talking about Krakatoa; House of Representatives dumps another $2bn into Cash for Clunkers; British Bill Maher panelist only one able to explain Federal Reserve
0:53:11PBS Nature on IAPV Israeli acute paralysis virus in honeybees, origin in Australia or China; hand pollination in Southern China, JCD proposes Pesticide of the Week segment, ACC on white nose syndrome: “isn’t that a Hollywood problem?”
0:58:08Full-on retard girl to Santa Cruz Fiscal Year 2009 Cooperative Retail Management Business Real Property Improvement District Assessment Meeting: “we should make um a perfect pesticide for the crops that um is good for people and healthy and keeps the crops preserved too because we need the food because it’s good and stuff”, “the business downtown um really need to lower the rent because if the rent was lowered those people would really have their own businesses?”, “we can be rich in cotton, and mining metals, and silkworms, and we can make things, we can make things, cars”, “on the East Coast they have slaves”
1:01:43WHO’s authority to dissolve governments in the face of pandemic, “special crisis committees”, answerable to WHO, EU, and UN; Obama’s secret escape bunker exposed; Trevor Owen Ltd shipping high-end body bags
1:05:21Monsanto-Dow SmartStax GMO corn, JCD: “sounds like a record company”; $15 No Agenda discount at Monarch Motel in Sheboygan Michigan; Salon story on war between Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, JCD on self-censorship and news outlets not criticizing each other, “I like Murdoch, he’s a great guy”
1:16:38Donation Segment: new female Knight
1:23:06Job posting for Army internment resettlement specialist for “enemy prisoner of war/civilian internee camp” for $37k per year