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1189 CIS-Cast (2019-11-10)

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0:00:00ACC: “Are they training me to be a dog??” (0:16:36)
0:00:34Woody Allen’s A Rainy Day in New York and autobiography cancelled by cancel culture
0:01:23ACC’s “new neighbors” homeless relocated by TexDOT, “you wanna live on the streets, go to Austin … it’s a blast, man!”, 7-acre temporary camp near airport
0:07:08ACC’s “trip from Hell” after four-bottle dinner with Robert Jensen, Zwarte Piet vs Roetpiet, four-hour flight delay and expired Global Entry, side-by-side walk of shame in pawprint queue
0:20:30“Epstein didn’t kill himself” for Ben Shapiro and MSNBC reporter; Shapiro on left and alt-right both using mirrored identity politics hierarchies; @BlackWomxnFor “black trans and cis women, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people” endorsing Elizabeth Warren
0:29:53Chuck ToddCast proposes Stacey Abrams as Michael Bloomberg running mate because “he has to have a person of color”; on-location Democracy Now with ground loop hum, JCD: “they all buzzy!”; Bloomberg anti-Juul ads in California; Trump responds to “Little Michael”; 2008 discrimination lawsuit against Bloomberg LP by 78 “pregnant bitches”; Robert de Niro to Joy Reid on Trump vs Bloomberg “who is worth I think over $50 billion or maybe a lot more”
0:41:05Dramatic readings of Ukraine transcript by Helen Mirren & Ian McKellen for blatantly lying Stephen Colbert: “his country has been invaded by the Russians!”
0:48:04Sandy Ocasio-Cortez: betrayal by politicians “feels like I never wanna love again”, “your heart gets black, and you turn angry, and you get very anxious” (CotD), Sandy theme from Grease
0:51:40San Francisco Greta Thunberg “giant head” mural JCD: “it’s an eyesore”
0:54:38Nervous Steve Pieczenik reveals “the Benedict Arnold of America” John Bolton as anonymous author of new anti-Trump book A Warning, MICE {money, ideology, compromise, ego}; CBSN on Bolton upcoming impeachment testimony; Democracy Now reads ageist “elderly uncle running pantsless” excerpt; JCD on music beds on college radio stations
1:08:30Joseph diGenova and Victoria Toensing to Lou Dobs: thousands of sealed indictments coming real soon now because “we have darn good sources for this!”
1:14:56Producer Segment: Animated No Agenda title suggestion CIS-Cast
1:44:03CBS impeachment report “White House liars” gaffe
1:48:09The New Road to Serfdom author David Hannan to the Hoover Institution in 2010 on Obama’s flawed “Europeanization” agenda resulting in hiring disincentive, JCD: no mention of soccer
1:52:42ACC OTG: 168,000 “ghost” text message sent in February arriving now due to “glitch” at third-party vendor Syniverse, NSA-mandated data retention; Mailchimp’s flat monthly fee encouraging deluge of data; ACC’s Show 1188 filename nightmare; search warrant granted for DNA in GEDMatch genealogy database, “apparent lack of screwini”; “cheap-ass Chinese junk” transformers potentially causing California wildfires, JCD: “they can crank”
2:12:13Donation Segment
2:22:58The Correspondent article “The New Dot-com Bubble Is Here: It’s Called Online Advertising” on unprofitable ad campaigns with Google, Mel Karmazin’s “you’re fucking with the magic”
2:28:09Vape Wars: CDC links black market vitamin E acetate to lung injuries; The Truth About Vaping on California’s Master Settlement Agreement incentive to encourage tobacco sales; ACC hit with $1,000 LLC tax bill from California
2:38:11Democracy Now video of hissy fight between Glenn Greenwald and right-wing journalist
2:40:56Rep. Mark Meadows runs back to reporter to assert “Republicans are not struggling with anything!”; Human Rights Watch kicked out of Israel over pro-Palestinian BDS support