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1188 Greta Doomberg (2019-11-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “Now that’s what I call talent!” (1:16:46)
0:00:34Schiphol Airport shut down over hijacking scare due to accidentally entered transponder code 7500 on Air Europa flight, JCD: “see if any banks were robbed”, rumor of three arrests
0:09:15Dutch teacher shortage, doctor exodus, and pharmaceutical shortages; farmers irked by abrupt change in production limits, construction permits halted due to PFAS “carbo-flugus” industrial waste limits, politicians jockeying for position in EU bureaucracy, 100 km/h speed limit push
0:24:0811,000 scientists release hysterical new global warming report resurrecting overpopulation meme; Fire Drill Fridays media alert: Jane Fonda to “risk arrest”; Fonda to The View on following in the footsteps of “Greta Doomberg”, “climate activists have been doing this for forty years”, JCD: “and the climate’s the same!”, “even the cyanists” T-drop milieu
0:31:44Unplugged podcast /ɪm.por.ʔɨnʔ/; uptalking WaPo hummer on Emma Watson’s “self-partnered”: “sure!”; Show 711 Faith Salie vocal fry gripe; vocal fry as sign of heroin use, JCD’s Ventolin cough syrup turning him into Henry Kissinger, neglect of nasal as avoidance of “the N-word”
0:49:19Rand Paul on Ukraine whistleblower as material witness in Hunter Biden case; masculine-sounding Samantha Power propagates new “not dig up dirt, make up dirt” meme
0:55:49Elizabeth “Betsy” Warren defines middle class as anyone making less than a billion, JCD stalking Warren’s high school photos; Bill Gates’ “ahhh” tell applied to Warren’s wealth tax
1:06:09Lame stand-up with Hillary & Chelsea on The Late Late Show with James Corden; Steve Bannon to Maria Bartiromo: Hillary Clinton and Michael Bloomberg up next
1:13:11Producer Segment: JCD on the fine art of stripper tassels
1:32:35Historian Victor Davis Hanson to Stanford Hoover Institute on Japanese carrier JS Kaga named after Pearl Harbor ship, Oxford Union appeasement, UK’s unprecedented and ultimately crippling WWII mobilization; KQED Nazi Megaweapons German V-1 steam launcher
1:45:02Robinhood app leveraged trading “glitch”; “bedlam” at Flemington Racecourse in Australia with Über app “glitch”; Google Chrome killing URLs; Amazon Echo MEMS micromechanical system microphone array exploited with modulated laser; Austin AI slaves looking for EAT “expertise, authority, and trustworthiness”; top Dutch rush hour search “porn with black women”; Sidewalk Labs privacy expert Saadia Muzaffar resigns over Toronto Civic Data Trust
2:04:05Steve Hilton and Marie “Band Camp Girl” Harf cut off while wrangling over Biden and Kerry family links to Ukraine; Brit Hume takes issue with Alexander Vindman’s claim about Trump “subverting” foreign policy; No Agenda deep state segment excerpted by another podcast
2:12:40ACC on MTV sound guy’s bathroom audio collection; Amy Robach gripes about ABC News damaging her career by killing Epstein story: “it was unbelievable what we had, Clinton, we had everything”, “I had it all three years ago”, subsequently walks back Prince Andrew comment, ABC announces “six-part podcast” for 2020, JCD: “she looks dateable”
2:24:44Ev Williams on internet advertising vs subscription models in social media, JCD on Medium writers paying for the privilege of being published and parallel with TED cult
2:31:18Donation Segment
2:44:22Six-Week Cycle: FBI entraps and arrests Richard Holzer over Colorado synagogue bomb plot; JCD on Dr. Phil show with irredeemable “punk”, Crime Story “because we’re criminals”
2:50:23Trump finally makes good on his visa waiver promise for Poland: “you can’t let that happen to me!” iso; Robert Gates asserts all of Joe Biden’s foreign policy positions were wrong
2:55:33Manhunt for barefoot 13-year-old “homicidal maniac” who scarpered from police holding cell